#8 Cody Ault

Cody Ault 181108.jpg

When Cody Ault was growing up in Minot, he always wanted to be in a band. He never really got the chance — until just a couple years ago, when he met his future bandmates, including friends he made at Pangea House. Now, Cody is making up for all those years that he longed to play music and connect with people by joining as many bands as he possibly can.

Cody is a member of Femulinity, Florence Sparrow, Mineral Rights, Missoula Subaru, Central & Main and Hexagonal Sky. Yeah — he is one excited & ambitious dude.


On this episode, we talk about Jack White, being in a band with your ex-girlfriend, car accidents, death, Pocket Vinyl, Total Fest, Mr. Dad, bullies, car chases, bicycles, the Zach & Troy guitar seminar, Jacobsen Music, Echo's Answer, the pros & cons of ND culture, growing yr hairs out, bingo, tape recording in the Wal-Mart parking lot, Cody's love of two-piece bands, the boom, the bust, playing cello, folk punk, Pat the Bunny, Ramshackle Glory, Rob Taxpayer, Microcosm, Luke Romano, all ages shows, Nation of Ulysses, Death From Above 1979, Lightning Bolt, David Combs, Spoonboy, Max Levine Ensemble, friendship & connection with bandmates & audiences, Pizza Fest, Many Months Left, Your Awkward Prom Date, Bummer, Sequences, La Dispute, midwest emo, Snapchat, Chris Brown's reel-to-reel recording session, the Brazilian national anthem, TODD, Phil Elverum, Mount Eerie, VHS footage, lost tapes, the TASCAM 424 four-track, tape distortion, iMaschine, all the bands that Cody wants to start, the Robert Kramer interview, Chicken Little, Kitten Forever, forgetting the lyrics to "Meet", that Winterstate mixtape or whatever, sucking at singing, the apocalypse in August 2008, Florence Sparrow lyrics and UFOs.

In the intro, I talk a bunch about Matt Farley & Motern Media Infomercial Podcast episode #96.