Let's Talk About the Zodiac

This week's radio show has two focuses: Free Truman (pop punk from Fargo/Moorhead) & the interview I did with them along with four new limited edition cassette releases from Munich, ND-based label, Barf Cart Recordings.

Be sure to check out the tracklist and Spotify playlist at the end of today's post.

Barf Cart Recordings is a net / cassette label releasing music (primarily experimental electronic) from North Dakota and international artists. You can find their website at barfcart.com or you can hear their releases on bandcamp.

Flanch. Because woah.

Frankie Cosmos has been releasing a bunch of new singles off her upcoming album, Next Thing (April 1 on Bayonet Records), and I couldn't be more hyped.

I adore her songwriting, her voice, the instrumentation, the recording quality - it's just all kinda perfect. I'm gushing, I wish I could see her live next month. Frankie recorded this album (and her previous one, Zentropy) in Johnson City, NY at Business District Recording. Hunter Davidsohn has been running that studio for like seven years now and I'm so envious of the sounds he's able to craft. You can read more here or check out the beautiful vignette of him & studio in the video below. 

If you're wondering wtf I'm talking about with that Ted Cruz Zodiac Killer stuff, well, have fun. Also, here's that new Guided by Voices track again.

Matt Farley aka The Very Nice Interesting Singer Man, the writer of "Being a Pallbearer ; Carrying the Coffin", is the man behind Motern Media. If you're a lover of good podcasts, you may have heard him on Reply All. Yes, he actually has like 18,000 songs on Spotify. And yes, he'll write you a custom song for just $35.

And yeah, it's cool, I know, Blanche Blanche Blanche is your new favorite band.


  1. Free Truman-My Dad Got a Convertible, My Mom Got a Boyfriend

  2. Oneohtrix Point Never-Sticky Drama

  3. Jon F-Barn Swallows

  4. 32nd Ave S-The Economist Reading the Atlantic

  5. thumbthumb-Allto morrows

  6. SUSPICION-Existential Hotline

  7. Flanch-Purgatory4u

  8. Shabazz Palaces-#CAKE

  9. Kendrick Lamar-untitled 05 | 09.21.2014

  10. Free Truman-Loser

  11. Best Coast-Boyfriend

  12. Mac Demarco-Salad Days

  13. Frankie Cosmos-Sinister

  14. Frankie Cosmos-Leonie

  15. Guided by Voices-My Zodiac Companion

  16. The Very Nice Interesting Singer Man-Being a Pallbearer; Carrying the Coffin

  17. Blanche Blanche Blanche-TED Talks

Shoutout to NYPL for being the best for public domain images. Ever. Love you. The barn swallows in the episodes artwork can be found in their original form here. "Barn or Chimney Swallow" by John James Audobon (1785-1851).

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