64 Milligrams of Commodore

Inject me full of the SID chip, baby!!!!!!!!!!!


aw yay lucky me! my medicine went up $65 for no reason! $168.47 for a three months supply 🐱💖🌸 #blessed #estradiol #trans #transgender #girlslikeus #m4a #MedicareForAll

Thank you to my supporters over on Patreon! ily Karen, Jon, Gus, Kelsey, Jason, Evan and Taylor! <3

Equipment used includes: Commodore 64, Cynthcart, Strymon BigSky Reverb

Nora Nygard: Producer / Audio Engineer / Recording / Mixing / Mastering / Cover / Artwork / Photography / Graphic Design / Synthesizer

Little Sisyphus | PG085