Why Not Fest IX

Why Not Fest IX.jpg

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1. Lesbian AWK
2. Live From Washington, I'm Jack's Beer
3. Flowers Faking Vive's Flexible Gorbachev
4. Giant Meteor I Forgot All the Lyrics
5. Get Out While You Still Can
6. Is Your Spirit Broken Yet?
7. What We Talk About When We Talk About Matt Furie
8. Goodnight, My Sweet Rare Pepe
9. Daddies
10. Banister (21 Vorticists Buy Hale Street Like It's Nothing)
11. hi Jake i luv u
12. Pilot Car Follow Me
13. We Learn an Encore
14. Meat

Recorded live at Why Not Fest IX, 18 August 2018.

CD.Ault - guitar
Evan Morgenson - bass
Nora Nygard - vocals
Zach Schultz - drums

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