I Threw Away the Shoes I've Been Wearing Since San Francisco, 2009

Current listening for October, 2017. I flew to California just before I was out of high school, walked around San Francisco, bought new shoes for the first time in forever. The shoes lasted from the first time I saw the ocean in 2009 to the most recent time in 2014. Now they're in the trash, gone.

Shoutout to Kerosine for the Chessie recommendation; shoutout to the Plurals for putting out a new record and letting me interview them.

Been a while since I've listened to My Bloody Valentine, but "Off Your Face" is a track I had never given enough love to. I read a few good pieces around MBV, Kevin Shields and Loveless earlier this month during a brief but exciting revisit to their 1991 LP. This interview from Magnet was good; this piece from Alan Moulder, an audio engineer for MBV, was the highlight though probably. Also this Tape Op interview.

Bilinda Butcher's voice is perfect, in general and especially on "Off Your Face." When my gender dysphoria is getting the best of me, voices like hers are the voices I'm most envious of.

The sweet simplicity and melancholy of Delroy Edwards' "I Love Sloane" kills me. Everything that's wrong about it is exactly right, from the low-pass filter of the entire mix to the explicitly offbeat drumming. I've honestly wondered if the cassette tape dropouts (notably at approx. 27 seconds) are somehow intentional, like by damaging the physical cassette tape on purpose.

Edwards apparently studied drumming & percussion, and in this track he's playing the keyboard in the opening 'A section' the same way you would play a kick and snare on a synth. The rhythm lines up almost identically with the drum machine part he's playing.

Although Edwards and I are doing very different things musically, I can't help but feel some kinda kinship around the lo-fi vibe.

If I had heard Quasi in 2008, it would have messed up my mind. There's a lot they're doing (in their timbres, melodies, song structures/arrangements) that reminds me of what I was only able to aspire to back when I was 16.

I love this idea from Avalon Emerson. She wrote a techno track called "The Frontier," then created a version of it stripped it down to just its most basic synth melody.

Really into Bambooman's new album, Whispers.

Omni basically have that Gang of Four/Devo type sound, and it's pretty great.

"Nautilus" is a mind fuck.

Low make me feel all kinds of messed up things, usually very sad and full of rain. I have various scattered memories of being on different tours listening to this album and missing people — people back home, people I'd just met, old friends I had seen while traveling that I rarely get to see. Things We Lost in the Fire is a formative album for me. And "In Metal" really, really makes me want to be a mom.

I was listening to James Blackshaw alone in my duplex. My girlfriend was out of town and my neighbors had just moved out earlier that day, so the whole building was empty. A guy came and knocked on my door and asked if I was throwing away everything on the lawn, and could he take some things. I said, it's not mine, take whatever you want; I listened to James Blackshaw while transcribing poems into Google Docs and felt like I was floating. I felt lonely, but kind of in a good way, and I felt something vague and powerful about love and time.

Chloé's awesome and I enjoyed hearing her talk on the RA Exchange podcast.

Well shit have you checked out that new Four Tet yet????????????????

Ok luv u bye, happy listening!!

Track Listing

  1. Off Your Face – My Bloody Valentine
  2. I Love Sloane – Delroy Edwards
  3. I Never Want to See You Again – Quasi
  4. I Hate Your Life – The Plurals
  5. Intercity – Chessie
  6. The Frontier (High Desert Synthapella) – Avalon Emerson
  7. Frost – Bambooman
  8. Moonlight Shrine – Citizen Scientist
  9. The New Stone Age - 2003 Digital Remaster – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
  10. Equestrian – Omni
  11. Nautilus – Anna Meredith
  12. Closing Shot – Lindstrøm
  13. Closing Acts – Minor Science
  14. The Frontier – Avalon Emerson
  15. Second Mistake – Ayya
  16. In Metal – Low
  17. The Snows Are Melted, The Snows Are Gone – James Blackshaw
  18. Open Invitation – ADR
  19. The Dawn - Original Mix – Chloé
  20. Brisk – Bambooman, Segilola
  21. Scientists – Four Tet
MixNora Nygard