Today the Economist Told Me My Pants Aren't Cool Anymore

I wake up in the new duplex again
the cold wood floors
I finish my radio show in an hour
over three cups of coffee

already feeling like an irrelevant old man
my art is an unwanted burden on the world
with terror in all the things undone
becoming undone, being left undone

it's the internet
everything can be changed

and lost
hand claps and foot stomps
acoustics and gospels
I forgot about your birthday
you forgot about my birthday

another transaction

wiki: list of lists of lists
'take a look at this graph'
my brain is fried every day of my life

getting a little sick lately when you call me how you think I look
let's talk about our teeth by candlelight & tape it on ADAT
what will they yell, will they punch me in the face

'millennials, socialists'

new songs about cigarettes
I asked him for a cigarette (for you)
jealous of your rainboots

I'm still bad at what I do

too lazy to ever improve
crazy the way you write your thoughts into my memory

refugees, NYC underwater, the fire, the smoke
how do you think my generation will regulate the economy
when we're the age you are now
linoleum in the kitchen
parallel parking into my own driveway

dreaming of traveling
conversations with new friends
embracing the world, being embraced by the world

guitar ten hours a day
Germany 1962
friendship is a bummer
assumptions & regret
regret oh god regret

(There's an RV somewhere in the American desert. I'm young again, sitting on the vehicle's roof, in the right body this time. Eating out of a can, the air is getting cold, I wrap up in a blanket. I'm alone. The sun is going down. I can see everything.)

time is ruining me
hold me upside down
by my ankles

it's spring, I'm coughing

PoetryNora Nygard