Trash Party for My 22​-​Year​-​Old Son


Storm the safe mode from the corona. Most of the 'audio mixing' aspects of Ableton are things I'm already pretty familiar with, but I'm hoping to learn more about instruments, workflow — just stuff that will help me become more fluent in the program. 🌞

Download and stream.

Thank you to my supporters over on Patreon! Extra special shoutout to the wonderpups, moon bunnies & witch kittens, heck yeah! Here’s to you, Gus, Jon, and Karen!

Synthesizer, artwork & production by Nora Nygard. Equipment used includes: Ensoniq ESQ-1, Yamaha MT120S Four-Track Cassette Recorder, Avid Pro Tools Ultimate.

Likely recorded 2016 at Midwestern Biological Laboratories.

This is CS089 / TL022.