Wrinkle Live at La Quinta With Special Guests Staind

On tonight's Prairie Goth radio hour, I play tracks from friends, local & regional groups, and a few unreleased Nora and the Janitors tracks.

Artists include FLANCHBarf Cart Recordings groups, ThumbthumbSuspicion 疑惑WrinkleEat StrikejustinedrugsMido SkipOld Sport,GleemerThese Bashful Claws and a bunch others.


  1. Kerosine - Sigils
  2. Flanch - purgatory4u
  3. Nora and the Janitors - [unreleased]
  4. 32nd Ave S - The Economist Reading The Atlantic
  5. thumbthumb - allto morrows
  6. Nora and the Janitors - [unreleased]
  7. SUSPICION - Tuareg
  8. 2kwateva - winter man
  9. Wrinkle - Pancake Planet
  10. Wrinkle - Ramada
  11. Eat Strike - Julius Excluded From Heaven
  12. justinedrugs - string club
  13. Mido Skip - Forest Escape
  14. Old Sport - Grit Magnum
  15. Lanedecay - Madison
  16. Gleemer - Heater
  17. These Bashful Claws - Felt
  18. Free Truman - Vape God
  19. Free Truman - I Don't Know How to Do Taxes
  20. Nora and the Janitors - [unreleased]

Shoutout to NYPL for being the best for public domain images. Ever. Love you.

The source for the episode's artwork can be found in its original form here. Art and Picture Collection, The New York Public Library. "Scheherazade." The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 1892.