#47 An Atomic Whirl

It’s fun, just losing track of all time and place.
— Brian

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An Atomic Whirl is Kenji and Brian. You can find their music on Bandcamp and Spotify.

This episode was recorded in Minot, ND during the weekend of Why Not Fest 8 in 2017.

The following is a computer-generated transcript. It's pretty bad haha sorry.

00:00:01       You played yesterday, right? I played Friday. Okay. Yeah. Now we just got here last night, so we missed out quite good stuff apparently. No, no, that was a lot of good stuff yesterday. Uh, uh. Who'd you, anybody, anybody you, um, saw that were, it was memorable. We saw a vanity plate and is, that was the last band that played last night. ALGA rhythm. We saw a softening or a Al Gore if you prefer. Shortened. Nice. Nice. How's your, uh, how's your hangover? I, uh, I think I saw you at the, the second Joseph's house last night or no? Were you there? Okay. That's. Yeah. Okay. Um, it's a good house to party up most Super Fun. Yeah, a lot of music people have the acoustic stuff. It was good. That was really super fun. Yeah. I, uh, uh, uh, luckily avoided a drinking, but I've felt like barfing for the last day and a half, just like no, no apparent reason. Just not taking care of myself. We can really. Yup. Um, so thank you for, uh, for coming. 

00:01:43       Um, we don't get to do interviews, so this is fun. Nice. Cool. Um, yeah, I'm just like, you know, I do this just because I'm curious about people in bounds and like what uh, what people's lives are like because there's a lot of fucking bands, you know, especially here weekend. Yeah, yeah. 80, whatever. Yeah. Yeah. Apparently there's like a more than 80 throughout the weekend I think is what's said, but everybody's good. Yeah, there's, yeah, there's a lot of good stuff. Um, uh, yeah. Why not? Festivals always awesome. I think this is like my fifth year coming up to it, which is crazy. I mean I live in Bismarck, so. Oh yeah. So see you tomorrow. Oh, that's right. You're playing rhythm or with a, with a home invasion. I think we saw a bad with names. I think it was sequencer or something, you know, secret Alexander's band. 

00:02:51       Repairing with him tomorrow. Oh cool. Cool. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, yeah, at the record store, right? Yeah. Okay, cool. Um, did you play today or are you playing later? The plane at 6:30. Nice. Hell yeah. Cool. Cool. That means I'll actually, I'll actually get to see you today then. So yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, it's our first time ever in North Dakota, so. Really? Yes. How do you like it? Yeah, it's great. Yeah. So people good. It's a nice drive to from, from Montana. Where'd you play in Montana and Bozeman and to show and bill two shows in buildings. Nice. Yeah, it was really good. That's a interesting spot to do. A two, a two nights. I didn't know that there were like, I don't know. I don't know shit about Montana. Oh, there's just no people there, but it's Richard Fest and buildings. We played in Bozeman the night before and we just met the metadata from the first and, and then we have the short nights. We had two shows me that. Hell yeah. Super Fun. Yeah, I was at Richard Dreyfus and like 2014. It's fucking awesome. Yeah, that's great. Yeah, it's really fun. Yeah. This whole area is great. Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota. I love being. There's something about it person that are like really beautiful. Yeah. 

00:04:15       Yeah. Um, but yeah, some. I mean some of those long empty drives are like really nice. Oh yeah. I'm pretty. I'm pretty fond of like eastern Montana, you know, and like, yeah, it's cool and right when you cross into North Dakota there's like these weird. It's like grassland hills with weird like red there. It's so beautiful. Yeah. Yeah. Cool. Well I'm glad you're, I'm glad you're liking it here aren't, aren't you guys based out of like or like calling like Kansas home right now? I grew up in Kansas, but he's from Kennedy's, from Tokyo. I lived in Taiwan. That's where we. Nice. Oh Taiwan. Nice. Cool. And now we're just touring all over the US. How'd you meet in Taiwan? Uh, Kenji, we met any. It's okay. It's okay. We met it. I wouldn't understand what I go for it. Then we had different bands. We the other inside pay in 2010. 

00:05:25       Okay. Then we are bands kind of toured together. Then we started this project. Oh Nice. Okay. So you played, you played a show together with bands that means that you were in together. But yes, he has a goal. Yeah. Twenty 10 halloween. Halloween. Hell yeah. Um, what were, what were those bands like? Uh, my band was just like a sort of just alternative rock band that my band needs key today. I had Japanese band. Yeah. And my friends, Japanese band. Like how to say this is combined to them. Yeah. Nice. And improvisation. Oh cool. Cool. It's great. Sweet. Just. Hi, that's Asia. Just drunk 24 hours we can drink outside. Nice. 

00:06:27       Well I'm, I'm glad you're looking very comfortable in that arm to come. Glad. 

00:06:42       Cool. Yeah, I, uh, I'm like, I love your guys's recordings. Like I, when I was like, uh, you know, I, I played, I played drums since I was 10 and when I was like, like 14 and like starting to get kind of bored with the instrument. I'm like around like 15 and I started hearing and like getting into like, like math rock or whatever. Right? Like um, for me, the band that like just like just totally fucked up. My brain was. Hello? Oh No. Hello? Yeah. Yeah. And yeah, that is definitely like life changing for me. It's intimidating when you're trying to learn drums. Totally. Oh yeah, totally. I mean, I looked up to um, that kill from forever forever, but I'm, that's that kind of a drumming skill that's never going to be my life, but I dunno, there's something about um, that kind of music and I, you know, I hear that kind of vibe in like what you guys do too, you know, there's, there's something about it that just is like, I don't even know how to describe it. It just like it. I don't know. It melts. Melts your mind, Huh? Like, just like 

00:08:12       the kind of, to me like the kind of music like that really just like changes your psyche and like almost like changing your uh, 

00:08:24       okay. 

00:08:25       You're like soul, like on a molecular level, you're too kind. Yeah. I mean, you know, I, it's, it's great. Like I, there's a big soft spot in my heart for like the kind of music that you guys play as spastic Weirdo rock. Yeah. Hell yeah. Hell yeah. Um, how'd you get into like doing this kind of music? I don't really know. Like when we started playing we, I hadn't really been listened to lightening bolt or hello? Oh yeah. Like the bands that we get compared to what you're saying, really listen to them. We just kind of like to play stuff 

00:08:56       that's fun to play in. Challenging and weird and Nice. Just sort of. We kind of liked to play things that we haven't heard before. Cool. So after we found out that it sounds like things that other people have heard before. 

00:09:11       Yeah. No, that's awesome. I'm like, you're just like, uh, just wanting to like challenge yourself. 

00:09:18       Yeah, sure. And then like on to where we see a lot of amazing band and that's where most of the influence comes from. Just taking little pieces of inspiring things that we see at shows or whatever and write these songs around them. Nice. Incorporate little interest that we see. Interesting. Well you do have tiered like a shit time. Yeah, we've been on the road since May 10th right now. So that's three months plus. Wow. Today's show number 69. 

00:09:54       That's great. Um, why, why the super long? 

00:09:59       There isn't stuff. Uh, well Kenji just got an artist visa which is three years long. Have you been coming here for the past few years? Just like a couple months in the summer. Okay. But uh, we just wanted to do it for as long as we can just be homeless and play music, drive around so we can do that now. That's awesome. It's Kinda of the drain. Yeah. Kind of the dream. It doesn't feel once you're homeless for three months, it doesn't feel like so much of a dream. 

00:10:27       I can believe that. When does, when does that change happen? Like when you get a house meeting. Oh, I see. Okay. I get here. I'm wondering like, uh, when uh, when does the dream? Like what, what point does the dream turn into? Like, Oh shit. The nightmare. Yeah. No, I mean that's, 

00:10:49       that's just two or there's, there's really high highs and then there's some lows. If you don't get paid for a couple shows, totally. You don't get to sleep for awhile and you're driving through Kansas than. Yeah, it starts to wear you down. But overall, I mean the high points make up for it. Yeah, for sure. I think overall it's worth it. Yeah, for sure. It's great. We just, we Kinda, we kinda fucked up on this tour because we didn't plan any breaks for the first 30 months, so we've just been going with no break 

00:11:19       and but like at all like, no, I mean we took a break to record and Madison and yeah, that's like not afraid at all. 

00:11:28       So we'll have a break here in a couple of weeks which will go glorious. I bet it will. Where's your break going to be? St Louis. That area. Cool. Yeah. Are you excited to have a break that or is it kind of just whatever. No, it'll be so nice to have a break, like write some new songs and sleep in a bed and do the things we've been fantasizing about weeks. 

00:11:50       Yeah. Yeah. There's something about the challenge of like tour or I mean there's like a lot of things like this, um, like another one being like a, like, you know, through hiking. Have you ever heard of through hiking? Like, like around the US there's like these long hiking trails that spanned the entire length of the country. North south. Oh, like the Appalachian Appalachian trail, the Pacific crest trail, and then there's one like right in the center of the country that goes through the Colorado and stuff and like people like spend like six months walking from like, you know, like basically from Mexico to Canada from border to border. Right. And like, it just like, it's one of those things where it's like, it, it kind of destroys you, you know, like it fucks up your body and like makes you, 

00:12:46       like, it's super stressful, you know? Yeah. It's challenging, but it's good to challenge. I think that's, that's like tour. Yeah. There's some, there's some thing that comes out of that that's like, 

00:12:59       um, 

00:13:00       I don't know, like in lightning or like life affirming or something. Sure. Yeah. And there's moments of that and then there's moments where you're just tired. Sick of sitting at the tent. Yeah. Do, do you do the campaign? No, we mean to, it's just like sometimes it's just too much effort to actually find a spot instead everything up. Sure. So you'd like to learn, just doesn't always happen, but we're camping in the backyard now, so that's nice. Nice. That second. Jasmine's cool. That's sweet. That's great. Nice. Oh, sleep with the constant party. But that's not a bad problem to have. Yeah. Yeah. So you're on like a two day 69 that's fucking show 69 [inaudible] 90 something. Oh really? Okay. But I, I seem to recall that and like how long, how long have you guys been a band? Since 2013. Yes I have. Yeah, I think that's thing. Yeah. 

00:14:07       Um, 

00:14:08       so like four years. Yeah, my math is right. Uh, but I, I feel like you've done, you've done like a lot of, like really long tour or no? Yeah, we've done. I mean we did since 2014. We've done like summer two or to the US every year. Okay. So we did three, like sorta two month tours. Yeah. And uh, now it's just endless. Nice. Um, how uh, how endless uh, as, it's a good question, do you have a stopping point now? Right now or like, I mean we, St Louis is where we're going to be based. 

00:14:52       Sure. So we'll take little breaks there, but we're, I mean right now we're booking through the end of the year and we'll take a little break for new year's and Christmas and then just started up again. Yeah, it's a little hectic, but hopefully at some point we can sort of. I don't want to move beyond the diy scene, but just start getting like guarantees more often. Totally. That's the hard thing about Doi touring. Yeah, absolutely. Hit or miss. Absolutely. A lot of most shows people apologize for the turnout. I find like it's hard to. A Tuesday night in Peoria had a basement. Like it's hard to bring up many people. Right. But you know, if hopefully mature enough it starts to come together. Yeah, yeah, yeah, totally. Um, that's got to be when you're talking about like the highs and the lows, like Tuesdays in pr at Peoria, like it's got to be a struggle but you never know like sometimes a Tuesday and it will blow you away. 

00:15:58       It be just 50 people show up to in March. So like most, that's the everyday is like a, you just keep expectations low. Sure. It's easy to meet them and then every once in a while you'll have great parties. Like in Massachusetts Suite, we always have these crazy house shows. Everybody turns out everybody's really cool and it's like a Monday night or a Sunday night, doesn't it? There's places where that happens and there's places where nobody will ever come out. However, just parts of the country that are dead. What are the dead parts? Uh, what are the dead parts? Kenji? Well, what are the places that are bad to play bad cop jobs in Joplin? Missouri was the first place back. 

00:16:51       What happened in Joplin, Missouri. It was just a weird. It's nobodies. We were just super last minute show just because we have a day off, so it's not even really their fault. It was just the feeling of everything around. It just felt like wrong. And like in a week ago, we played in spokane. We got to last night, but like Alan, spokane, there's just like the feeling was just off and there's like trump voters and shit and we never were never around trump voters that like in your eyes at the bar we played at. Oh, okay. It was just her. Well, I don't know if their voters, but they're trump supporters. Right. I've got some people go with some eating, you know, it was just. Yeah, a lot of tweakers and just, it was just some places like, I don't think we need to put that on our tour schedule again. Totally. But in la, La Sucks. I hate early train it. We've just had the worst luck that we've had. The worst shows a, it's such a, it really. 

00:17:50       Any like industry town, like cool town, like I would guess like New York where everybody wants to go. Brooklyn, Austin and Nashville. Seattle. I like Brooklyn. No, I do too, but it's like booking is really hard. I like Austin. I like a lot of these places. It's just, it's, it's like, is it like oversaturated? It's oversaturated and you get a lot of ego, an image really. If you bought, yeah, interest, it just makes it harder to sort of break in when everybody's too cool. Like I found Seattle really cool. Everything's cool. Everybody's cool, but it's not fun. Yeah. Cool. Very cool. That's no fun. Yeah. Not High, but I mean I can see that. I keep trying to. We're going to go to la a third time. We're going to give it a third time. If time is not the charm with the southwest might just be wiped from the map. 

00:18:45       Maybe. Where do you. Where are some of your favorite places or areas? I guess you were saying? Massachusetts. North mass is right. Nice. Okay. Is the northeast cool in general? Are very cool. We went to Maine last year. That was great. Massachusetts is always amazing. Connecticut's Super Weird. I don't know why it's like really. It's all so close, but Connecticut's just. I mean we've had one show there. It's hard to judge a place based on one day. Right? Yeah, that's true. That's true. So we keep trying, but Massachusetts, a North Carolina, Charlotte, North Carolina and looks like a home base. Oh really cool. Really crazy. Like Hippie, alcoholic musician, like real, but there are people who are like really plugged into the last smart and like just like with that shit going on in Charlottesville now, like half of those because I'll be up there like joining the North Carolina to Asheville rallies. 

00:19:41       Like the whole state. I really liked North Carolina. Wisconsin school. Got a lot of friends that really nice. Yeah. Madison, that's not super far from here. No, no, it's only the 12 hour drive. Only 12 hours. Um. How do you like, how do you like Minneapolis? Like that kind of. We played there once and it was, it was like a Monday show that was okay. We have friends there. We just kind of always have a hard time getting really interesting. Huh? Um, I lived there for a little bit. It can be pretty cool. I bet. Yeah. Yeah. I really want, you know the band tiger blue? No. From there, from there. They're great guys. Great music. But I have to check it out. Just can't book a show. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Uh, there are some people at fest here that might be able to point you in the right direction. Yeah. Yeah. 

00:20:36       There were supposed to be there next week, but we'll be an Iowa instead. You're supposed you were supposed to be in Minneapolis, but it felt. Dang. Dang indeed. But you know, there's a fest in Iowa really next week. So what's that? Uh, whatever fest, whatever fest with Glenn Out Aba. Oh my gosh. Yeah, that's a good first name. Richard Dreyfus. Yeah, yeah, totally. Yeah. There was something about like, uh, like everybody is just trying to come up with the most like goofy names for like their punk bands and festivals. It's so funny. It's got to be memorable. Yup. Yup. How about on atomic world? Uh, there was one time I was flying to Tokyo and we were just Kinda of a practice being Kenji and a couple of friends that I had a niche ebook and nicest a phrase in the book that are interesting to go use that. It just kind of stuck. 

00:21:41       Yeah. Wow. I mean it's translated from the German, so. Yeah know, but it's a good little etymology lesson. Yeah, uh, what uh, what book? It was a, it was like the penguin compilation. Oh sure. It's several books and I forget, I think it was the gay science or something, but I forgot I spent, I forget which book it was. I don't, I don't, I don't want to pretend that I need you in my free time regularly just to flip my head. Just a, just a philosopher. You, you kind of named your band after I studied him in college and I just talked to him, so I tried to reread some stuff. Nice. That's good. Good phrase. And atomic world seemed to fit somehow. I thought maybe there was some play on like anatomy. No, but, but it's funny because nobody gets the main. Right. That's one of the fun things about touring, like it's a, the anatomical worlds sometime atomic bomb fuck America, you know, it's three as I go. Yeah. People, people never get it. Right. But that's, that's fun. Yeah. Yeah. I totally see what you come up with. This is fun. Oh my gosh. It call us what you want. 

00:23:01       You said, did you study philosophy? Uh, like, just a bit, not like, I mean I enjoyed taking a few philosophy classes, but it's not like a, I didn't major in it or anything nice way back when. I've always had a soft spot for like canoe while we're on the like existential stuff. Yeah. Yeah. So much a philosophy though, like I liked studying some people, but if you're trying to read like schopenhauer Kant, it's just so dry. Td. Yeah. It's not like good be treating. Exactly. Yeah. I don't know that like most canoe is either, but like some of it could be though, some of it. Yeah. I'm just like 

00:23:46       this, this, like driving home the point of like life is meaningless. 

00:23:53       Who Cares? Let's go to the beach. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. I mean that's pretty much can this thing. Yeah. Yeah. 

00:24:03       Can get behind that. Yeah. Yeah. Like, no. I'm like, uh, do you know that the myth of Sisyphus hit that book? Yeah. Yeah. I mean this, this thing of like ceaseless labor, pushing this rock up a mountain for what purpose? There's no purpose, but like there's some like high point of reflection, you know, as sisyphus walks back down the mountain to push the boulder up again and like, uh, that I think that kind of outlook on life is like really valuable end. Like it's similar to like through hiking and tour. 

00:24:49       Yeah, that's what I was going to say. Yeah. Just constantly reminded of Sisyphus. Yeah. Yeah. Just like working, working, working, and like, there's times you're like, why? Why are we pushing this rock? Right? Yeah. Gravity goes down. We're trying to go up. Yeah, yeah, 

00:25:08       yeah. But like, yeah, totally that, I mean that moment of like walking back down the mountain and, you know, like I felt that way yesterday in second jazz's house, you know, like coming up to mine. Ah, there's something I've been doing for years now. Like from my, from Bismark, I used to play in vanity plate. Oh No. Yeah. And quit like right before they went onto to tour last year. And like I spent a lot of fucking time wondering about like why am I, why am I doing this? Like, why am I making music? Why am I making a podcast? Why am I trying to do any, anything like that, but like coming, coming back to like a singing that so has like so many people that are like really invested in the meaning of the music and like the relationships that are created through it is like, you know, it, I like that kind of shit. Makes me remember like, why it can be worthwhile, I think. 

00:26:17       Yeah, I get it. It seemed very vibrant up here. Like last night at Jasmine's house, people were just like taking turns singing songs. But everybody was sort of involves. Yeah. And that's a rare thing to see. I mean, I'm going to guess a lot of people here don't get out around the country much, but we have the luxury of doing that and like there's, that's a rare thing to see, to have a community that's like, that passionate about art 

00:26:44       for Art's sake. Yeah. Yeah. Um, yeah, yeah. And just, I mean they're very like tight knit. So let's see. I asked you places that you hated and I. Yeah. Okay. I did ask you places that you like so many though that means there's place, like there's, 

00:28:01       I wouldn't want to live in most of this country to be based in most of this country, but there's cool people everywhere. You can't, like, we've never been able to play Mississippi, but I'm sure if we played Mississippi, we would find the three cool people in that state and I was probably more than three, but maybe not. It is Mississippi. Didn't try, but you mean like you meet pockets of awesome like everywhere you go, which. Yeah, that's cool. Even with terrible, terrible show we played in la the first time. It was just just mind numbing the horrible uh, uh, how much time do you have it? It was like, it was paid to play, like we were on a super last minute, sort of like, well we don't want a day off, so we did it, but he just forced Kenji to turn down and it was just, it was just such a stupid mom and pop, like pay the plain nonsense thing in la. And uh, we just hated everything about. It was a waste of time. But there was one band that stuck around to see us and they were these cool young kids from San Diego and La and we hung out with them all night and like that. That's fine. Yeah, it made it worthwhile after the show was fine. 

00:29:15       Totally, totally. Um, did you, have you seen those people again since then? 

00:29:19       Uh, no, because one of them had a baby and that's the end of it. That's how it works. Yeah. Yeah. That's the baby has to take priority. It's hard to juggle those two things. Totally. We see that a lot. Yeah. 

00:29:42       Yeah. Sorry, I can just let her English difficult, let's say. Okay. No more. Need to get some beer in you. 

00:29:58       We can get out of here. Cool. 

00:30:02       Yeah. Nice wine. Bordeaux and Pvr. 

00:30:10       Just kidding. 

00:30:11       I wish I, I wish I had something to offer you. I had some earlier but I ran out and I apologize. Oh, I gotta get a cooler full in the car. I should have prepared better taste. We've seen that like if you build it they will come totally thing. And a lot of towns like in Sioux falls, that's one of the first time, my gosh, Liz from total drag. Just kind of like their passion for that kind of really put that town on the map. Yeah, like fiddler came through total drag and all these bands like, like there's nowhere else for. Yeah, totally. The Midwest to the West, they go to a total drag. Yup. And now there's high school kids making interesting music and it's a vibrant, cool scene and we've seen that a few places. Like it really only takes a couple people working their ass off with no rewards. 

00:30:59       Yeah. To put a place on the map. Yeah. Yeah. But it's always really good to see that. I talked to love writing months. Do you know them? They're from Sioux falls. I'm like a duo from, from Sioux falls and I talked to them yesterday and just like Sioux falls sounds like the amount of stuff going on there is just unbelievable to me, you know? Yeah. I mean we've only been at total drag. We're playing a different place icon lounge next. Oh sure. Okay. Just because a Dan and Liz who on total drag. They're out of town. Yeah. But like they're just the greatest people. It's the greatest place and they, every time we play there they bring these cool like this band lemons that we always played with the Nice, Super Fun and just so we played two years ago he played, this band opened up and I think it's like high school kids owns guns. Can they dressed up and it just made noise. I can drum drumstick for as a bow and a guitar and it was just noise and it ended with like the drummer and the guitar player wrestling sort of out the door and then down the street in their costumes and like a really fun, fun show. That sounds great. Yeah. It's memorable. 

00:32:18       Yeah. Wow. Huh. 

00:32:23       And are there any other places you can think of like that that are like, like just randomly kind of growing out of like a seemingly out of nothing. That's hard. When I'm asked a question like that, my mind just went blank. 

00:32:40       Other town. Kenji, what are some other towns like Sioux falls, like two people can start a new music scene to people like Dan and Liz are just a few people can start a new thing. Oh, I can't think of it. I didn't know in rapid city. 

00:32:59       Oh Gosh. Yeah, I've heard of tears though. Yeah, I just actually met him yesterday to fish maybe. Oh yeah. In Miami. Yeah. 

00:33:09       The jellyfish brothers. They have. My name is a wicked noise scene for hill rat bastard, you know, rat bastard. It's like a legendary noise artists. He's wearing these Kenny medium. Kenny millions is another really good noise. Oh, cool. Like a lot of projects and just harsh noise. It can get kind of predictable. Totally. But there's some people that really make it fun to watch and a down there. There's a lot of that stuff. And they have an international noise conference that I think rat bastard started. Oh, that's in Miami. Yeah. Interesting. Maybe it's elsewhere too. I think that's where it originated and yeah, that's a cool scene. And uh, I don't, it's hard to answer that question, but like we were just in Bozeman and uh, there's a group of people working really hard to put on shows and we had just had a stretch for like a week of bad shows. Sure. Bad payouts. Just just boring, poorly booked shows and in Bozeman there was like two production companies, slow river and a lotus eater and they work together on it and they got solid Barron's for the bill and there was music on main street before the show and they were cool flier and just to like Bougie people in mainstream. 

00:34:25       But it worked. I mean it was a great turnout. Who a new word. 

00:34:32       Yeah. But yeah, I mean there's Appleton, Wisconsin, appleton, Wisconsin. Puts on. How should, I mean, I don't know what else there is in Appleton to play it. He brings bands through. He's been fucking. Since his roommate told me a story. He was like 15 years old or some shit and holy shit. Like, oh wow. Booking bands since he was like a sophomore. That's awesome. Yeah, it's crazy. It's always really cool to see that. Like when I was a sophomore I, I mean, I don't think I'd even have the confidence to try booking. I Hate God today. Let when I'm 15 years old. 

00:35:17       Huh? 

00:35:19       Cool. Yeah. Uh, it's just amazing like how many fucking things are going on all at once, 

00:35:30       you know, all these different places. That's a good country for touring. 

00:35:35       Yeah, yeah, yeah, 

00:35:39       yeah. I miss it. I want to get on the road again. I mean, yeah. Well like, you know, you're talking about like being onto her for months, being homeless. Like I mean I recognize the struggle but like oh that sounds really nice right now when we toured before, like if it's just two months or whatever. Sure. You had stressful and that's all that there's ups and downs, but it's super fun in hindsight, like when it's over, it's like cold reading, right? You, you, you, you don't remember all the bad points and all your members. The, the fun that you had, all the good shows and all that shit. The problem with touring constantly is there's no hindsight. It's all in front of you. It's all present, right? You just have to deal with all the, it's all present, all this stress and all that shit. Not to even complain about it. Like it's just like, it's different. We noticed too, I think as soon as we started this tour, we both noticed like there's a different feeling. It feels different. Yeah, a little bit different. Wow. But I mean imagine all the hindsight will have later. Yeah, right. Huh. That's crazy. I never even thought about that. Um, 

00:37:00       so you're from, you're from Wichita. I grew up in Kansas and small town Kansas. Um, 

00:37:09       yeah, small town shit. Yeah. It's uh, it's not, it's a weird life. It's not super unlike here. Yeah. Yeah. I mean you see a lot of continuity. It's weird like you see continuity between the south, like, like little rock and Maine and New England. The South have a lot in common but also like we see some strains of that in like Montana and shit and like totally us is cool like that. Like you'll be in Maine and it just feels like Arkansas sometimes. It's cool and I mean sometimes North Dakota. Well North Dakota, Kansas isn't a big stretch. I guess it's kind of the same whatever. There's something too about like, um, you know, just traveling around and like noticing the way, like just to how many places are ridiculously similar because of like big business. It's like pretty disturbing, you know, like to be like driving in like Texas and be like, I've been here before but I haven't been here before. It just seems like the exact same thing. Especially outside of the cities. Yeah, it's all, it's all bibles and meth. I mean really like, like a rural Oregon, southern New Jersey. Those are both Mississippi. Those are both like 

00:38:36       backwoods redneck. Totally. Totally. Trump country. 

00:38:41       Yeah. Yeah. I mean I remember walking around like a coastal Oregon. Uh, I was out there in like 2010 with a band. I was just like going for a walk in this small town and like some dude in like a van comes by and starts calling me a f****t and you know, so many follows me. You know, shit is creepy. Not Creepy. People are everywhere. 

00:39:03       One of our favorite cities is a eugene, Oregon. I love egg, but you just weird as fuck. Like Portland. Keep Portland Weird. Not real weird as Eugene because it's a super hippie and progressive and everything. I totally am like we have, we have good friends there who it's a couple, they're like a Mexican and part native. Nice. So we get to hear the stories about the Super Racist Kkk Shit that pops up and make. Oh really? If you want real weird, you put like, you put those two elements together. Like it's, it's a bizarre place. I love it, but it's so weird. Two elements of, of just like extreme right wing and extreme left wing. Like basically there's not much middle in that city. It's cool. I love parts of it. Yeah. In a weird way. I almost love having that, like that right wing element to it just because like it's, it's not good to be isolated from that. Sure. It's good to know. 

00:40:00       It's good. Yeah. That present. Yeah. To be clear eyed about the fact that it exists. Um, I haven't, I might edit drum teacher for like four years. Who lives out in Eugene now? Yeah. Yeah. Um, and we were going to play out there but it fell through the Blair House. If you ever layer house. Okay. Highly recommend. Bless. When was the last time you were out in Eugene? 

00:40:25       That was July 27th I think. Oh, like just a few weeks ago. Okay. Any sixth, 26th? Yeah. I have no sense of time right now. It just all blurs. Bought. Yeah. Yeah, totally. That's tour. Yeah. Yeah. It's fun. You forget what day it is. People. People always say like, well where are you going tomorrow? And it really takes a second to. Yeah, you told us you have to realize where you are and then you can answer the question. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But it's fun. Just losing track of all time and place and everything. 

00:41:00       Yeah, it's great. Yeah. The way that time can warp in, in different situations is pretty wonderful. Like I'm, I'm 25 now and like I'm at the point where almost every time I have to like think about it and be like, oh, when was I born? What year is it? You know? And it's like both disturbing and also kind of like, I like this. Yeah. I like forgetting or like just the, like forgetting this shirt. Um, but yeah, like the, the, the way time stretches on tour of just like a day can feel like weeks and then it can also feel like you just left yesterday. Yeah. 

00:41:55       Yeah. It's about to say the same thing, like a week consumed, like a year or a day. Like that was so long ago, but that was like yesterday at the same time. Yeah, yeah, 

00:42:07       yeah. It's fun. It's like cramming a whole bunch of extra life into your life. That's true. Yeah. Well, I mean 

00:42:14       I don't remember I read in the New York Times was a long time ago. There was some study about like, I don't know, I can't even recite like what it was about, but like basically if you, if you do different shit in your life you perceive much more slowly. So like longer because time is just how you perceive it. Right. So if you're living they would have people like as part of the study just go brush their teeth outside on a hill just to like snap them out of their routine. Wow. Try to measure how they perceive time, but that's like touring of every. It's like when you're a kid, you're growing up, but everything is so new and like, yeah, yeah, yeah, totally. Those 18 years will seem way longer than your next 18 years because then you'll be trapped and routine and everything interested in so you can in, in a weird way you can extend your life by drinking every day. 

00:43:07       That sounds good. We're doing our best. Nice. Um, so like small town Kansas, were you playing in bands? And then 

00:43:21       I mean I played in a Shitty, like I found out later it was like a Christian rock band. I didn't even know I was playing with my friends and like the guy who kind of put it together, like wrote the lyrics that I never listened to. Apparently they were like sort of coded Christian rock. But I mean it was just terrible. It didn't matter if it was, was terribly the way. And then when I was going to school and shit, I was just too busy. It was really when I went to Taiwan after college that I started like I had the time to start playing music in a band. What? What'd you go to? Taiwan just to leave America. It's a student loan debt. I was in Boston. It's expensive and you can teach English in Taiwan. Make pretty good money. Super Cool. Yeah. A lot of people go there to pay off student loans. Really? Yeah. It's lucrative. It's need a college degree in anything. Wow. Go there. Make like 20 bucks an hour for four hours a day. Live like a cream bars. Never close. Oh my God, that sounds great. It's great for awhile. Until you. It's Tuesday at 6:00 AM and you're still at the bar every day. 

00:44:42       Cool. Huh? That's interesting. So you're living in Taiwan then you to meet and you're. You were playing in like an alternative rock band? Yeah. Huh? What was the music scene like there? 

00:44:55       It's, I don't know. What's the music scene like? Taiwan is good, but it's small. Small country, right. Tokyo was huge and too many bands, so many bands. So like it's. But it's all a dead end. Right? Like in Tokyo, unless you play like pop music, I mean that it's possible to play something else, but there's so many bands you kind of have to pay to play really, really hard to totally have to say get, you know. Oh sure. Okay. Yeah. If you don't sell enough tickets to your friends and you have to pay for the tickets. Got Socks. But sort of like the first time we played facts really like a four months after we started playing, we played a show in Hong Kong with disband, Ken South Rock from Brooklyn and they played here. Oh yeah, they played up in zero. Yeah, I wasn't, I didn't. Uh, I wasn't at that show, but yeah, I recognize that name and stuff. 

00:45:52       So yeah. Great. They're not playing now, but they invited us over to tour and that was a big eye opening. Like, oh, we want to keep doing this because you can actually, you can build something if you work hard enough. And then in America you can kind of build something, you can build a fan base, you can go to new cities. Sure. It's kind of endless. It's not just a dead end is, is most of that, just the fact that the geography is so huge. That's definitely part of it, but it's also just a much more vibrant scene. Like there's trying to think, uh, 

00:46:27       one of the first shows where this happened, like in Fayetteville, Arkansas, the first, first time he played totally. We went there and we looked around and it kinda looked like it was a bunch of kids that kind of wanted to just hear acoustic music or whatever. I'm like, I don't know if this is gonna be a good show. And we played and they went nuts and they were marching in, like they were just totally open to whatever. And we get that a lot of places like I feel like Pangea House and this whole scene is, is very much like the flu people listen to a folk acoustic act and then us. Yep. No problem. Yeah, totally. And you don't. Things are more sort of genre. I think in, in Asia, like if there's interesting show, it's punk bands usually. Yeah. 

00:47:13       That kind of comes and goes around like around North Dakota, like when I was like super little and going to shows like 13, I'm like the first shows that I was going to wear, like the is festivals that would happen in Bismarck, um, of like hardcore punk and stuff that were, the name of the fest was grind your face off fast. Nice. So they were like grind core fests and stuff and uh, like, and there were like, there's like, you know, 10 of them or something like they happened all the time, but like those were very, it was just like that kind of music, you know. But every once in awhile like shows would come up that, you know, there would be like a Ska band and then a hip hop band and then the grind bound and then you know, and then the crust punk band like that kind of. I wish it just, I wish it was that way, like everywhere all the time because it's so much more interesting. 

00:48:19       Pretty hard to watch. Even the four best grind core bands played back to back because sharepoint, it's just grind quarterly. Yeah, yeah, it's good to have a little hip hop intermission. Yeah, yeah, for sure. And like in the, on the east, especially on the east coast, like half the shows we play, it's like harsh noise and math noise and grind core and then between really between or whatever, just super like aggressive, noisy shit. And then between bands there playing trap music like every fucking show. Seriously, 

00:48:53       like noisy musicians, like trap a lot. 

00:48:55       Everybody out there. It's nuts. I mean to the point that I, I mean I have to admit I kind of like elements of it. 

00:49:04       Yeah, it can be, it can be great. It's just funny everybody. I mean I, I, uh, uh, like I've spent a little bit of time like listening to like noise in my life and there's like a certain, like a, I mean this is probably me being judgmental, but there's like a little bit of like an intellectual Lake Snob vibe to like music and uh, just like, and then, and then trap. It's awesome. That's a good, that's a good combo. Anti intellectual, intellectual in its own way I think. But, but uh, but I also got a very different kind of notice. 

00:49:42       I just hit me like last week or something like, uh, it's also really ironic that a lot of these are like college town, super pc, like a, like watch what you say, like if you play a house, it's like, no, no, no homophobia, no racism, no ableism known, Blah Blah Blah Blah. And then they're listening to trap music, which is like the most misogynistic, like offensive, like on pc shit possible. Which is a weird paradox. It is. 

00:50:12       Yeah. I think there's a lot of very strange like liberal paradoxes that are popping up more and more all the time. 

00:50:21       Um, yeah. 

00:50:25       I mean it's catchy. Yeah. I can't listen to the lyrics. Yeah, yeah, Yup. 

00:50:36       I kind of wonder if there's something. I mean thinking about like noise music and trap. There's something like hyper masculine. I think about, 

00:50:45       about both of those. Not all the time with noise because there's women who do not use but like, but yeah, it's, I dunno, it's weird how certain like genres or types of music or whatever will like um, you know, people will like collect themselves into certain types of clicks and like this certain thing ends up meaning like, like the way a sound can like eventually come to me and something that is like not, you know, like sick, like Metta. Yeah. Like, like this thing of like words being like no, like the signified and signifier. Like it's like for some reason we look at a tree and we can think tree but it's like completely arbitrary. Sure. Um, and like the way that music does the same thing over time. 

00:51:36       It would be nice if we could fit into a genre very neatly, but just for booking, right? It'd be nice if you could just say punk, like, oh, we can put you on a punk show. When I tried to describe us like a totally different. 

00:51:51       Do people like, just like, uh, I mean like, like I heard your music and like I feel like I get it, you know what I mean? Like do people like not get it? Sometimes. 

00:52:03       I just mean like sending out booking emails. It's hard to succinctly describe. Sure. You got, you have about five seconds for any booker. I feel I get so many emails, like they're just going to scroll through, so like it'd be nice if you could just say grind quarter, but we're not growing punk but we're not punk. Right? Huh. Just for booking purposes, that's probably the hardest part of touring as a secretarial aspect of. Oh my God. Yeah. Sending out 50 emails and hoping for one response or even though just tell me no, totally, totally. Yeah. So much like administration time in front of a fucking screen. We're hiring interns, unpaid interns so much and book shows that should be a thing and the should have fucking insurance. Why isn't that a thing? Yeah. I don't know how that looks on a resume, but I guess you could, you could use some fancy language and make it like a custodial bank, something janitor gateway to the. To the band. Exactly. Janitorial. Interns wanted 

00:53:18       for an atomic world. Yeah. So if anybody's listening and, uh, wants to be the intern, there you go 

00:53:28       find us on facebook. Tell you exactly. But we have a lot of gratitude and bigger free beer bushing. Pbr. Stag, stag beer, Illinois. I've never heard of that. Yeah, nobody has. We have nice steak. Have you ever see it? 

00:53:51       Maybe drink. It's pretty terrible. Um, around here. It's a tell about the hams. Oh yeah. How do you feel about the hands? Hands. All right. Pbrs by far our favorite beer. I think we're branded your brand. Does that? Yeah. You need a, a sponsorship and we fuck that. We've talked about PBR sponsorship. I mean just for the free beer alone. Yeah, exactly. That's a great idea. Great idea. But I can. It's not just branding like we have tried every sheet beer there is. Hampshire is okay, but it's not that good. We saw Pam's for $9. Ninety nine. It's A. Yeah, I agree with that. It's okay. For me, it's just like nostalgia for like coming up to mind. Not because everybody in my. Not just like, yeah, like um, there used to be like a, there used to be a punk house here called Duff Mountain. I think I heard that. It was fucking legendary and yeah, lots of Hams and begged wine in the basement. Oh, nice. Yeah. So it reminds me of that. So Hammond it up. Yeah, it's dangerous. 

00:55:16       Um, 

00:55:17       do you want to talk about recording? Sure. Do you like recording? I hate recording. Recording. Kenji? No, no. It's just tedious. What do you dislike about it? I mean like it's, 

00:55:31       I just, I don't like things like when I record I get kind of nervous because you have to think about what you're playing and it all needs to be like ideally perfect. And I just felt like playing like the, it's just didn't play the same song over and over and then sit behind a computer. Yeah. I just, I, I much prefer writing songs and practicing and playing live shows. It's totally different to me. 

00:55:52       Nice. Huh? Do you, um, like, do you go into studios, do diy, uh, have friends or like a, 

00:55:59       our last album when we recorded in Tokyo, it was like three hours in a practice studio. Just recorded the music, just mostly one take. It's always little mistakes, but that's fine. Yeah. Yeah. Fix that in post. Yeah. But that's fine. That's not bad, but I would, I would hate to ever have to like, I 

00:56:24       mean the dream of having a record label and you know, comping a week at a record studio and you just have to sit there and record. It just seems. It sounds terrible to you. It sounds terrible to me. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Some people like recording. I like to mix mixing. Cool. 

00:56:45       Don't know. Do you like recording? 

00:56:47       Yeah, I think it's fucking good. Yeah. Why? Well, I mean it depends on how you're doing it too. I mean, um, when you're with a band and you have a bunch of songs and 

00:57:00       um, 

00:57:03       you want to make sure they're played really well and like get it all good and make it feel right. And like when you're with a band, like you really want to just do it live, you know what I mean? Yeah. Like um, I liked the whole thing of like highly produced, like record it live and then go back and like redo things and add things and fix things. Like I like that. But like the um, you know, like sort of like Steve Albini, like just get it done approach of like just record it and be the band that you are and just do it. Like I think when you have a live band with songs like that's like a lot of people want to do that, do it that way. And I think it's a good instinct but it, that is so fucking stressful. Like I totally agree with that. But when, when you're recording and blake recording is like part of the creative process, you know, like just like, even if it's just like multitasking onto like cassette, you know, where like 

00:58:15       um, 

00:58:17       like I started as a drummer, right? And now I like play guitar and Bass and sing badly, you know? So like just having a tape and then recording drums onto it, just like not knowing what's gonna come next. Yeah. And then like figuring out something that would work for guitar or voice or. Yeah, sure. That's, that's different. That kind of recorded. I really like, okay. I can see that because that's because that makes the whole thing part of like the discovery process and the writing process and I wish there were a way to combine that feeling with the feeling of like we're a band and we already have these songs the way we want them. You know what I mean? It also depends if you're on the clock, like it's nice to have the time and totally free to be able to just kinda play with it and experiment and spent the whole day pain one song. But like we had four hours booked to the studio. Exactly. Push through these songs, which sucks. I mean 

00:59:22       it's full. Yeah. It's another one of those things where it's like why? Why did we set up our economy and our society this way? That's a big conversation. So where resources are going and they're not. Yeah. The art right now, yeah. They're all going to tax cuts 

00:59:39       basically. Yeah, pretty much. Pretty much. You can't have it both ways. Yeah. But why did we pick this? I know, yeah, I agree. But I mean in a way like I feel like if it almost makes it better in a backwards way that like part of creating art is the resistance to that shit. That's very true. Yeah. It almost helps the art in a way like artists. Good art is inherently political and sort of even like our, our music should no way political but like in a, in a sort of broader abstract way. Like the whole thing is sort of antithetical to that capitalist war machine. Totally. 

01:00:24       Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I, I, uh, I really liked that um, 

01:00:29       view of like, um, 

01:00:32       political art, like, you know, it doesn't necessarily have to like say something specific about a topic, but just like offer an alternative way of being or like offer like some sort of solace or something, a good for people who are also like antithetical to like that sort of capitalist system. 

01:00:55       But yeah, I dunno, it's a struggle. Yeah, it is a struggle. I don't think so. 

01:01:03       We're getting grants anytime soon. Although we have friends and we have a lot of friends in Wichita and they. They were telling us, you you deserve an intern and a fucking grant. I know we need a Koch brothers grant. They really have that because they're from Wichita and they were saying like they give out grants to artists and shit and they were saying that would be so funny. I never got around to this, but they're totally right. They were saying we should apply for a grant because I could, I could. I used to be a writer and editor. I could phrase it really well, right at fucking an application essay or something and see, you know, I grew up in Kansas. I moved away and now I'm bringing this Japanese were going to be based in Kansas and like we're kind of try to put candles on the map and just try to. We certainly have some Koch brothers money. Hopefully so. But I feel so dirty taken their money. I mean I would take it, but yeah, I mean Koch brothers money. Yeah. 

01:01:53       Okay. 

01:01:54       Yeah, that would be a strange predicament. Sponsored by oil. 

01:02:03       Yeah. Who knows? Maybe I'll get that on my to do list and right after we get an intern I want to get some coke money or at least some coke. Let's see what happens. How you feel. Kenji good? Yeah. You need to pray. Six, six, 30. 

01:02:30       So what's like your future, your, your, your touring going to St Louis. Taking a little bit of break you into to Oregon through the, through the year. Are you working on a new record? Are you doing? 

01:02:44       Yeah, I mean I just recorded a new record. Yeah. Yeah. So that should, we should have that by the end of the year then next year have. 

01:02:52       Oh I see like okay. So you recorded a new record in July. Like we still can't afford it like after. When did, when did, when come out? 

01:03:03       Fuck, I don't even. February, February of this year. But. So you have one like recorded. We have one record, they're just mixing it now. Nice. And then when do you think that might come in later? Like it's up to the guy that's mixing since November, December, hopefully later this school. Uh, and then yeah, next year. I mean, once we get back to St Louis we'll start writing new songs. It's for me, it gets really boring playing the same songs over and over. Like should I think we both want new songs and new stuff to play just to, even though nobody knows our music, it's just, it keeps it interesting. Keeps things moving forward. Yeah. Um, how do you guys, right? Like, are you like thinking of stuff? Are you improvising? And like it was kind of, I mean we'll just kind of set up and be in a basement. It was set up and then we'll both kind of have ideas, especially after three months of tour and we're going to have a big head full of inspiration and just things to get interested in just like, but also like our misery. Like we can do whatever the fuck we want. So like it'll start with some spastic funk thing and then we'll go into some little jazz thing and then maybe maybe Kennedy's had some doom stuff in his head. So there was some like, slower, a little doom part in there. I can just kind of piece it together till it sounds like it makes sense. And then we call it a song. It's actually, it's pretty easy just to kind of make messes and get it to where you like it, Huh? 

01:04:31       Yeah. Earlier you were talking about how like you'll go to like all these shows and like see bands and like being inspired by something they've done and like you'll add that into like your on sort of, sort of like a way of thinking about making newsome. Um, 

01:04:52       yeah. Like uh, I think our favorite band in the world is the central from Madison. Amazing, interesting, grindy weird band. Nice. There was a period where we had to kind of stop listening to the central because we were just starting to write. Oh yeah, yeah. We were too enamored. They were our first band crush. 

01:05:18       But yeah, I mean things just kinda come out just. Yeah. Cool. There's a lot of. Yeah, it'd be fun to incorporate everything from harsh noise to some rap shit. I mean we're not going to be able to put rapidness sure. That's not gonna happen, but you could put like kind of a dancy, hip hop beat or whatever. That'd be totally fun to do. And you can like it. It would actually sound fine. Yeah. Yeah, I could imagine that if they want to. John was at a show. We can just be all of them. Yeah, sure. Why not? 

01:05:59       I know. Well again, I'm cool. Tell her two month and it's, it's almost 4:21. Here we go. Is there, is there anything else you want to, you want to touch on or like anything like that, but I should have asked you that I didn't ask. You know, I think you've drained my mind, of course. Wisdom to five minutes. I doubt it has been fun. It's been great. It's good to meet you. Yeah. Thank you so much. Thank you for coming in. Oh yeah. Yeah. And, uh, it's sounds like I'm going to be able to see you tonight. Do and I'm fucking excited. Bring your headphones. 

01:06:50       Earplugs. It's going to be so loud in there. Hell yeah. I'm looking forward to that. I didn't think so. Yeah, I, I, I don't believe it's going to be loud. I don't believe me. Yeah, we'll see. Cool. Cool. Well thanks. All right, thank you. Um, I gotta I gotTa take a photo of you. Say Okay, I Kinda, I kinda want, I kinda just want you to stand behind Kenji then you can just sit in that chair. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. I love this year. I had the phone. This is very good. I got full recording.