Cody Met Nick Reinhart

Photo by Cody Ault

Nora Nygard: Hi Cody :) how are you? I miss you. I've been doing some rigorous, in-depth reporting and I've discovered that you've been in Los Angeles recently, living the dream. Can you confirm or deny?

He totally changed the way I view using guitar pedals.
— Cody Ault

Cody Ault: I can confirm I’m in Los Angeles at the moment but I can’t confirm I’m living the dream. I’m still yet to pinpoint why exactly but this place is terrible. Too many people and way too warm.

Nora: Well, you explored the world of Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, drank at Lemmy's bar, and probably saw Spencer Seim at a Tera Melos show where you also met Nick Reinhart. Seems dreamy af. We're gonna have to talk about all of those things in the future, but how was Tera Melos?

Cody: Okay, you got me. As much as I hate this place, I just had one of the best weekends of my life. That’s only like half of what happened. Tera Melos (and Minus the Bear who played after) was incredible. Nick has been one of my biggest creative influences since about 2011. He totally changed the way I view using guitar pedals. Now I just gotta figure out playing like him.

Nora: I'm pretty sure you have a list of favorite concerts you've seen? Does Tera Melos fit into that?

Cody: I have ongoing top five lists for everything. Restaurants, favorite musicians, shows, concerts (there’s a difference). This is one of the rare top tens.

Favorite concerts:

1. Minus The Bear/Tera Melos @ The Fonda Theater

2. At The Drive In/Le Bucherettes @ Palace Theater

3. Wilco(1st time)/Kurt Vile @ Halls Island

4. Jack White Acoustic(1st time) @ Fargo Theater

5. Weezer/Panic At The Disco @ Badlands Motor Speedway

6. Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile @ Palace Theater

7. Wilco (3rd time) @ Palace Theater

8. Wilco (2nd time) @ Palace Theater

9. Dinosaur Jr. (1st time) @ First Avenue

10. Beck/U2 @ US Bank Stadium

Nora: Holy crap, so Minus the Bear and Tera Melos was the best concert you've ever seen?

Photo by Cody Ault

Cody: Oh easily. Perfect size venue, the rest of the crowd was great, both sets were incredible. This is MtB’s last tour before retiring. I’ve come close to seeing them a couple other times but it never worked out so I’m super glad that it did this time.

Nora: Yeah I'm gonna have to get a full review of that concert when you're back.

So 2018 is coming to a close. What have you been up to musically this year?

Cody: This year has actually been pretty chill. Mineral Rights was still active enough up until I moved to Bismarck in May. I had a couple things sort of start up but nothing caught on. I played four sets at Whynot this year which is lower than normal but it was nice.

Currently my only active project is Violence District. It’s totally different from anything else I’ve ever done. I play synth with Dylan Bender on drums and Reilly Hedegaard rapping. Bands with only two instrumentalists have always been my favorite and it’s different for me to not play guitar. Musically, it’s like SlipKnot by way of SnailMate.

Nora: Lol Slipknot huh? Nice. You also released a (semi-improvised?) recording of solo piano inspired by Charles Ives. That was probably my favorite thing you put online this year just because it was the least expected.

Pretty sure you and I should start a dissonant free jazz trio. I know an upright bassist ;)

What are you looking forward to doing artistically in 2019?

Cody: Oh yeah! I forgot about that. Ives is my favorite composer. Totally underrated and underknown. 2019 is going to be pretty calm. I’m gone for 2-3+ weeks at a time now so it’s tough to commit to anything. So far the only concrete plan is to do some more piano releases, hopefully each more weird than the last (and to do way more reading than I’ve been able to do the last couple years). The goal is to start implementing more electronic aspects (pedals, synths, tape machines) to try and push myself a bit more. Other than that, hopefully I’ll start a new punk band or something. We’ll see.

Nora: Luv u Cody, thx for chatting. We’ll talk again soon.

Cody: 💜