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im 24 & my favorite band these days is Guided By Voices, been listening over & over again for the last couple years — i dont wanna get older, dont wanna grow up — the world is a horror & life as we know it will slip away before our sad sad 'millenial' eyes — the Earth will keep heating & heating & heating — and maybe we'll become a more compassionate society along the way but idk, it's hard to have hope — so in the meantime, i dont want to grow up, i dont want to feel powerless in the face of ever-present, increasingly visible horrors (in the day-to-day, in the big picture; the microcosm & the macrocosm) — and who embodies (& offers) this peter pan complex more effectively & fully than Robert Pollard? for me, no one, no one at all — i want to be a better person (as a citizen/for friends & family/& for my self) & GBV sometimes fuel me w/ that optimism — i'll echo Trudell here & say: life is not about freedom, it's about responsibility.

Every day in America is terrible

sometimes i think Guided by Voices could heal me

Guitar, drums, artwork & production by Nora the Janitor. The drawing was made sometime when I was in high school.

This is the fourth in a series of six horrific & noisy af albums made primarily by running various instruments & effects through a Red Panda Particle. The music is improvised to 4-track cassette, then transferred to digital, mixed in Pro Tools, and further composed using chance operations.

Recorded at Midwest Biolabs.

This is CS019.

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