#6 Free Truman

Due to allegations made against former Free Truman bassist Scott Heidinger, this episode of Prairie Goth is not available.

Today's interview is with Tayler, Tia and Scott of Free Truman, a surf punk band from Fargo/Moorhead. Our conversation revolves around topics like Tia's fear of belly buttons, Scott's love of sinners and the joys & hardships of tour life, including Tayler getting accosted by some huge jerk loser in Kansas City ... and then also in Minneapolis by the King of Mansplaining. Post-interview BONUS CONTENT: I ramble about junk for like a half hour.

You can hear Free Truman's demo from 2015 at freetruman.bandcamp.com.

Thanks to Rod Hadland for letting me goth up the sick photo of Free Truman that he shot at a show at the Hawk's Nest in Fargo! My band Vanity Plate is playing a show there with Free Truman & a bunch uh others on March 31st. See y'all there!!

Check out my radio mix from this week, "Let's Talk About the Zodiac", to hear some of Free Truman's demos, influences, and a few tracks from Munich, ND's Barf Cart Recordings. You can find a whole bunch of tunes, vids & backstory at the blog post