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I love getting feedback, suggestions, and questions, but — if it's appropriate for public consumption — it's sometimes easier for me to answer things by speaking than by writing. Please feel free to remain anonymous.

Prairie Goth is run by me, Nora Nygard, a transgender woman from Bismarck, ND. I’m a musician, poet, and audio engineer.

I'm bad at email and everything else, so please forgive my slow responses. I hate the internet, I’m not active on social media, and I pretty much only answer email once a week. This form is the best way to get a hold of me.

If you're having trouble contacting me, I apologize in advance. I periodically go through phases of social isolation when I'm feeling utterly overwhelmed or anxious or depressed.

I’m not a journalist, and interviews are not endorsements.

My life right now:

I’m pumping the good drugs into my body all the time, and it (estrogen) is my favorite thing I’ve ever done.

I’m still in the closet at my job. Bismarck is demoralizing and terrifying.

I’m making plans to move to Minneapolis at the end of the year. I might go back to school (lol) to try to get a tech job. Don’t want me to do that?? Let me know if you have an audio-related job for me, or just give me money so I can ‘escape the economy’: patreon.com/trashparty

I’m taking a break from new creative collabs outside my normal work schedule until I move and get settled in. But then we should totally do something together. I have a few projects I’m trying to finish, in case you’re interested in doing a ‘feature’ on any of them.

I’m thinking about finding loving homes for some of my old paintings. Also, I’m selling various music equipment: prairiegoth.com/forsale

In search of: a hair salon with someone gay to give me bangs. (Or an ally I GUESS.)

Still releasing new music every Friday.

ily <3