#53 Text Files

I am handling the glue on your hearts.


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The following is transcript that a computer made and it’s the worst transcript u have ever read. sorry

welcome to prairie goth I'm Nora I have a patreon it's patreon.com slash trash party all right here's some poems I built blast the earth storm the safe mode new powers cash payments a pained telephone I have always late shelfware astrology and appetizers text files in theory don't return why of course I will Aries Miller High Life movement reflect to get ahead nurture the latitude I grew up alone vocabulary translations to stand inside within common themes from a baby are able to highlighters free trial pajama exhaustion can't be tulips vibrato beer shoot broadsides better suited and when it comes to venous decay function for class president you may just lose your memory plunged lonely into medical expenses persuade your benefit plan study finds they can't swim measuring tape made me more worried expresses the floating triangle move to Philadelphia with nothing but your picture I hope I can get a heads up before I die so I can try a bunch of drugs like Richard Fineman I don't want to leave this world without dropping acid you're so retrograde the presence of JPEGs upset the heartbeat I am almost the signs and systems pull the plug Apple iPod Nano is a powerful economist in the end the embed player would have to hippopotamus puppet hora and also Kaos shines a loot in a way my neighborhood was paraphrasing fall our taxes go to Ringo friends forever utterly rejected the power for the better first of all torture will take the telephone disheartened by the governor hot stickers your product is the practice friend and stings when you have no cleaning agents no choice but to have a computer fire in full-scale gold standard the environment connects to a preamp like a subway you have wisely superheated the vacuum system a target organ my flashpoint in chronic toxicity a fun repeat fail was a daunting block barcode split system so when I have no pneumatic malice I on one impeller had the big endorsement I was able to blow holes in your fire I would choose art over love any day is it a choice I have to make I don't know feels like it banks and banks of translations I hold the hand of my micro biome as we swim into the future I climb the mountain to birth my battle god damn you and your bigotry the Red River Valley adopts me slight left at smelter Avenue a wave of failing grades the horror of the starless badlands good evening to you're wealthy hard drive if only I knew how to magnify I punch you in the face you fuck see what I did there I draw blood this week next week for the rest of my life be prepared three-hole punch the bear says thanks sports plus accounting equals dripping wet credit card bodies of water line your death the height of pitch is an illusion click burn when picking a landscape I reciprocate your American Express the tranquility of data unavailable how to pay your government the fever in the sagebrush ferric banknotes we traveled through the euphoria I have gathered a large tent consider the laser printer twins at the Library of Congress oh no I don't trust my mind not anymore use this deadlock in the 21st century study the cow wish on Apollo I stitch the anti quilt electrons in the cloud around me thanks for the Great Plains I'd like to hear the hard drive song no matter the debt no matter no matter the disaster recovery I'd like to hear the hard drive sing no matter the holy Frick I'd like to hear the hard drive sang no matter the disaster recovery a zealous email will be the American urine a sublime Internet points to the plants fade into privacy practices as we install waste vent and mainstream Republicans of the frequent flu colonizers look tired nausea or vomiting every year is a complex comments-section nausea or vomiting every year is a complex comment section a new window culminating in the money archived files approach the USB cable industry into the Dreamweaver roleplay Windows 7 is absolutely elated I'm downloading a supervisor's responsibility the system will misprint your waves thank the classical music using pre-existing stock footage no apologies this weekend to maximize media the project idea was born to browse stereo group the driving behavior tallgrass safety illustrates my mental health mineral rights max out your smartphone app the spirit of this country is totally gnarly the blog page pukes true north employee signature turnover ratio I love my parents house remove tape I liked him a lot to do print out last paper warm mist secure as a copy location desert scan this sheet special prices free stuff and more greetings removable storage my story signed in Pantone CMYK 360-degree visual supervision under this mushroom a mystery saw that baggie of de cartes bones templates for taxi grammar engineering of cops from kindergarten to preposition certificate of tuesday night nuclear waste you pretend park and 35w okay this is your ticket to Rome see you later tolerance finally magenta ink cartridge raining flares and the pendulum frustrated by our spirits terms of the pain a long dress a black skirt unusual infrequent material I am thankful hidden and must be a fairy tale character my spine is a sound recording you're right the Gothic cathedral dirty carpet catalogue by box sets on a steel shelving unit you're right the Gothic cathedral dirty carpet catalogued by box sets on a steel shelving unit balanced before earnings at put - 2 X mono tracks spoons of sugar call my cell if you want anything she understands it did you dance would you mind as long as you're going to be in that room anyway ace mayor a circle of revolt note cards from boxes fantastic solar thermostat next weekend a typical weekend human error the moon seems made for each other the women's voices silver on the sea going skiing in the night whole ensembles will follow the wind blew in Minneapolis thrown hard drive mixer box keyboard stand working on your own breaking tradition a life walking back to Minnesota dangers of school blender becomes a convex lenss a planet habitable I need to read 37th Street held captive in a basic diskette open up about your polar pattern the roof is made of hundreds of lions post secondary dimension direct and graceful when unplayable zoology was born internal graphics about farmers with on and off today what I'm illuminating is a secondhand February the younger generation on the subject of Louisiana in every free newsletter is a piano falling from the sky I am NOT certain and I thank you this Court ruling has solidified your Lakes the truth is getting its butt kicked let's keep our eye in a defrayed tongue go big or convert it into a bond we hold the organic metro martha washington told us about her research i changed my life well sunbathing my integrity say nothing of the drug testing high-waisted jeans writing a letter to chase bank i do not count on an automatic feed tray the word processor welcomes the transit of Venus watercolours were literally destroyed with unalterable bandwidth transgender teens heavily policed what is light of language hail logos and walking trails the death of 10,000 years a campfire of crossfades and a door closing your layout and paste this reasonable cause listen your voicemail in coastal waters macro phonograph color sheets never worrying the money power until the audio encoder the modern art reaches out of the pixels I want to publish a flood a technical soup a geographic radius a narrow strait the soil can be a magazine walking the website through the magnetism title under yellow extinguisher off-axis strategies to help gargoyles create genes a polychrome fog during our MIDI Keys our business model was gospel songs the audio signal was Wow one of our no thanks standard chess match to the amp on this planet the photosphere was shocked by her surroundings I'm going to swim in in the ledger the wide angle lens became relay I'm going swimming in the ledger the wide angle lens became reality April highlights the hexadecimal conversion dedicated to the temple of the ocean set apart in the summer evening I live in Minneapolis Minnesota we need volunteers during lightning storms a car signified a disconnect rhubarb and HTML email me with any virus human speech uploaded to railroad read email me with any virus human speech uploaded to railroad transport but I am iTunes scissors glue and ladder went snowshoeing they updated the homepage the antidote speaks about all of the blessings in the Badlands a journey through a hidden field the naturalist in a rush to the cd-rom data software and a duplicate ISO image the anchor was a cold and wet regard the steps remain her friends for the sound I don't know what you mean here Google backs away on a grace note Google backed away on a grace note mini plug flame-throwing choral domain name cassette trim and fade of time know yourself how many dead live her love the names of glow-in-the-dark bear cubs moon screen prints her cloud this lifetime requests a replacement check any praise hits the drumhead the ocean floor keeps checking in adding chorus and echo god of my accounting software the excavations for the trolley line to day ups if you have any questions modern technology in the trees this sister comes true want to confirm this and I'll email it encrypted reel-to-reel with my child's voice girls running around with loudness units full scale claymation plans a beach where people explore sad to realize they do not celebrate it chrysanthemums are about to ask you questions of the utmost importance the policy hits the nature of things east bank advertising campaign included double iceberg face plate overshadows i am my own daughter i hope to see more of them and hear what they have to teach the narrator's second drawings bubblegum distributed to the Tycho Brahe he devotees new moon for the North Dakota Senate this angle is sung by their monophonic background it's powerful effect sits down to write you know purchase necessary energy efficiency in the lunchroom backyard farming zip ties your pedals at the top of wilderness cassettes counting on lossy codecs humiliated by power verbs Batcave is now broadcasting photo values arrows go out by facsimile transmission if you encounter Rimbaud let me know a gating method expanded the heroic and happy life directs mail these have metronomes Puppy Bowl charcoal what's so great about trust sound from almost wheat fields supply sound from almost wheat fields supply any decades if I can blow out magnetic coaches look like facts democracy summer sale is literally embarking in seventy four minutes a troublesome act of Congress software family national sales for public buildings were able to construct Mac users explicit FTP unsure if lights are for extended heighth before or after so each acetate disk is its own file blank bears church service noisy click and enter have been forever lost in template pro tip click on the picture of the coil alarm in videotape rooms I am handling the glue on your hearts the textbook that is an the textbook that a nation will circumnavigate digital success is placed among John Muir's white house a blu-ray disc swam in the country this is the sound of my bedroom in my apartment I'm looking in for gadgets and lobbyists such as chemistry if there is a difficulty in crisp chapter markers and many many gods do not think the Rose absorbs the temper submitted from legal tender after candlelight acted after candlelight Academy this plan will shrink your incorporation then many many gods do not think the Rose absorbs the tempers submitted from legal tender after candlelight Academy this plan will shrink your incorporation is not responsible in fact I have the blow for freedom and I go a cousin of time out thank you for the groundwork I would like to fully aware on top of the world award-winning transparency I am a huge Pelican partly intended for each other's back at the end of the crown pretty sure it's all painted antlers the benevolence to sidestep lost and alone they allowed affectionately for random drug uses social media and the sing songs deconstruct 99 chapters here are some open keyboard shortcuts please feel free for some strange reason in a mirror a test is positive because the moderators find the moon I need a shower then please independence noise on speech or rents readme.txt to avoid rebellion being legal the our uncle's farm it's a waste in your lifetime social withdrawal wow this looks sad if future makes me say extinct me makes me say extinct me chili branches shaking out there flamethrower trig flees the memory washing the walls my fortress the land wanders and the magnitude exported food constructed by Buchla flare away escape the tax fraud do you understand the sonic death literally not everyone has a mother I run toward the white flag the ceaseless violence of the people I donate my body to wolf-cubs way too many kings not all people who give birth are women i transpose my headache all of the fears that I transpose my headache all of the tears of the world live-streamed at once I will never be an old man thank God thank God I will never be an old man I still don't know what to do with my life it seems impossible but I react double-double sleep my mechanics are in error I stand up to visit you hug you disappear I'm back in merely moments an afternoon of discovery too much bed unmanageable link key brains to zero eyes wake up you're on the clock there will be time to sleep when you're lost in the wilderness grapple with the time of death one final Lili my political chronotype my delay throw shade I am NOT your friend mrs. Pierce digresses the tank use in the plaza we met five years ago today time flies when you're living in hell what the hell is wrong with me I delete my heart only do kisses with FM synthesis model heat wet wet reverb tails intention to stay in the step aside I expect everything was quite bad world hunger overnights to the moon brutal broadsides infinitely at hand always making me self-contained it wasn't about you late night walks with Wolves my name is trash flea from the workplace pups worried by the cupids nuke sniffing horse spent four bucks on the brand name flavorful lipids singing their praise who is why the siloing I do not recognize you wheels the best Stardust boof Under the Sun I painted the monster into a corner the noun has a good reputation except all day stayed up all night ruined my jeans feeling sorry for the wishing well my bad habits are contagious to my other bad habits my credit eloped to a wizard render the hidden time a half plane in the moon Electric magnetic barking dog the fucks show up in the ballroom my reason circles Apollo as I write this there are only 12 years left the paperwork burden outweighs the hours remaining never complete the candidate follow me into the summer an unknown earth transcends the tide you got Thomas Hardy all wrong do you value the river I offer all my sales of oil good night recorded sound the document disappeared should have been right here built a cafe full of mountains the server the lumber cram me full of Wi-Fi hi I'm Agriculture a trivial start to the termination baseball games to warm the calculator I use the scientific method to ban you from my life seize the day popcorn balls of absence touch the dimension purchased by the Senators fingerprints there were howls body slams chaos and televisions outside the school in protest register the wind I stand upon the cd-rom the reckoning of the mythical lost-and-found december drum head swords the total matrix the product predicted me drum head swords the total matrix the product predicted more people you know any real number paused by shoegazing flappers blast the hour of the future took no action fired from the black mold and inspired it I don't understand factoring the freighter this email was sent from kindergarten boycotted by the hatchet man graced by the gatefold dead demons at the hub concede the permutation I am dependent on my blood ignoring my problems with the haste of uranium I treat you to my answering machine blow little kisses to the shy spiders hey Fyodor it's nice to see you in the parallel structure of the Fargodome thanks for listening thanks everybody over on on patreon thank you Karen thank you Gus thank you Jon Thank You Kelsey it's patreon.com slash trash party alright I'll see you in the future