Cody at NAMM

sniff that funk

Cody Ault, Prairie Goth national reporter and Senior G.A.S. Adviser, calls in from Nashville to talk about his time at 2019 Summer NAMM. Notable objects include the Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth and Plasma Pedal.

Why Not Fest is in two weeks! Come hangout in Minot, ND, August 2-4. In addition to the great bands we gave shoutouts to in this episode, come check out: Big Suck, Kat Kirschmann, Algorillathym, Joshua Plague’s Sanctuary of Sound, Clutterpiles, the Electric Blankets, and many more!


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We also mentioned stuff like Montreal Assembly, Scott Monk, Count to 5, Telefunken, Schneider’s Laden. Can’t wait for those invites to Winter NAMM!