Big Mood

have i gone full doomer? 🤔

Today, I make some sounds with the Intellijel Atlantis. I wish we could give the world back to the plants and all of the other animals. Instead we're just killing them. Every day, more extinctions. Maybe, instead, you could extinct me? Here's the thing. None of that stuff helps me anymore. I tried it. I've been doing it all for so long. It doesn't work. I'm here to live a completely inconsequential life, suffer, smile, and then someday, with or without any prior knowledge, I will suddenly blink out of existence. Who cares? The human experience is defined by suffering, exploitation, and violence. I didn't choose this. I did not opt in, and I do not want any part of this. All I want is a hug and the Green New Deal.


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Nora Nygard: Producer / Audio Engineer / Recording / Mixing / Mastering / Cover / Artwork / Photography / Graphic Design / Synthesizer

Equipment used includes: Intellijel Audio I/O 1U / Intellijel µMIDI 1U / Pro Tools

Little Sisyphus | PG092