#40 Hey you should probably sign up for Why Not Fest today

I love getting muddy and sweaty, out there, in undisclosed wilderness locations.
— Nora

I try to register for Why Not Fest, then a freaky airplane lands, and Maria calls.

You can register for Fest on their tumblr. Registration is open until May 1st.

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00:00:02       Welcome to prairie. God, I'm Nora. The janitor joined today in the studio by my bunny bunny. Her name is Bonnie. She's here with me and we're going to take some calls and right now I'm just getting going. You just heard, um. Oh, what is that song called? Sophisticated space, right? Yep. Bye. Sydney gish off of her 

00:00:40       OK 

00:00:41       album from last year. Right? Twenty 17 year called no dogs allowed to what? You just heard a beep. That doesn't make any sense. Does it? Cause you didn't hear that. Uh, and I know I forgot my notebook and I told myself I wasn't going to do that and I did it. So go grab it. I'm back. And that's the magic of editing. OK. Um, I would go so far as to say that if I don't have my notebook I can't think. And now that I have my notebook, I remember what I was going to do. My favorite lyric from that Sydney Gauche song is when she's like scan in, scan in the spiral stairs, teleport and back to the middle of the room. I think it's so cool the way she thinks about it. It's so cool. So cool. 

00:01:34       Oh my gosh. 

00:01:39       OK. Here's what we're going to do while we're waiting to get calls. We've got one minute until four PM, which is the call to call time for today. Call Time. And we're going to go to safari. Gonna, go up here. We're going to go to wine. Not Fast. Uh, did it, it, it did to. Why not fast.tumblr.auto filling for me or go in there and once we get there on the phone, 

00:02:15       scroll down just a little. Not that much. Not really. Actually scrolling down, scrolling over, hitting the registration button. If you're hearing this, it's prior. Last Day to register. So you should probably register. I haven't registered yet and I'm gonna. See if I can register in the next hour. Um, and there's the form link to the form. So why you, if you're listening to this, you know what, why not fast to this? Why not fast as a, is my favorite fast in North Dakota, I guess? Uh, yeah. Uh, yeah it is. And it's in not and it's uh, in August. This year it's August 17th through the 19th. And it's always the best thing in the year as far as, uh, a cool music and hanging out time goes pretty much. It's pretty much the best. Alright. So I'm looking at this doc on Google, the Google doc for a form. Why not 2018 performer registration form. OK. Performer name. 

00:03:31       Oops. I can't take note. Nora and the janitors that work the age. Try that again. James. Manager hat. Hannu to Whoa. No, I cannot check Jan and taught me that. Nora and the tater tots and the janitors. Contact name. Ha. What is my name? I'm going to put that and then I'm going to put in parentheses nor. Oh Wow. I like both of my names and email nor uh, nor why is so hard to type on the Internet phone. Nora and the that@Gmail.phone number. This is how people would call me right now. Seven one. Uh, and I did check just somewhere to go and do not disturb is not. Not on like it was on last week. Mailing address. What are you guys trying to do to me? You want to mail me something? Um, I got a new neighbor, maybe we'll talk about that later. They didn't need it in a department number, a number to the website. If available, I'll put this website. I'll put. Should I put. Yeah, I'll put this website. I'll put prayer. You have to calm or can I be that slash? Yep. I can do that. Nora and the janitors dot calm because they both function. I reside, I reside in this mark genre of art, trash, punk, 

00:05:51       a performer bio. See, OK. This is the part that's gonna goof me up cause I always feel like I have to say stuff that, cause it's gonna go in print as far as I know there will be another scene and another scene. And uh, write in words that are going to go into print always stresses me out. Bunches, number of individuals performing. Um, I think there's going to be four of us. 

00:06:33       Four. 

00:06:35       Huh? I think tech means is that an adequate answer? Number of individuals performing for ha ha. I think plus, minus plus 

00:06:56       um, 

00:06:57       slash minus more or less. OK. I'm technion's tech needs what? What does that. Oh, is that like microphones? Ah, 

00:07:20       MMM, MMM. 

00:07:27       Do we need anything other than I don't know. I'm gonna I'm gonna. Say Cause I'm gonna. Need a microphone. I'm going to try and get someone else to use a microphone to somebody saying two microphones. 

00:07:40       Yeah. 

00:07:43       Cool. Link to a sample recording if available. Yeah. The website is available to perform every Dang Day. Housing means trap for traveling. Uh, I'll click all of them. Sorry guys. Number of people in the meeting. I'm so sorry, but I'm, but I'm putting six, six, six. Their food or pet allergies. That's nice. That's really nice. And I'm going to put so many, um, performer bio. OK. That's all I have left to do. Wow. That part is the hardest part. 

00:08:47       Um hmm. 

00:08:54       What would I say? Performer bio. 

00:08:56       And then NPR. Did I mention this fire? I think I skipped over this genre of art says please be serious. So folks have a rough idea. You can be goofy below for the serious genre of art. I put trash punk for performer bio. It says parentheses. You can be goofy here if you want. 

00:09:23       Why not? Fast being nice, letting people be themselves. It's pretty sweet. Um, well, what would I say in a performer bio. Ah, I hate this part. Can I, does this? Oh, it says it's required. It says it's required. Um. Oh God, what do I say? Hi. My name's nor A. I've been making. I released my first recording when I was 20 years. 

00:10:09       All right. 

00:10:11       I don't know. How old was I when I did my first thing? Depends what you call first thing. Cause there were stuff before and our, in the janitors. I was probably like 11, but um, I mean Nora and the. I mean there's been a couple of different permutations of the name but this band has existed since 2008. But here's the thing, why does anyone need to know that? Hi, my name is Nora. I've been doing this band sometimes alone and sometimes with other people for 10 years now and still know what I'm doing and I'm just trying to have fun and meet can row and stuff. 

00:11:12       Yeah. 

00:11:14       Can I just, can I take that little clip and like make an audio thing of it and put it on the Internet and then can my performer bio just be a qr code that no one's scans? Um, this is the part that's so hard because it's like, well, I don't really care if people know, like performer by just sounds so like, so like a am I supposed to be, is this my resume? I get very stressed out from the US because then the other part is like, well, OK, should I just be like, mmm, should I just use this little space that I have in print to, um, to espouse my political movies and say, um, something that seems like meaningful. I don't know. That's the other pressure. Think am I, should I, should I be, um, should I be professor this be my professional resume or um, 

00:12:26       shit, I'll use this as like a soap box. Cars soapbox for like, don't know. What should I say? I could say I have a lot of things I want to say a lot of stuff about. But then how new I'm going to say something. Then I have to make sure that I'm saying it pretty well. I feel like a real jerk, so I don't want to offer this performer bio. I really don't know this 

00:12:57       predicament. It's hard. It's this hard every year. I just don't know what to do. Um, I wish someone would call so I could ask for advice bunny bunny, what do you think? No, that's good advice. Funny. But it doesn't, doesn't really, 

00:13:24       ah, 

00:13:26       it's good advice, but it's hard for me to take that advice, you know what I mean? 

00:13:33       Who, 

00:13:34       wow. 

00:13:37       Move 

00:13:41       whenever I find bones out in the wild. Really try hard not to touch them or like any kind of feel kind of weird touching any part of an animal that's like not connected to the animal anymore. Like I'm, I mean bones obviously, but also like feathers even or, um, what was the other one? Oh, like snake skin, like after they shared or um, or like antlers, you know, feel kind of just feel like it's not mine. I'm not going to, that's not attached to the living creature anymore. I'm not going to touch that. It don't know. I mean, we kind of covered this a couple of weeks ago, but I feel like whenever there's bones there's kind of part of the part of the spirit is still there. Did you know, I learned this recently? Did you know that when like deer or elk or whatever, like they're like, they're like, amateurs come off or if they die or whatever in their antlers are there. Um, I guess this is true or bones or something too, but I saw it on some antlers. 

00:15:09       Yeah, 

00:15:11       I'm nice like Rodin's and stuff will come by and like, Nah, on the hung the lake antlers and stuff. Um, to get the, to get calcium. Isn't that so cute? Just this little mouse comes along and says, thank you big. I'm a small mammal. Your large, larger mammal. You have left me a part of your body that is now fueling my body. Thank you. My bones are becoming better via the nutrients of your bones. It's really cool. Earth. It's neat. Cool stuff going on. Creatures eaten. Other creatures. The creatures eating plants. Some plants eaten creatures. Hm. Well, 

00:16:12       yeah. 

00:16:14       A wonder wonder when a call me. OK. Performer bio, you can be goofy here if you want. Does that mean I'm supposed to be goofy because that's even harder. OK. So my options are I fill it out like it's a resume, um, to number. That's number one. Number two is make some kind of joke. OK. Number three, is it something to use it as sort of a political soapbox? OK. 

00:16:55       Ah, 

00:16:57       well. And that's hard too because it's like, well, it's gotta be kind of, kind of a thing. It can't be like a thing that I'm thinking about right now. It's gotta be kind of Evergreen. If it's going to be a political thing in any way, it's gotta be something that I'm sure that's like, you know, like, like, uh, I dunno, like encouraging people to, uh, like stop eating so many animals for you don't have to, you know, could do that. Um, I mean I could also just be self serving and say, you know, uh, no one, no one's calling me and calling me. I could just say that. That could be the whole bio bio performer, bio nora in the janitor's. No one's calling me calling me [inaudible]. [inaudible] m that's an option. I'm like freaked out. What do I put? I have like 24 hours to decide. I don't know if I'm going to be able to pull it off. This is why I wait till the last minute to sign up. So these are due on May first 

00:18:22       and I 

00:18:28       and waiting until the 30th to sum it up because I don't know what to write here. Everything else was pretty easy. I mean more or less. Once I know what's actually gonna Happen, which I'm going to just keep going and keep it a secret for a little bit. 

00:18:46       Yeah, 

00:18:47       it's not that surprising, but it's going to be fun and be a cool little group of people sweeping up over by the cigarette machine. This world needs is a good $2 room and a good [inaudible]. What are some of my favorite janitor quotes? You got some good janitor quotes. Call me. <Unk>. Um, well I, I'm burnt. I went and I walked around in an undisclosed location in the wilderness and I wear sunscreen but I'm burning. Still got burn going on. And I would say that when I burn, I start to feel kind of sick sometimes about getting sunburnt makes me feel kind of ill for whatever reason. And um, so I'm feeling a little, I would say I would say I'm feeling a little gross little just it's Kinda just like this sort of this weird sorta exhaustion, you know, just for kicks out of it. She'll kind of spacey spacey because of the Sun Burnt me and walked around and I had a good time. But I'm hoping that no one will ask me about the coyotes [inaudible] I don't think I can talk about that right now. And that's a separate issue from all the roadkill that I saw her. I saw so many just roadkill creatures. I saw money and I, we were driving down the interstate and there was a car ahead of us on ice. It was nasty. Little Gopher 

00:20:58       got caught under a wheel, was so sad. It flew in the air. Ah, it's not great. Not Great. So. But everything else is nice. Looked at a lot of plants, got stuck in the mud is great. I love getting muddy and Sweaty, you know, out there in undisclosed wilderness locations. Feels real nice. What was the other thing that I did? Bunny bunny was the other thing I did. That was cool. She doesn't know what I'm talking about. I don't know what I'm talking about. There was something else that I was going to say. No, I don't think that is, but I can see that she's wearing my hat right now. I've got to have a baseball cap from cu. Never records and I was wearing it and I like wearing it because it makes me feel like a pokemon trainer, which is a good feeling. I'm like feeling like I'm going to go catch pokemon. Makes me feel real good. Makes me. Yeah. 

00:22:24       Yeah. 

00:22:25       Maybe you should go hang out in the wilderness and just do cosplay. Like in the wilderness. Here's the thing now reminds me of something I was thinking about. I would like for someone to cosplay. Is that how you say that? Cosplay costume cosplay. I would like for someone to play their own death as how 9,000. Like OK. Just imagine like a very old man and let's say it's like I'm a bad idea. I just think that would be so cool. Why don't people do more jokes when they're dying? You know, that would be awesome if just this like saying it's like a hundred year old man who's lived this wonderful life and he's like ready to go and stuff. He just suits up. You see, just think he's just laying down like in his hospital bed or something. His hospice bed. He's cut all his families around him. And uh, what's it called when someone like medically like ends their life, you know, like with like in a humane way, you know, like with, with the, with like Dr. Sustenance and like, because it's flat suicide. Um, 

00:24:12       I mean it's kind of suicide song seems kind of dumb a, I think there's a different word for it, but I can't remember what it is, but it's like, imagine it's like that. He's just got this guy in his hospice, but he's like a hundred years old. He's seen it all and uh, easily in there. And his haas whole entire hospice bad has been converted into this just, it's just this big black box and then the is room is made up to look like, you know, the thing that Dave has to fly through or Oh, this will be especially good if like the guy who's cast plane is how was like really long gaming this and like named one of his children to have. And uh, so the room is like a is made up to look like, you know, the computer room thing, you know, I'm not spoiling this for you. You've, you've seen space odyssey, right? Um, if you haven't seen space odyssey, just pause. That's what it's called, right? [inaudible] space. I've done that before where I said it's something and then it's, I'm wrong about it. But um, yeah. So we got the whole room is made up to look like that room and the whole family's there. And uh, 

00:25:54       and they just do the script. They just do the script and like there's something set up that actually functions kind of like it does in the movie for the child. Dave to like be pulling these slots out of the computer and they're kind of like on like strings or something. So they're kind of like hovering as they're late, as they're like floating there, like floating out and then um, and then there a. This is horrible. Oh, you get the point and there and yeah, I'm the person cos playing is how we just do, you know, they stop my mind. I can feel it. Dave. My mind is going terrible. Ah, no one should do that. No one should do that. But. But somebody should do that. Did I just hear an airplane? Why do I always hear a spooky stuff? I feel like I just heard like an airplane. Thanks. Sounds I'm to check and see if there's an airplane. There was an airplane. There's just like an airplane. It's just parked. Just it out there and it just parked. I don't know what that's about. I don't know why they were just being an airplane there. It just, it just planted it. There was just an airplane out there. Now 

00:28:22       I'm really freaked out by that airplane. OK, OK, OK. There's people coming out of the airplane wearing like house man suits. Why are they wearing suits? I don't feel safe now. I don't feel safe. That doesn't make me feel good. Um, I'm going to check twitter here. 

00:29:00       Whoa. 

00:29:05       Yeah. 

00:29:09       Welcome to prayer. God's. What's your pronouns? 

00:29:12       OK. 

00:29:13       Hi. And um, do you want to introduce yourself? 

00:29:20       My name is Maria. Crazy high, high. Um, W. Yeah. 

00:29:30       OK. 

00:29:33       Um, sometimes I play 

00:29:36       year. 

00:29:37       No, I don't, I don't have right now. 

00:29:41       No plan. 

00:29:46       The main thing and it's a lot of orders and stuff. Yes. And it's, it's a, it's art. So it is fun. Yeah. Yeah. 

00:30:00       Uh, and it wouldn't, wouldn't be why not fast without the good food 

00:30:08       I share my, I'm, I'm sure Josh is going to be like, like they were going, sir. There'll be some Joshua's. Thanks for sound. 

00:30:22       That's always the way 

00:30:24       on the last day. I think that's going to be like a movie. Same thing. 

00:30:32       Uh, yeah. I was actually, I was just, um, about 15 minutes ago I was filling out the, uh, I was filling out the, the registration form because I, uh, I like to, I like to be last minute I guess. Yeah, yeah, yeah. 

00:30:53       You styles, I feel like you have it. You took a break from giving me a check for a while. 

00:30:58       Plan out. Yeah, for sure. Absolutely. Um, I think the last time I played out was last year at fast, the last time before that might have been the last year at. I think I've almost only played at first for the last like two years, which is not to be missed playing. It's like the, it's always the best. So, but yeah, I, I got a thing in the works that um, it's uh, I think I'm being secretive about it, uh, cause cause it's fun to have a secret. It is, is still kind of getting burnt out. But yeah, yeah, I was filling out the form and uh, every year I get stressed out about the performer by a part, you know what I mean, because I don't know what to put. I'm like, yeah, I don't know, 

00:32:05       unfortunately when people or when you book shows and then people are like, what do they sound like? And I'm like, fuck, I don't. Then I'll ask them and then they'll just use it when you're like, I don't know what that is your job 

00:32:18       exactly. I mean I'm usually sort of OK with like pigeonholing myself in terms of genre, like it's whatever. But that performer bio thing is like, cause I know it's going to go in the [inaudible]. So it's like, it feels like it's important to me. And I know some people like kind of use it as like a, like a ha ha, funny thing, which is like great. And uh, but like I'm like do I, what do I do? 

00:32:50       It's hard for people to not get that. It's a joke though, who, who are not a part of the music scene and just they're the only time they maybe see live van. 

00:33:00       So maybe there's just some really good. Yeah. 

00:33:05       Well, I think that's great because it's just like whatever where we like, where you see the bad things and because it's like whatever, everything is that serious, but sometimes I feel like we forget that there's people who do like doing things like music and stuff is just like, whoa, this is a the smile thing, but I'll leave people do for no fucking reason. 

00:33:25       Yeah, totally. 

00:33:27       Any financial, anything. So why the fuck are you doing? 

00:33:30       Right. 

00:33:34       I had to explain that to my partner because I was like, yeah, do this thing, and there was this kind of this conversation of why they're like, Oh man, you must be really good after that. I don't like. No, no, no. Yeah, but I ain't never make money off of this thing that I do. Is this strictly not hobby? It is my life, but ain't never get paid doing the same thing. Totally. My job that I really dislike, I get paid to do. 

00:34:03       It's fucked up how that works. But yeah, it's not. Everything needs to exist within the like structure of people paying each other things. Well. Yeah. That's a really good point though, that there are probably like uninitiated people who come to fast but like don't really know other. Yeah. 

00:34:36       That's another thing too, because there's a lot of people I started when ever I go that I don't even know at all. Totally. I mean, it's not, it's not like how like when it first started where it was like maybe some people are new people through people type of thing, but now it's becoming a thing where it's like also like there's a lot of younger people and I'm just like, holy cow, there's a lot of younger folks here. Um, really awesome thing. But like, yeah, I guess I'm going to take a whole bio, the bio thing, you know, supply tiny midwestern town and some of them, you know, it's just like maybe, I don't know how to like, break break that whole idea of like, hey, everything's not serious in this, you know? 

00:35:18       Right, right. 

00:35:22       There is some real missing in it, but it's like, you know, I don't know how else to explain it, you know? 

00:35:29       Yeah. It just 

00:35:31       becomes the same. It's like, I feel like the older I get, the harder it is for me to explain like what it is it because I've been around the same people my whole life. 

00:35:41       Yeah. 

00:35:43       Involved with people who do the same things just in different states and towns. 

00:35:47       Yes. 

00:35:47       But yeah, I'm noticing now with having a new partner who's outside of that, I was like, oh shit. Like, well this is what I do. 

00:35:56       Huh? 

00:35:58       Oh that's great. That's cool that you're doing something that you just enjoy to do. So. But I was just like, oh, this is really hard though. You have no idea what. 

00:36:10       Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just like, let me show you how this works. For sure. For sure. And it's like this whole thing that's like, it's a, I mean, I don't know. I think sometimes underground is like a good word for it because it's like this whole thing that's going on in like so many different places, but people don't really like know. Exactly. 

00:36:37       Yeah. And if I reflect, it's really, really awesome. Like community events throughout everywhere. It's hard to like explain like, yeah, no, you can do these things. You can go on for as long as like, you know, who can help you out or there's something that will help you out where you need to get you taken care of, you know, not everybody has a booker or license. 

00:37:07       Yeah. 

00:37:08       Thankfully obviously people get good enough to do that where the have to have a things, but I feel like why not like good explanations. Like you don't even have to be that often, like at all, like like you have to, you can literally be nobody and come and play in this thing that's important and it's going to be really inspiring for a lot of other people who want to do similar things and usually for art and will still be the cheer you on to judge here. Your there's like. No, and I think that's like the one thing I hear a lot from like friends from out of state is like yeah, it's like no matter, like if you're in a bigger city, people might be like whatever. But like the nice thing about like going to smaller is everybody's still cheering each other on regardless of how good or bad. 

00:37:59       Totally. Yeah, it's, yeah, like it's actually about like people. Yeah, 

00:38:06       it's really nice because it's hard sometimes to, you know, because it's intimidating. It's intimidating to put yourself out there and put yourself in a vulnerable situation. 

00:38:14       Yeah, for sure. 

00:38:16       Spilling your guts out or like allowing people to know like these really private parts of your life, but like regardless of how you show that in your art and so it's hard, you know, I think that's like really. Hopefully I, I wished I knew what the newer people that are coming to life, why not fast, how they feel about it because I do see a lot of people. I don't know please, not that I'm saying buddy, but I just like, I, there's a lot of people had known me and I feel bad because I'm just like, I don't know, I feel like stay at home all the time. 

00:38:59       Yeah, no, I'm Kinda the same way and it's, it's weird like, um, I feel like I talk about this a lot kind of, but like, you know, like I'm [inaudible] now and like there's this whole new generation of like cool young musicians. 

00:39:17       Yeah. Like 10 Taylor, like a perfect example of that, like they are, 

00:39:22       it's like, it's just so, it's so strange, like surreal. It's surreal. Like it is getting even just like, like [inaudible], like I'm not old but I'm like, I'm older than I used to be. And like it's really surreal watching like this, like new, like really cool people like just showing up out of nowhere and like it's just, 

00:39:46       it's really wild. 

00:39:49       It's definitely a career thing about fast, um, you know, more, more and more every year. It's just like, Oh, who? Who are you? Cool. 

00:39:59       Yeah, it's really awesome. It's really awesome. I wish that like I have, I feel like every year I don't really get to watch as much because I'm usually like cooking and so it's like I get the end part and then it's like, all right, here we go again. But it's like if I, when I, I mean it's my, it's like I met a lot of really like really cool younger folks like come up to me and were, they complimented me and I have no idea alive where they're like, oh you're the band that I used to like. And I'm like, yeah, I'm waiting on or anything, like a million years. But they on the spiel about how like, you're, you watching you play drums maybe wanted. I was like, oh you can do it. Like I definitely was like, I was like, I wish I had like a video of my very first fence make you feel better about how not good I was. I am so much better now. But even then I'm, I'm hoping like five or 10 more years on the road. That's it. Like that's what you're doing, like helping you get better at something that you liked doing. But I think the break from my view in the music thing is like Nice for why not? That's kind of the glass thing and just taking care of yourself. Take care of your mental health. Especially if you're like with other people here, like, Yo, I don't want to make this for a little while. Make applications. 

00:41:33       Right. So you think you're gonna, you're gonna just do a like food food stuff at fest for a while. Yeah, yeah. 

00:41:44       Kind of. Yeah, 

00:41:48       yeah. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, totally. Because you're always outside of fast. You're always a, it seems like you're almost speaking stuff. 

00:41:56       I am. I am. So it's really nice. I mean it's, it's my, but I do, I mean I miss playing music but I feel like I need to like, you know, I don't know yet. I feel like there's just like so much going on with shows and stuff. I don't know if I can respectfully hold time on the side for project. 

00:42:17       Yeah, totally. Well, and that's, that's, you know, it's uh, I've been there a lot of like, well I want to do everything and then I went off more than I can chew and then um, yeah. And then I regret it. 

00:42:35       Yeah. Yeah. And that's usually, you're like, I feel like that's kind of like the really big thing and I was like I need to take like a really good chunk of time. Totally not doing anything and just doing like just booking shows and doing that kind of stuff. But I think it's awesome and there's a lot of people it's not, there's a lot of people who want to do music and I want to take up those offers but I'm just like, I can't right now too. But I don't know. It's hard, you know? 

00:43:09       Yeah. I'm kinda trying to figure out how to juggle all that. Again, playing live is like, it's so it's so fun and it's like, yeah. 

00:43:20       So worth it. Like the struggle of fucking people together to do this thing and makes it so worth it because of that feeling of like playing live. It's just like a like yeah, your medication works but then like you take, you take like playing music for those 15 minutes to half hour just like, it's like your mail, your medication working like 5,000,000 times better or something. It's like a really good like healthy thing, but I feel like I need to have in my life, but at the same time I'm just like, I'm just going to like concentrate on making sure my doses. 

00:43:55       Yeah, totally, totally. 

00:43:59       It's like hard, but like I think it's like a really healthy outlet for like people who are struggling, but I get how hard it is to even maintain like any kind of organization when you can't even keep things together in your head, you know? Totally. So I think that's like, that's the unfortunate thing I see like a lot with myself is just like, Eh, I don't like, my mind's not there. My heart wants to be to do anything. That would be cool because I feel like I do something and then down the road I'd be like, why? Why the fuck did I do that? 

00:44:37       Yeah. 

00:44:40       And then remember in that whole part of your life it's like, 

00:44:44       yeah, I would say that saying like being able to say no to stuff is like an under rated. I'm thinking in terms of like taking care of oneself, you know, like knowing, knowing when to be like, no I can't, I can't do that right now. And like, and not I guess like, I mean for me it's, I kinda beat myself up if I say no to something and like trying not to do that. Trying to be like, no, it's fine. It's fine to say no. Like no one, no one's going like really be that mound when some, you know when. Yeah, yeah, 

00:45:25       yeah. That's like the really, that's a really like awesome thing I'm noticing as people like being like I can't right now because I feel like there's been like that really huge fireworks. Like yeah, say yes to everything, do everything you can, you know. 

00:45:39       Totally. Yeah. 

00:45:42       I'm like really appreciated that aspect of things. Like I think that's like the really good thing about like not doing music, but I do miss it like all the time. Can you know? 

00:45:54       Yeah, totally. 

00:45:56       At the same time 

00:45:58       you'll get back to it. 

00:45:59       Oh yeah, no, for sure I will. But I do appreciate this like break that needed to happen. So the cooking aspect of just like, I'm just like, I like that I just do this kind of not, not in a bad. And then cooking cause that is just like fuck this is the worst idea or why would I do so it's just like getting older and realizing how fucking odder shape you are because they were like, I just felt a as how my teeth are a lot. There's like those parts too because it's like you can't party all weekend. Like, and wasn't like how, why not best was the first day was like yeah it was fucking party all fucking night. If I have a six pack I am going to go to sleep. Like I will, I will go to sleep, I will sleep on wherever I'm at that portion of my. 

00:46:55       And also if you want, if you want food in the morning, I'm going to have to go to bed at a certain time because I can't do it because they, especially with the Thursday thing, you know, cause it was just like I was working the bar to fucking leave like the bar at like 2:30 in the morning. I was like, this is awesome. I'm going to go home now and sleep for like a little bit and then get up and start cooking and that. But it was just like this constant, like Thursday to Sunday. And I was like, this is mine. Not Enjoyable. No, totally, totally. But it's like at the same time, it's fun seeing all my friends up and hanging out with them. Um, and meet new people when I can. What are you excited for? For why wine fast? 

00:47:44       Oh my gosh, where do I start? Last? Last year I interviewed a bunch of people and I think this year I think this year I'm going to do as much as I can to like not obligate myself to almost anything except like the one performance. And then just kind of come and kind of just roll with it as much as I can and, uh, just Kinda, just see what happens. Um, you know, uh, I think, I think the, the sort of, uh, yeah, I mean I'm excited to just, um, the randomness of life. Never knowing like who you're gonna meet or who, like who is going to play that is going to like blow your mind that you'd like, didn't know, like I guess I guess you're like, I kind of boiling that down. Like I'm, I'm excited to just like, uh, be in the audience and like, participants know. Yeah, I just wanna I just wanna see. Yeah, totally. I want to see everything happen. So I'm really excited for that. And then I mean, um, you know, I've felt this way for a long time, but the whole thing is like, uh, it's just like, it's a reunion, like all my favorite people like are just like in my, not for like three days for this thing, you know, 

00:49:29       overwhelming. 

00:49:31       Yeah. Yeah. It's so heartwarming and it hurts. So I'm really excited for that. Um, and you know, uh, whenever my friends have new bands, I'm really excited to see their new bands, 

00:49:50       what they're doing far. Yes. 

00:49:52       Yeah. And like people you know, who have um, come in previous years who are late traveling back through, really excited to see those people. Um, I've heard some cool rumors about certain people coming in that I'm like really excited about. Um, 

00:50:12       yeah. Yeah, 

00:50:15       that's awesome because I'm just like, I gotta make sure let's talk about your clients and then I'm just like, I'm good. I'm good. Josh is like wanting to do some special thing prior to it, like, yeah, like some kind of dinner thing maybe, I don't know yet. Like family style dinner maybe before, after, such as like, let's see what else we can do. We were doing the basement. So with the Barr stuff, you know, I know, I mean obviously I don't know what's going to happen because it's always been for the last minute, like was a foot we're going to do. All right. Let's. That's always something saying Josh is obviously the idea behind that. They really liked it to do the same things for our bars. So we'll see what happens. So I think I, I still think our favorite one was the new North Dakota new wave bands stuff was still my favorite theme. 

00:51:19       I'm a million years ago, 

00:51:24       no idea. And I was just like, how do you know all of this stuff, Joshua? I don't know, you know, just come here. 

00:51:34       Yeah, that was really good. 

00:51:37       Yeah. I'm usually, I feel like every time it's just like solid to hang outside with Josh for like four days straight and eating and doing stuff. I don't know, I'm a, I'm a fan of the whole planet, a long tedious. It's just like promoting, promoting. 

00:52:09       Is there any, are there any things that you can uh, you can link to me 

00:52:21       concentrate on the food tire. You not yet. 

00:52:28       OK, that's fine. Will do like a listening party thing where you, um, but it's probably sometime in. That hasn't happened yet, I would assume. 

00:52:39       Yeah. You have and I am doing that kind of stuff. And so what does that, what's that like? Um, you say hanging out with your friends. Don't hang out with your friends and like going through it, read and bios and just looking at stuff. Just crepe and band-aids is listening to it and trying to have like a good. I think like obviously the goal is to have a lot of different stuff, like a honey option for a lot of different people to listen to. It's just like I just want to listen to what I want to listen to is like, ah, yeah, let's go for it to like local bands out of state then ratio and see what works out because it seems like we get a lot. Like we do get a lot about Sam ovens who play but want to play and we'll go through it and just talked about something or it's fine honestly, because it's like there's a lot of bands who want to come who I like not saying I know every fucking fan in the world obviously wasn't like. But there's like a lot of bands, but I'm just like, oh that's awesome. And then like looking through their band stuff. Like, Oh, I wonder, you know, because of the Internet you can see who your friends, like how if there's connections 

00:54:01       didn't feel that way. 

00:54:04       Like I like that fund. So it's usually just doing that, like just honestly hanging out and listening to them. 

00:54:13       Cliquey friends. Pretty Dope. It's so nice. 

00:54:15       Take out flat work thing. I honestly, I think the listening parties like my favorite part. 

00:54:25       Right. 

00:54:25       That's all the other stuff is like jasmine does the binder stuff and I'm just like, I just do, that's it. I'm just going to make sure that we keep our food limit minimum of this, concentrated on that and then wherever you need me fast let me know type of thing. But mostly just food is like my thing. And so the listening party part is like my favorite to help with all that stuff. 

00:54:53       I love it. I wish I was like that easy and fun all the time. But like, it gets overwhelming for a lot of people, a lot of people, a lot like a lot of people will submit they do and that it was getting kind of 

00:55:23       um, 

00:55:24       like difficult to like, uh, like say no to people kind of like, 

00:55:33       yeah, we all have like different friend groups and a lot of different areas too. So he wanted to make sure enjoyed good and stuff. But like it's hard because it's like financially it financially, it's like w why everybody fly the same time. It's like there's so many bodies that are not recognized in why not fast that work and donate their time so much. So it's like thinking about all of that to help fund it and stuff and close to like there's all these people who are not a part of Pangea House who put in all this time for it to make this too. And so it's just like trying to be. It's, I mean it's too bad that we can't like have 5,000,000 people trying to like make sure like go isn't it makes it honestly, because everything recently kind of play here for free. Yeah. This thing for nothing, 

00:56:44       there's only so much time in a bright three days and like bands are already like playing up five in the morning sometimes 

00:56:53       I know that it's just fun. It's fun. I mean I will always, I've always loved to be at a basement show but I feel like sometimes I'm just like, Eh, I'm done license for a two days. 

00:57:13       There's a certain, there's like a certain point I feel like on maybe Saturday where everything hits, like a peak fest is happening right now and then like within like 12 hours, like everyone is like sick and exhausted and just like, oh it's Sunday. This is why this is difficult now. 

00:57:37       It is. And that's my Saturday. Like yeah that definitely let pig. But I think that's what I like. I appreciate that. Like I get my time at home with me and Josh just like hang out and drink beer and then I bring it all out there and do it and then like fuck do socialize with. I think it's like, I love that I get to just like get, I mean get that time because I remember when like we weren't cooking too much and like it, it was like a lot of work, band practice that you want it to be like amazing and awesome, but it's just like your fucking dad or you're hung over or you're sick or you're like all of the above of like not feeling awesome. Even like, I know even like one year I didn't drink like at all and I was still like, this is terrible. Like I'm way more tired than I would be. My body hurts, I don't have alcohol. The lubricated by enjoying drinking all like all the days. And I was like, this is so ridiculous. And I was like really bummed out about it because I was like, oh, I'm going to like wake up and when it's going to look, hey, I'm like, you know, and Iceland knees. I remember one afternoon I was like, this is shitty. And I was like, I'm drinking every year. Obviously valid. 

00:59:11       No know. But I, yeah, it's, it's fun. I'm stoked about it. I like to see all the different people that usually normally don't hang, you know, they're all in the same stage. I really appreciate that aspect of it. I really loved seeing all the new band. I really love seeing like, yeah, I love seeing all the new bands. Honestly. I've been like really soak. Why not fest started seeing like the new, like the bismarck thing growing again because I remember it was such a big thing when I was like a, the young city kid disappeared. Maybe it didn't. I know I moved away. 

00:59:58       Yeah, I think it was like started going to shows here in like 2000, two or 2003 and a good old Bush years and Jesus Christ. Um, but uh, yeah and uh, there was all sorts of great stuff, you know, grind core bands playing with Scott downs, playing with all, you know, just every weird thing. And yeah, it was really great. And then mostly there just wasn't a place for, for a while and then, and then project nothing's happened for off and on for a while and that was great. But other than, yeah, there was definitely like a, a period where there was not that much going on here. And I know there's like a whole new thing and it's great. So yeah. 

01:00:52       Yeah, that's awesome. It's really exciting. I feel like it's a really unlike awesome medium. Like now every main little town in North Dakota has like 16 or something, you know, small. But it's there. 

01:01:08       Yeah. I wonder why that is because it really does feel that way. Um, you know, Bismarck, mine a grand forks Fargo Morehead, I'm Willesden a, I don't know about anything in Dickinson ceiling. Other places I can think of. 

01:01:30       I'm sure not like not as strong as those for the fall is always there. And so I think it's really awesome that we have and it's also like, it's also not very likely, but I really like, like when I leave the state, I meet people who are way older than me who used to talk through North Dakota and they're like, you guys are still doing shit up there. And I'm like, yeah, yeah. We are actually 

01:02:04       contrary to popular belief. We, we exist, we exist and we're not terrible up here, but 

01:02:15       that's really awesome to meet people who are like, yeah, way older the rehearsal, but I, yeah, I don't know. I really awesome. And we, I mean obviously you've not had like a lot of really awesome musicians come through are now hell fucking popular. 

01:02:39       No, 

01:02:40       that's like, that's the really awesome thing where people are like, oh yeah, have you heard of them? Then I was like, yeah, they played a minor like this around this time actually. 

01:02:49       Totally. 

01:02:50       I'm like, and they're like, no, no way. No way actually, like, you know, and it happens quite a bit. Like it's awesome that you could be like, no, like there's a good chunk of these people who've played here and some random little shit place, you know, 

01:03:09       I think that's really awesome. And the people who are like, people who, people who I would describe as like famous, like the whole fill out with our own show in 2014 or 2015 maybe. I mean I still can't believe. I can't believe that happened, you know? 

01:03:37       Yeah. It's really awesome though, but it's like it's hard to. I think the hard thing I have with even booking shows, honestly, I really hate having to be like, hey, you should do live in those bad because of this and this and this. They were like, you should just stop me if you want to listen to really good music. 

01:03:57       Yeah. 

01:03:58       I feel like a weird, like I feel like we have to do that or like I feel like it puts this weird like position for new people who are in bands to be about. Like you have to describe these really amazing things. They already know you should just come watch the band, whatever kind of thing. It could be famous one day. 

01:04:21       Yeah, 

01:04:24       but I think it's like separating those likes. Wind was like what I've learned like with doing shows throughout like this amount of time it's like, oh now all my friends are doing these really amazing things and are on TV and recognized by these people who are like, how do you know? That was like, oh, we did a show together and they see them. I try to keep in touch or whatever. Literally they're awesome, you know, and so like it's cool but it's like it's hard to break that on that famous thing, but at the same time it's like I still, I still find girls quite a bit. I did this thing and it was really inspiring to me when I was in high school, 

01:05:10       helped 

01:05:10       me through a really hard time or something, you know, and whatever and whatever. That is easily something. It's like you saved my life. I mean it's awesome and I think it's awesome that we still get like, we still get like shout outs from bands who are like really who are really popular, you know, and I really appreciate that like a lot and I think it's like why not? I mean cause obviously we'll probably keep leland out. We'd already done that now. Now facility. Why not? 

01:05:55       Why not? 

01:05:57       Yeah. Hey, 

01:06:00       it started in 2010 I guess 

01:06:02       was, was like that. Yeah. We were also working at the Sushi place where we, all the people who are going to start wide up as we're all working on this one. The yeah, that we all collectively like kind of, we all did stuff there, like kind of where it all started and they helped us. Alanna helped us use their space. They didn't space will let her speak shop and it was really awesome. 

01:06:36       Yeah, it started with Sushi. 

01:06:41       Otherwise the like, obviously there was like a lot of stuff that happened before. It's the siren, but I think it's kind of cool. Epr Still, like people will suffer what my, we're all still pretty close but we don't know what was the first time? 

01:07:02       Twenty 13. Sorry ma'am. I'm. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Uh, I think we had just put the split out so I think it was, I think I was playing as a Josh Thorton and Blake. 

01:07:25       Oh, OK. 

01:07:26       Yeah, it was just a three piece. Um, but mostly I just, I came, I was just like, you know, what, like I don't know what this is going to be like and I'm going to go for the whole weekend. 

01:07:40       The rubber or the scenario. 

01:07:44       That's a really good question. Um, you know, it could have been something like, you know, I, I remember the um, earlier that year, like maybe in like winter of like 2012 into 2013 or something like that. Like kids with beards had come up and played some, just some, some show and uh, I remember, you know, cat or evan or someone talking about just like, yeah, oh my gosh, we went to mine and it was the most amazing thing and is I think that's Kinda how I got keyed in to knowing that might not was awesome. But yeah. And then yeah, I just came and I just like, I just stayed I think for, I think all of like Friday to Sunday I think. And uh, I was just amazed by like how much, like there were just so many good bands. 

01:09:00       I don't even, I, I'm sure I have like someone live somewhere I should be, but obviously with me getting older, I'm just like, I don't remember. And then I'll see something like, oh yeah, I totally remember that. All right, cool. 

01:09:17       Totally, totally. 

01:09:22       Hi. More for when, like when, when there's so many different little photo. It sounds like you keep every flyers like come to the left. 

01:09:32       Huh. 

01:09:34       And you can only watch so much things on your wall, you know, 

01:09:40       but 

01:09:42       I, I'm sure I think I have an old list of like all the stuff from a long time ago. Probably laying around. 

01:09:55       Yes, I do too. But I don't know. I don't know. I just remember my mind being kind of blown and I remember his actual every band. 

01:10:04       Yeah, that was definitely funny thing. I don't, I don't even remember for when I played. I remember I felt it was a messy. Yeah, that's for sure. But yes, I, yeah. I don't know. I wonder, like I said, there's so many different people. I don't know now I feel like it was like, how did you hear about it? Like how does it? Little bit, I don't know, just somewhere random random persons, but even bigger than a lot of calls in. 

01:10:55       No, this is it. 

01:10:57       OK. 

01:10:57       That why? Why am I the only person? 

01:11:05       It happens and it's good. I'm glad. I'm glad that this happened the way it did. Um, yeah. Uh, I should, let's see, what time is it? Yeah. I should let you go here in a minute, but um, is there, is there anything, anything you want to say it. 

01:11:23       I feel like I'm, I'm terrible. Like I didn't even notice a person who speaks for like any panacea house stuff. 

01:11:31       I'm always doing that. 

01:11:34       I didn't get at the end of the bucking and talking to people in real life. 

01:11:39       Sure. Yeah. See what happens. 

01:11:49       It's just like, ah, or yeah, I don't know. But obviously now that I'm doing more shows than I have to have to like talk. The more people I'm better at it. 

01:11:58       Well, is there, is there any. Are there any upcoming shows that you want to plug? 

01:12:06       Yeah, I have my friends curse coming up. 

01:12:09       Is that the Baltimore bands fence in my left hand? 

01:12:17       Yeah, they're awesome. They've been playing mine out for a long time. They've been coming every year, every other year they have. That's really awesome. Yeah. I don't know actually, I don't know how long they've been coming here, but they really. The people know that there's that show coming up. There's going to be. Let me look at my calendar to falling asleep. Oh No. This isn't on my, my brain. Brain. 

01:12:45       Yeah. 

01:12:47       Now that Pangea House was going to be having one. Hold on a second. What's today? The 13th. Wait, 

01:12:55       today is Wednesday on Wednesday. Cool. 

01:13:00       Yeah. Wednesday. I know that there's going to be one 

01:13:04       for a second. 

01:13:07       Yeah. There's going to be a lot of random Wednesdays, right? 

01:13:14       Yeah, I think that's right. 

01:13:19       Yeah. And I know, I know that like um, I don't know, like a lot of people work with my friend Travis. Story Hour. Um, and then the 11th we'll have her. Cool. And then I think on the 13th we'll have another pangea how show with um, the band from Brooklyn, New York. Ho what? Hold on 

01:13:51       after this. 

01:13:53       This was a mess. So hold on. I got it right here. Actually. I think it's going to be to touring bands. 

01:14:03       Oh Yeah, blood club. Yes. They're 

01:14:09       both from New York City and offline, which is going to be like experiments or the tar stuff. And then one of my good friends from like Warren who's going to be doing their first show, so I'm really so because nobody knows who they are and they're really, really, really awesome like experimental guitar musicians really suck to like show them off and be like, Hey, I know you guys don't know this person, but they're really good so that's going to be there for. So I'm stoked about it. Hopefully they like want to stick around and like do a bunch of stuff. I'm like excited that many people do new stuff so far. I mean obviously there's like 5,000,000 jobs were always closer than that, but I know that's like the ones off the top of my head going, I don't have a paper writing. 

01:14:57       I'll usually posts on like, 

01:15:01       Yep. Um, yeah you can just go to pangea. How's this page? And we use it, 

01:15:07       their facebook. 

01:15:11       I obviously I have my private page so I do all my promoting. Um, cause I look at the blue rider too, which is, are not all the space that we kind of used. Whenever things do work out, 

01:15:24       like I'll put stuff on there or instagram. It is 

01:15:33       play crazy fucking music and doesn't care. 

01:15:37       Nice. I love it. 

01:15:41       There's a lot of shows coming up I know for the bar to that are going to be really fun. Spoke about so I didn't get on the patio so off be able to do outdoor shows. Oh cool. Yeah. Elbaso. But otherwise I know for sure that's what we got going on. That's a lot. That's a lot of stuff and I'm in the month but you know, it'll be different funds, lot out of state bands. I really. Awesome. I really love in all the noise that's coming through 

01:16:11       the big thing for some reason, but I love it. I love it. Good. Yeah, I like that. 

01:16:22       But I'm sure. Yeah, if you just go to a Pantheon House, we usually post all the shows are going on there and I'm sure instagram's please like trying to keep everything online today. A lot of things. 

01:16:38       Yeah. Yeah. The Internet is scary, right? That's where we go because that's what we did. Now what we do now, hopefully I assume before or after. Oh my gosh. 

01:16:57       I usually am like disappeared, like not doing anything, so I don't know. I don't know. Yeah. Awesome. 

01:17:13       Yeah. Thank you for calling. 

01:17:18       I wish I could've been more informative. 

01:17:21       This great people who are going to call. Sorry. You got me. It's, it's supposed to be. That's supposed to be low key and off the cuff there's no, there's no rules here. There's no rules. 

01:17:34       Yeah. I don't know, like sometimes with just like maybe a script and I was just like Nah, I'll just call him what the deal is or whatever. And so the founder founders, a lot of cool people. Cool adults were all in our thirties, but we're still really cool. 

01:17:59       Yes, exactly. 

01:18:06       All right, 

01:18:12       no problem. We will talk again soon and rock and roll. 

01:18:17       Yes, I know. 

01:18:20       OK. 

01:18:24       Alright. A good car. Uh, what else does that in? Yeah, I'm feeling good. 

01:18:35       Feeling good about talking on the phone and I'm just about John Internet for the person who I got to say I'm probably gonna do doing phone calls like this weekend. I don't know. You're gonna. Just have to watch on the Internet 

01:19:00       and stuff and uh, we'll see if I'm. 

01:19:08       See if I will see if I take calls. I think maybe on Sunday, I'm not sure. I might be doing one of those 4:00 AM phone calls this weekend. So keep an eye out for the 4:00 AM phone calls. Uh, you can. I usually posted on twitter on facebook and I try to send a newsletter, email out from prayer to gossip. 

01:19:34       Call me. I'm here. What I'm doing, taking phone calls. Um, this week, uh, I am going to fargo some time to, um, begin the process of procuring drugs which I can put into my body which will enhance my estrogen. I'm going to do that this week. 

01:20:10       Yeah, I'm pumped. So the good drugs, those good drugs that my buddy. All right, I think that's all I got to say. I'm going to go try and figure out the performer bio. I'm probably not going to do tonight. I'm probably going to do it last minute, tomorrow and. Cool. All right. Rock and roll a. What do you think, buddy? 

01:20:36       Yeah, 

01:20:38       right. She says, bye now.