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Grace Clark is a photographer from Road Town, USA — aka Teardrop Camper Land, America — aka Photography WheelHaus of the World — aka, um,

So Grace is from Moorhead basically, but she was born in Idaho, and now she's living on the road for a while in a teardrop camper that she built, slangin' pizzas at music festivals and photographing the old haunts of Ed Abbey (amongst many others [i.e. the many other ghosts that have loved the same places as Edward and also many other beautiful places that other ghosts have haunted that Grace shall explore, now, too]).

A couple years ago, I got a tattoo on my forearm of the rule of thirds. A solid daily reminder to get my shit together.
— Grace Clark

If you were wondering, by the way, whether or not it's nice to have such a geographically complicated history (and present), I met Grace, and yeah, it sure seems like it.

The conversation Grace and I were able to have was super serendipitous! After watching her Instagram as her camper's construction came to completion, after missing a couple exhibitions of hers in F/M (including at the Rourke) and then after reading an article about her & her journey in the Fargo Forum, my 'Grace Clark is leaving the midwest soon!' intuitions kicked in, so I sent her a message.

The next morning she replied. She'd be leaving tomorrow for California. Tomorrow!??!?

Luckily, she'd be heading to Idaho first, via I-94, and she was generous enough to stop in Bismarck and meet me downtown with her beautiful, homemade teardrop camper. Grace let me ask her a buncha dumb questions and she gave me a tour and now I am dreaming so hard about living on the road again someday.

Anyway, I feel lucky to have been able to talk to Grace for a minute & to catch this strange and transitory moment in her life. Seriously, check out her portfolio and take a tour of her camper and follow her on Instagram.

Find Grace online at:
Camper Craft & @campercraft
Grace Ann Clark Photography & @graceannclark


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All access pass! Now I have to go places... #seeamericafirst #nationalpark

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"Look tough" - just two mustard marauders #campercraft #teardropcamper

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