Prairie Goth
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"the scarcity
of time
terrifies me"

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i don’t want to be sad or upset or afraid of death. i’m going to appreciate what i have now and appreciate all of the things that are in my life and i’m just going to live for that.
— cera
it was sort of a permanent reminder, like even if someone’s like, ‘hey dude, you’re a man’ — like it’s not right, i don’t feel that way.
— jordaxn


i've been doing this living thing for a dumb quartercentury+ now & i still have absolutely no idea wtf is going on.

when i started Prairie Goth in 2015, I called it my "last ditch attempt to connect with humanity"

who knows how that's working out. But what I do know is that every time I come away from having another real conversation with someone, I feel blessed. u know? not like........ #blessed. but. like. more like/




what is life

how long until i can live in the wild grasses          the desert          the river in the canyon

i run my hands along the rocks & i listen

i am a giant ear but someday i will be a giant heart

the wall speaks     the salt sings          i put my head in the dirt & sniff the wind

i squeeze grapefruit on my wounds & gather a box of words

i pass it to you

you accept it


bless you