REM Munching
hours holy nightly
Grindcore Mouthfest
facemelt catastrophe
five dollar coverage
Amebix Asspatch
hangingover open canine
Gums Flap in Passing

this is the glory you taught me at eleven
twice my height in the mosh pit
would you be proud of me if you weren't dead

you said have a party
they went ahead and had a party
do they still think of the party
who was hurt and what was said
how many feet flew over the flames

is the Democratic party going to break up
is the Republican party going to break up
my social network is abuzz

with news that Bernie is coming tomorrow
speaking in the parking lot
of the old depot where Roosevelt
spoke from the back of a train decades ago
there's that little moment where you tell your mother
together you take in the shared glee
of the inevitably sad history

the Hope tells you to make a Choice
just make a Choice, make a good Choice
one good Choice, That Will Do

sleepwrenching through this America
you swam all the way up to Hudson
checked your metrics, posted a job offering
The Forgetfulness of It All! you said
The Presidents Will All Be Forgotten!
you were so excited

I was tickled, too. Almost applied

but I drank.
I drank in the Missouri until the Hudson ran dry
I get so lonely when I shotgun rivers.

Are you out there. Will I see you through the branches.
Where are my crusties. Pass the flask. Spank the wine bags.
What good is a vote when we won't have children anyway.
will I stand below the podium
so close I smell your breath
and remember a reason to continue
disregarding hope & virtue
little boulders for us all
I'm talking the pull we feel
the pull we feel to do something
when the world is disappearing
and I can't hear your voice in my head anymore

I went to the party too. Stole your jaw.

Made a necklace from your teeth.

For protection.