Friday, August 4th, Bandcamp is donating their revenue share to the Transgender Law Center, so me too!

On Friday, August 4th, Bandcamp "will be donating 100% of our share of every sale" to the Transgender Law Center in response to Trump's "cynical, discriminatory agenda," including but not limited to his tweet about banning trans people from the U.S. military.

I've had a strange relationship with my assigned gender since I was little, but it's really only over the last year or so that I've begun to understand how I fit into the world as a transwoman.

I'm joining Bandcamp tomorrow and I'll be donating 100% of all proceeds made through any of my various Bandcamp stores to the Transgender Law Center. What do I mean by "proceeds"? I mean that all of the income that comes into my bank account via any Bandcamp sales made on August 4th will go directly to TLC, minus any shipping costs for physical merch. (It's worth noting that PayPal also takes a 3-5% fee as well. Bandcamp's share is ~10-15%, and that's what they'll be donating across the whole site.)

I'm gonna have a bunch of merch on sale, some of it over 50% off, to encourage you to make a purchase and ultimately a donation. Through Nora and the Janitors, vinyl will be on sale, as well as my poetry book. I'm posting a few new (and old) items tonight as well, including stickers and tour t-shirts from 2014.

On my Citizen Scientist Bandcamp, you can get the entire digital discography for 90% off. Same with the Tall Girlfriend Bandcamp.

There's not really anything to purchase at the Prairie Goth Bandcamp, but you can check out Monotypes, where I post raw audio and stems for producers and electronic artists to sample or remix.

If you're looking for other people to buy music from, you can check out Bandcamp's write-up that features trans and gender non-conforming artists. You could also look through my recent list of artists coming to Why Not Fest, but note that I'm not sure who is or isn't participating tomorrow by donating their proceeds or profits.

But you could also just make a donation directly to TLC or to a whole multitude of other organizations. Or maybe there's a trans advocacy group in your city or town that could use your help.

Thanks for reading. Happy listening.

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