Cooking the Loops with Rob Boss (Ep. #3 Happy Tape Saturation All Along the Cimmanon Rivers)

CL cover 3.jpg

Rob Boss is back with a new episode for the Patreon-exclusive trash tapes feed!

Just a heads up: I haven’t been listening to these episodes of Cooking the Loops that Rob Boss has been marinating and delivering to me when he runs out at the curbside to-go. Why haven’t I been listening?? I don’t wanna ruin the surprise! I’m so excited to get the final product in my hands and I don’t want to spoil the moment. But I have the utmost faith in Rob Boss, so I’m sure these episodes are entertaining and put together well. I don’t doubt that you’re enjoying them!

Hope you don’t mind me waiting until the end to hear the tunes all finished up. I’ll listen to the episodes after I hear the final master tracks, so no spoilers!