Iron Deer


Iron Deer

come fastened to bright rails from love

the lower lakes rare to heart since
headless maples wander like a boy away in the puddle
dusk in a tree stump dries the fender in my hand

scarves in cigarettes and screaming machines
letting himself in a dream
window ledges staring steadily into the street

has blown
our eyes

to a dealer in Fords a night-blooming dime
stainless insurance rambling blind
sawhorses in blue jeans
untruck a pinch a blur of refuse
withering thick no

doorways come in mourning

a tomgirl hand-in-hand toward home
my lips a skiff to fathom
weather of violence to measure
dust his face his fingers answer
loveless sidewalks, cars

the milky sweater you’ve got darkens your eyes
our fluids agèd ardent running water by
white mist in the heat through deaf boards creak

the chimney mouth is herself
her own flesh her obscure church
all at the door taking tea
in the brevity the dog my grandfather
badly stacked like a fetus

fond of sewage
paris or the satellite

living a dissonance
of rural linger

you are blonde
and turreted

with ample