I was visited by a ghost


I was visited by a ghost yesterday. She was a filmmaker, and she came to me in my dream. She was there when I awoke, a pale mint mist sitting serenely beside me. She was making a documentary about a community of people. I don’t know who. It was beautiful outside, in a field, the summertime evening sun passing over us. She was a performance artist. She would take shit and piss and blood and mix it into a sort of paste, then throw it on a white canvas, and film everyone’s reactions. She told me her name. I woke up and googled it, then went back to sleep. I’m sure the dandelions let her know she was welcome. I won't tell you her last name.

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Equipment used includes: Ableton Live 10, Max for Live, Pro Tools, Embertone Walker 1955 Concert D Lite; plugins by Slate, iZotope, and Waves

Nora Nygard: Producer / Audio Engineer / Composition / Mixing / Mastering / Cover / Photography / Graphic Design

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