#39 Gaia

There is nothing quite like rocking & rolling, I will say that.
— jordaxn kidwell

I play my new synth, talk about Fugazi & Ranma, and take a phone call with jordaxn kidwell.

Whipping Girl is a great book by Julia Serano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I said "Face Swap" lol but Zuckerberg made FaceMash. And I'm pretty sure jordaxn said there would be a YAPD tape at their show and that I thought they said something else. Sorry I'm confusing.

The following is a rush transcript made by a computer. It's delightfully bad.

Nora:               00:00:00       Welcome to prairie golf. I'm nora the janitor. 

Nora:               00:00:09       It's four 7:00 AM. I'm taking calls and no one's going to call me cause it's 4:00 AM. So instead I'm gonna about a new synthesizer because I'm an idiot and I'm going to open it and I'm going to plug it in and I'm going to see what kind of sounds I can get. I'm also gonna. I think I have a few things to get my little notebook here and we'll see if I have anything that I can blabber about. Well we wait and CNA anywhere if it waiting. You know what I'm trying to say. You can read my mind a gonna wait and see if anybody calls. Today's topic is, how was your [inaudible]? It is the uh, it's roughly the witching hour for 20 right now. You could say that I would say is kind of for 20 depending on if you've been up. But for me it's, it's good morning. 

Nora:               00:01:10       Good morning. [inaudible] a primal scream. That's a thing. I wrote down a on a, on an old song that I recorded a long time ago. I never put vocals on. I wanted there to be, how will lean in like sort of in the, there's sort of a, everything slows down and gets stuck at the end. Uh, and uh, I wanted there to be a, I wanted there to be lane [inaudible]. It would work with the team in the context of the, uh, the lyrics which are never finished. But uh, yeah, I wanted there to be howling. So I was thinking about that the other day. I'm thinking about how, you know, John Lennon got into all the like primal scream stuff and um, he, uh, for, for mother at the end, you know, when he's, when he's screaming, he would do that. Apparently he would be like the last thing, like whenever he had a session, I think I heard this, maybe heard Yoko talking about this or something, I don't know. And, or maybe it was him, some documentary or something, or like at the end of his sessions he would, he would do that. He would do that, who do the vocals for that song until he got one that he liked because he would, he would always blow out his voice during the screams. 

Nora:               00:02:43       Yeah. 

Nora:               00:02:45       What does it Mama don't go daddy come home. So I'm going to do that, but it's going be a, a primal puppy. Scream. How? Until I can't speak anymore. Get it all out. Well, OK. Before I hop in and just be so pumped. If like one person called, I would be so pumped, but it's probably not going to happen. And uh, I don't have a device right now for live streaming and otherwise I would, I would maybe do that. But who cares, you know, a live stream, you know what, who cares? OK, what do I have in this? Um, that I want to talk about right now? Oh, well, the first thing would be Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah. A couple episodes back, I did a, um, I did a letter to Johnny Unicorn and Johnny, I'm replied to my letter on his podcast, the Johnny Unicorn show. And on that I was. So there were some, there were some other things that I thought of or questions that he asks. A Ch, ch, ch. Interesting. OK, well, the first thing I'll say is that I heard a rumor, um, that all of you, John, a Unicorn fans in North Dakota are going to be pumped about because I'm really pumped about it. I heard a rumor that there is a chance that Johnny Unicorn will be in North Dakota in August. 

Nora:               00:04:41       And that's pretty exciting. Maybe it'll happen. Maybe it won't. It's not up to me for were up to me. 

Nora:               00:04:50       You'd be here right now. Johnny. Uh, uh, OK. So what, what did I, what was I thinking about? Well, I was listening to that. So his response to me, um, I was going to retweet one of his tweets on his podcast. I'm Johnny podcasts is tweets. Um, but let's see. Johnny is always putting out new, um, new records. I'm including as Zuora as [inaudible], which is spelled just how you, how it sounds. And there were a couple of new Zuora Syndrome are records that came out and uh, I haven't listened to them entirely yet, but they're a. But what I heard was great. There's one that's like four hours. Um, so that's pretty cool. A Du Du du, Du du Du du Du du Du du Du. Uh, Johnny and I were kind of writing back and forth about social media. Right? So, um, 

Nora:               00:05:53       I, I, I feel like sometimes, you know, twitter and facebook kind of steals away people's creative energy. But then johnny was talking about how he has actually used all those tweets to like create or like inspire lyrics. I think I thought that was pretty cool. Gave me a, gave me an idea that, uh, might try, but I can't talk about it. Um, let's see. The next thing is johnny asked, Johnny is influenced by, they might be giants, one of his influences. And Johnny was asking if I was influenced by food drowsy and I would say not that much. Um, I have some mixed feelings about the whole discord thing. And I would say some of the few girls he sounds have been inspiring to me, but I heard most of them pretty late in the game. Um, so I don't really know that, that they were that much of an influence on me. I could be wrong. I think minor threat was more of an influence just because I heard them when I was pretty young and listened to them a bunch. Um, but then again, that there's like another thing that's like, like, oh boy, do I have mixed feelings about minor threat? I mean any kind of hardcore from that period of time, but you know, any, any, uh, any bound that uh, 

Nora:               00:07:48       that writes a song, I'm called guilty of, what is it called? Guilty of being white. Jesus Christ. Yeah, that's really bad. Really bad. And I understand the backstory to it and it makes no difference. It's garbage. Um, yeah, OK. I can talk about that more, but you know, some of their time. Um, but yeah, you know, I like, um, I like the argument, I like that album. Um, I liked the other one that I can't remember. It's name has some yellow on its cover. Thought there was some really cool stuff. I thought there was some stuff that got kind of kind of boring in it. But um, yeah, you know, for Ngozi I think instrument is one of the most amazing, like a musical documentaries like aesthetic. It's, yeah, if I was going to recommend something to food jase to somebody, it would be like go watch instrument rather than like, yeah, I mean you could go listen to their records like if you want, but like you should watch instrument because it's pretty wild. Uh, did it at a 

Nora:               00:09:22       talking about editing podcasts and stuff. Um, I meant to say at some point, yeah, like learning to, learning to johnny talked about learning to kind of like self edit, like when you're speaking instead of um, you know, the more I do this, the more I'm like, I just really don't want to sit in front of a computer and edit those. Uh, W, w what's the point? Really what's the point? If I'm doing like a serious conversation with somebody like that makes that makes kind of different. But otherwise it's like, no, I don't need to need to do that. But getting, getting better at speaking is a good thing to try to do. I think. I think, uh, I think that's a good thing to try to do. You know what else I try to do? I try to talk down here and try to not. I try to not talk in my gravel voice, try to just talk about what we're doing. The uh, you know, it's tough. It's tough. Where were [inaudible] I don't want to talk down here. I don't want to talk like that. I don't want to talk like this. I don't want to talk to my know my, uh, 

Speaker 3:          00:10:41       ah, 

Nora:               00:10:44       but, but, you know, talking up, talking up here, talking without the, with or without the junk trends and be relaxed with my voice and also trying to not say things like that. 

Speaker 3:          00:11:00       Uh, and uh, 

Nora:               00:11:04       it's all really difficult. Takes a lot of brain power. I'd rather learn how to do that. Then learn how to press buttons on a computer because I'm really good at that. But my, my hands, my hands get really sick of it. 

Nora:               00:11:18       It's painful, too much, too many hotkeys. Present hotkeys all day long. I don't want to impress more hot keys. I want to be done. Present hot keys. Turn my voice into a hot key. So, uh, one of my favorite things is the wikipedia page for mammal, which I was looking at because of that. They might be giants song called Malmo. Oh, I guess I was also gonna say like, I am, I am hungry. Um, I was going to say I am more influenced by. They might be giants then by for guys. It definitely, definitely hands down. Um, cool. OK. But the, they might be giants Song Mammal, which is one of my favorite things ever. That song makes me cry. Um, because it's so sweet talking about all the good animals because there's a lot of good animals. I saw some kittens yesterday. Kittens are amazing watching their brains just do whatever the heck they're brains are doing is fascinating. Whenever I'm around Kittens, I feel like I'm in a alternate universe. Just makes me go, oh my gosh, is this real life? Are you an actual gear, a creature? You're thinking it's amazing. They think they're just down there looking around, sniffing my hand, crawling on me, climbing. They love climbing. There's so perfect. 

Nora:               00:13:04       Kittens are the best. Small animals. Animals. Animals are great. I love mammals. I love insects. I love plants. It's really nice. Really Nice to have living things in the world. We're lucky. We're really lucky and one of my favorite things is the wikipedia page for me because I'm not going to tell you who's on it because it's great. You should go look. You know, every wikipedia page has like a Kinda like a Kinda like a thumbnail image or whatever that describes the thing which describes how you're feeling all the time. And the w, the one for mammal is a bunch of mammals, including. I'll just say this, it includes a human. I think there's actually three humans, but the photograph for the humans is like the best thing. Like why did they pick that? I'm really pumped on it. Can you hear my belly? I'm hungry to A. Yeah. OK. It's just the best. Oh, also johnny, um, I still want to do the album of the podcasts that we did, the sort of psychedelic thing where I just improved voice and then you just put, putting music on top of it. I've just, I have no idea what to use for picture. So I've been just to the deliberating I think is the word. Trying to think of what, 

Nora:               00:14:42       what photograph would be good. So if you, uh, do you have any ideas or if anybody listening has any ideas? Um, yeah, I know. So I'm, I'm thinking about it and we'll get there, but I really want that to come out because it's the best and if you're listening to this and you haven't heard that, like, uh, it's probably in my, it's probably one of my favorite things I've ever done with somebody. So just check it out. It's a, I don't remember what it's called, but you can find it on our podcast. You can find it on John. He's podcast. Johnny gave me, gave me a, some tips on singing habits and they were very useful. Uh, I especially liked the vowel thing. That was, that was a good reminder. I haven't thought about that for some since probably school and that was, that's really good idea. So I've been doing that. I find it difficult to practice anything. So yeah, I try to like, I try to listen to. Yesterday I was listening to Sun Ra, just like a singing weird sounds on top of it. It was fun. Um, yeah, yeah, yeah. Cool. Cool. Yeah. Cool. I used to be a lot better at the transition from falsetto to what's your normal voice called? The [inaudible], 

Speaker 4:          00:16:02       Eh, 

Nora:               00:16:05       used to be a lot better at that when I was singing a lot more, but I'm trying to, trying to get back, trying to get back to that arpeggios bonus modes, bonus. Cool. Um, thank you for talking about tinnitus. It's scary, but you know, it's going to be fine. I'm going to be fine, right? I'm going to be fine. Everything's going to be fine. So this is a thing I need to figure out, but at some point somebody told me that this makes sense. Probably if you do any kind of audio production stuff, but compressor is, you're on a compressor for, for audio, you have like a ratio, the threshold, the threshold, and then you had a compression ratio and I've heard the, your ear, your ear basically functions as a compressor with sound. 

Nora:               00:17:00       Yeah. 

Nora:               00:17:02       Um, which is why we can hear like, which is why we can hear about the really loud and really quiet sounds without like having our ears immediately bleed. This whole stomach thing is really distracting. I've heard that your, your compressor ratio is potentially six or seven digits, 

Nora:               00:17:35       so like one to like a million. I've heard that as like a number that was like thrown out there, but, or maybe it was like one to 100,000 or something, but uh, if anyone listening has ever heard of that and you've got some. I want to see a white paper on this. I want to see some actual research because if that's true and that makes sense. But if there's like a, if that's a thing that can be quantified, I'm really pumped about that. That'd be a good tattoo. Just get the tattoo of your ear, like compressor ratio, like behind your ear, be a good, uh, that'd be a good audio Geek Tattoo. OK. All right. Um, for some reason I wrote down grimes, which is um, with no context, but yeah, grimes is cool. I've been listening to her first couple of which I had not really heard a whole lot. Um, I don't think I have ever ever heard them all the way through until like the other week and they're fricking awesome. Um, there are songs that I really, really like on what visions and art angels, um, 

Nora:               00:18:59       but there's a lot of things I dislike too on those records, but there's something about the, I don't know, those first two albums especially, and I don't know how to say this. I don't know if it's half axa or how facts. I'm thinking kind of thinking like Halifax, you know, Axa. No idea. Please email your corrections to me. Just go to prairie gothic.com and click on the contact thing. Tell me what I'm doing wrong. I shouldn't probably Google that. Maybe it's on. Maybe it's on Google. Maybe it's on youtube. Emma, Emma saying cells, maybe she says it. OK. That's a good album. Like it a lot. I think there's really cool stuff on there. Two things from previous episodes that I should sort of correct or, or talk about. Um, last episode I mentioned, uh, my offensive mixtape from when I was 19, which at some point I'm going to talk about more because it was garbage and some of it was fine. Some of it was, um, no, like I said last week the alter ego was like this, like Norwegian black metal sadness thing and it was something I was doing since I was like 14. I think my first, 

Nora:               00:20:35       I think my first performance live at like at a show ever was as this with a couple of people and I think better. I think it was a lot better when I was 14. 

Nora:               00:20:55       I don't even know if I would call it offensive when I was 14. I don't know that I was doing anything bad then. But uh, we also covered like some captain beefheart and stuff, so it was cool, but I'm almost sure certain almost cert. And that was the first performance I ever did. I don't think there was another thing that was before that. I don't think my other bands played out before that band played out. I think it was that, that was first, but I'm not entirely sure. So someone who was there can let me know. Uh, but, uh, yeah, back then I think it was fine, but by the time I was 19 I don't know what was going on and now that's something to talk about at some point in the future because it was about A. Yeah. But yeah, I was trying to be satirical and it didn't work I guess is the uh, the point of that. Uh, but yeah, we'll talk about it, talk about it sometime. Um, yeah, [inaudible] sucks being 19 is. Yeah, I was dumb. And it's funny too, cause like, I know I know some 19 year olds and like a, 

Nora:               00:22:25       they're smarter than I was just good. Good job. OK, what was the other thing? Oh yeah. This was a while back. I don't even remember what episode this was on. This is sort of, this is sort of a correction or clarification or kind of like a, you know, I don't know, this is something to think about. Um, I was talking about, um, how facebook figured it out that I'm a girl, but a facebook advertising figured out that I'm a girl. I'm probably through, well, I don't know. But, uh, anyway, so the ads, the ads were, I was getting ads for um, cute clothing, dresses and also, let's see, how can I say outdoors-y clothing items for women and also, um, menstruation advertisements, which I thought was funny because what I said, uh, um, I thought it was funny that they figured out that I'm a girl but they don't know that I'm a trans girl. And I was listening back to that later and going like, hmm. I think is that always true? That. And now, so the thing that I love about, um, Trans Ness and, and the people who write about transness I'm in. 

Nora:               00:24:24       Yeah, 

Nora:               00:24:25       in a good way. And, you know, some people write about it quite poorly, but um, 

Nora:               00:24:33       including, uh, you know, there's some, there's, there's some very disagreeable trans people out there who are kind of on the conservative or like, alright, kinda French thing, which was bad. And uh, yeah, so that's bad. But then there's also sometimes people, I don't know, you know, I've read it, I've read quite a few who books by and for and about Trans people in the last few months. And there's, there's always different things that I'm like, um, no, I don't know if that's the right way to think about it. And then there's a, yeah. Anyway. So sometimes it's not, sometimes it's not great, but, but one of my favorite things is when people are like, and I'll give you a specific example. So Trans Trans bodies, trans selves is a great book that it's, it's a great book. I always get sad when I'm reading it, but um, 

Nora:               00:25:40       there's a really good introduction by, what's her name, Jennifer Finney. Boylan. I think it's doing the introduction and she says something to the effect of, um, if you were to meet, you know, like 5,000 different trans people, you, you might get like 5,000 different answers of what it means to be trans. And um, I think the idea of saying like this is like not a monolith in like any way and everybody has their, you know, you got to listen to people's individual experiences and everybody's individual experience is like extremely valid, uh, you know, as long as it's not obviously as long as it's not damaging other people's personal experiences, the way that, you know, conservative or outright trans are doing OK. But yeah, I think that's really great. And I think it's a reminder to say like, you know, there are no assumptions that you can [inaudible] make. So, you know, I was thinking in listening back to me saying that about the advertisements thinking like, 

Nora:               00:27:03       yeah, 

Nora:               00:27:07       I might, it might sound like I'm implying that no. Um, no trans women, men straight leg. That's kind of maybe a hard thing to think about, but I have to wonder if there are trans folks who, um, are maybe perhaps like by gender who sometimes identify as a trans woman and sometimes identify as a trans man and sometimes or maybe identify, I don't know, you know, so I guess I'm just saying I wasn't implying that and uh, I don't think that's a safe thing to comply. Um, I'm just, uh, yeah, so I guess I'm just clarifying like a who knows, who knows anything. There's all sorts of things that are possible that you might not, might not automatically thinking about. And um, I think I only know kind of through somebody else will like one person who's, who's by gender and I don't know what their experiences really. 

Nora:               00:28:27       Yeah, 

Nora:               00:28:30       I don't, uh, I'm not speaking on that, but um, it's a, it's a good thing to, it's a good thing to think about and uh, kind of B, b for you, ready to be open to, you know. So, um, yeah, I wish I knew more kinda. That's all my, on my list of things to be like, ah, I should learn more about that. Cause I've heard, I've heard some really, really fascinating things about folks who are bigender and uh, it's great. It's really great. I'll, I'll say one thing that I, that I do disagree with, um, from a book that I really generally, um, felt really good about, which was whipping girl, um, by um, oh my gosh, her name is slipping my mind right now. Uh, that's terrible. That's like my favorite book of um. Wow. Holy Crap. I feel like I feel like Rick Perry right now. 

Nora:               00:29:42       That's a dumb joke. You get that reference. He couldn't remember the name of the Department of something. I can't remember the name of all the departments right now, but I should remember the name of this author because she's amazing. Holy Crap. OK, well, we'll see if it comes to me. You can google it. You should read that. You should read that book. It's, it's the one I would rec. If you going to read one, one book about, um, the sort of trans female experience should read whipping girl. Uh, and if you think that suggestion is wrong, you should tell me because I want more suggestions for things to read. Um, it, it, it, it, it, uh, one thing that she talks about in that book that I am pretty 

Nora:               00:30:34       [inaudible] 

Nora:               00:30:36       about and maybe this is my perspective as somebody who is from North Dakota. I'm not sure, I'm not sure, but she kind of, um, lays out this argument that um, hm, how do I characterize this correctly? You know, that I don't even, I don't even know if I can characterize this correctly, but she was sort of making this, uh, there's this sort of conflict between binary and nonbinary folks and the like, there is like a certain thing of like her, what she kind of puts forward is like this thing of like nonbinary folks and like the, like non nonbinary this as like a concept is taken to be like where she is is taken to be like more radical. And so like people are more inclined to be like, you know, we need to smash the gender binary. Um, and she's, that's sort of part of her argument and she's like very resistant to that and like I, you know, I think about myself as being binary so, and so does she. So like I don't really like the kind of like gender is a social construct, smash the gender binary stuff. Like I definitely am onboard with like, I don't like, I don't like that, that's not for me. I don't think that's, 

Nora:               00:32:32       I don't think that's respectful to like my identity. But um, at the same, the way that she characterizes nonbinary folks as is like not great. Like, uh, I think there's a lot of, a special prejudice reserved for nonbinary folks from our society. So, 

Nora:               00:33:09       you know, yeah, 

Nora:               00:33:13       kind of want to kind of one of those things. I feel like too, if you look at, like sometimes if you, if you'll look at, I don't know, I read Reddit, I read, I read the Trans Reddit stuff, you know, and um, I know sometimes people feel like trans spaces online can be to uh, too binary. So I, I, I do feel like there like a kind of, I guess I guess I guess my, my objection to the way that she writes about it is like, I don't think there's a meaningful conflict there between binary and non binary folks that needs to be like exacerbated anyway, I guess is what I'm saying. And kind of felt like she was exacerbating it. Um, 

Nora:               00:34:12       yeah. 

Nora:               00:34:14       Does that make sense? I don't know. Yeah, I think, uh, I think, I think all of those identities are extremely, extremely important. And uh, also maybe, maybe this is what I'm trying to say is I have never felt any kind of negativity from somebody who's nonbinary around the fact that I'm like, like I'm a girl, like combined. They're like, I don't, I've never felt any kind of, I've never felt any kind of prejudice from somebody who's nonbinary on like on the, on the sake for the sake of leaving like trans and like of the gender binary, you know, never felt that. But I don't know, don't know if that's true or the other way around. 

Nora:               00:35:22       Yeah. 

Nora:               00:35:22       Yeah. I don't know if I've, but yeah, I dunno. I Dunno. Dunno. Anyway, non-binding hearing people are great and that's kind of my point. 

Nora:               00:35:37       What else? 

Nora:               00:35:38       What else? What else do I have? Oh, I was going to totally, I was going to say I was going to play since no one's calling. Have you noticed? Oh my gosh, I actually missed calls. What is this? Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Who called me? Oh No. Um, uh, I, I got, I got a phone call and I missed it. How did I even miss it? Ah, cause my do not disturb is on. That's why I'm a jerk then it didn't end. Well. I'm going to. I don't know who this is. Hi, sorry I missed here. Call me back if you on a. If you're still awake to editor. Well, well, well I'm a Dang guess somebody just give me a big old punch. OK, what else? Well, we, uh, see if this person calls back. OK. OK, OK. What, uh, what's, uh, what I've been doing, one of what's going on, what do I have to talk about in here? Let me, let me find out that it, it, it, uh, it, it, uh, it, it, it, it, it, it, it to him. OK, OK, OK. Uh, speaking of my gender stuff, I remember seeing. 

Speaker 6:          00:37:31       Nice 

Nora:               00:37:35       and welcome to prairie gothic. What's your pronouns? 

jordaxn:            00:37:39       Hello? 

Nora:               00:37:40       Hi, how are you? 

jordaxn:            00:37:43       I'm OK. I'm fine. 

Nora:               00:37:45       Yeah. 

jordaxn:            00:37:47       Yeah. I mean I went to sleep, woke up and so now I'm just awake and this was quite fortuitous I suppose. 

Nora:               00:37:55       Yes, definitely, definitely fortuitous. Um, I think I might know who this is, but do you want to say who this is or. No? 

jordaxn:            00:38:01       Yes. Hello? This is, this is the local rock star, Jordan and Kidwell. 

Nora:               00:38:05       Hi Jordan high. So you were asleep and you woke up? 

jordaxn:            00:38:11       Yup. I went to bed at like 1130 and then we'll come back to, and I felt refreshed so I was just going to stay awake for a while until I was tired again. 

Nora:               00:38:19       Cool. Cool. How has your, how has your 4:20. 

jordaxn:            00:38:27       It was good. I did all the typical things 

Nora:               00:38:30       you do that uh, that's uh, we know what that means. Um, and that's, uh, that's all we need to say about that. Uh, how was uh, you played, you played that show last night, didn't you? 

jordaxn:            00:38:47       Tool show and it was fun. It was very fun and more people were there that I thought were going to be there and I think that always happens. 

Nora:               00:38:57       That always happens. 

jordaxn:            00:38:59       I think so, yeah. Because they said my expectations very low for every situation. 

Nora:               00:39:04       Yeah. Yeah, totally. 

jordaxn:            00:39:07       How was your [inaudible] 

Nora:               00:39:09       Ah, yeah, it was good. It was pretty low-key. Um, uh, probably the best thing that I did was eat some, eat some [inaudible] data. That was pretty great. 

jordaxn:            00:39:23       That's good news. That's always a good time specifically, I think that's a good time in my brain. And you were there. 

Nora:               00:39:33       That is true. We did do that and I hardly remember it. 

jordaxn:            00:39:41       How many photos did you take that day? 

Nora:               00:39:43       I took a burst burst and it was like 300 or something. I just held it down. Yeah. I still gotta I gotta I gotta put those up on the Internet because that was who was on staff. 

jordaxn:            00:40:02       Good stuff. 

Nora:               00:40:04       Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Well, tell me more about this show. Um, you played, did you play with? 

jordaxn:            00:40:16       Uh, I believe it was Thanksgiving touch football. 

Nora:               00:40:18       Nice. Which is you and Ben 

jordaxn:            00:40:20       means then and, and doing vendor. Yeah. 

Nora:               00:40:23       Oh cool. 

jordaxn:            00:40:26       Yeah. Dylan is the drummer, so. 

Nora:               00:40:29       Oh cool. Nice. You got a drummer now you can grow with a drummer. 

jordaxn:            00:40:38       I keep thinking that we need a bass player, but I don't want to hang out with anybody else. 

Nora:               00:40:45       Just get a [inaudible] or whatever. Just get a synthesizer and the sequencer, you're going to have fake base. You don't need a basis. 

jordaxn:            00:41:00       I agree. I like being a three piece band and the guitar is the low instrument in this fantasy because Ben plays the Ukulele and I enjoyed that. 

Nora:               00:41:10       You downtown standard. 

jordaxn:            00:41:14       I got into standard. I just turned the guitar is mostly you can only hear low stuff. So 

Nora:               00:41:26       yeah, like rocking and rolling. Right. 

jordaxn:            00:41:31       There is nothing quite like rock in roll and I will say that uh, you can vote. You can quote me on that if you need to. 

Nora:               00:41:37       That will be the quote for today. 

jordaxn:            00:41:39       OK, great. 

Nora:               00:41:43       Has anybody else called in? 

jordaxn:            00:41:51       I call that [inaudible] 20 on purpose and it didn't work. So 

Nora:               00:41:58       why do not disturb on like an idiot? 

jordaxn:            00:42:02       Incredible call my podcast. Actually, 

Nora:               00:42:05       I know it's not the worst. I'm so glad. I'm so glad you called when I texted you. Otherwise I would've felt like the, the, the biggest idiot. 

jordaxn:            00:42:14       I uh, I probably would be awake for a while. 

Nora:               00:42:18       So you're going to go ride bicycle. 

jordaxn:            00:42:21       Ah No. I might go for a run actually though. 

Nora:               00:42:24       Oh good for you. Geez, I should do that. It's nice enough out now that it's runnable can run in the dark, dark running when the sun is coming up. It's like my favorite thing. Some families I like to run. Um, I'd like to uh, the bridge in the morning. I like to run to the, to the bridge and then like start running when it's like dark and then like if you get onto the bridge and like turnaround as the sun is coming up because like when you're on the bridge and you turn around and like the sun is coming at you like you're looking east, you know, so like you see the, like the sunrise, like the huge pink sky, like over the, over this shitty town that we live in and it's pretty great. And there's a river there own stuff. Highly recommended. It's so nice. So one of my favorite things 

jordaxn:            00:43:28       don't run off, have been hurting my lungs all day. So I assume it won't be a long run, but tire me out. 

Nora:               00:43:37       That's what I need. It will tire you out. Was getting energized. 

jordaxn:            00:43:47       Well, the thing is I haven't had much arrest. 

Nora:               00:43:51       That makes sense. 

jordaxn:            00:43:55       Uh, no. Like two hours. 

Nora:               00:43:58       Well that's enough. 

jordaxn:            00:44:02       I recently sat up my voicemail and that gives me anxiety. 

Nora:               00:44:06       Your voicemail 

jordaxn:            00:44:08       set it up. Apparently I had it not set up, but my job requested that I have a voicemail set up. So in that. So they can call me and leave me voicemails, which is fine. You can leave me a voice. I'm not gonna listen to this. 

Nora:               00:44:23       Yeah, exactly. Exactly. 

jordaxn:            00:44:25       Invitations are going to be there and then I have to look at it. 

Nora:               00:44:29       Um, yeah. Nothing like phones and voice mail and all that to like induce anxiety. I like can't listen to voicemails. 

jordaxn:            00:44:48       They just bumble and they don't have a point, but I don't like receiving any type of notification. 

Nora:               00:44:57       Yeah. There's something about voicemails that like when I get one I feel like I'm going to be punished. Like I feel like it's like I feel like I'm going to listen to it and they're gonna just be like, you are horrible and I'm leaving you a voicemail just to, just to let you know that in one way or the other I'm going to ruin your life. 

jordaxn:            00:45:17       I don't even like that a lot actually. 

Nora:               00:45:21       Yeah. I don't know. I don't know what that is. Yeah, I think, yeah, I think I feel that way about a lot of those types of interactions like social media and uh, and uh, email, phone calls in general. You know, I have such a hard time like making phone calls, like yeah 

jordaxn:            00:45:47       I have to prep myself to do it. So I took some photos of my work schedule but I didn't include dates or names on the schedule so I couldn't even tell when I was working so I had no like, well cause you know today I work a at 2:00 PM evidently, but I didn't know I could have been eight. It could have been three. I just had no idea. So I had to actually call and it happened to catch the most, a chatty of my coworkers and that was, I was just outside of the show and I was like trying to get out of this conversation. Why are we talking right now? Like I'll see you in fucking 12 hours. Leave me alone. 

Nora:               00:46:31       Yeah, 

jordaxn:            00:46:36       it ended up OK because now I know when I have to go to stupid work. 

Nora:               00:46:40       Yeah. You got what? You needed that information. It took a long time. Yeah. 

jordaxn:            00:46:48       The thing is I, I, I'm a pacer when I'm on the phone and I. Yeah, I don't mean to be. And I know that makes some people like anxious, but it's the being on the phone in general makes me anxious so I have to be moving. 

Nora:               00:47:03       I don't think I pace. I wonder if there's something to do. I love. One of my favorite things is I always like hearing people's phone voice, like when they're making like an official call, you know, like an appointment or like calling their job or something and people just get on with it. 

jordaxn:            00:47:31       Did you want to hear my voice? 

Nora:               00:47:36       Yeah. Yeah. 

jordaxn:            00:47:37       All right. Hey guys, I got to get into character nor this is Jordan kidwell calling about, uh, the podcast. Um, if you could go ahead and just give me a call back. My phone number is 7:40 4:10. Thanks a lot. Call any call anytime. 

Nora:               00:47:57       You sounded really nice. 

jordaxn:            00:48:00       People believe that I'm a nice person. 

Nora:               00:48:07       Do you want your phone, their phone number there? 

jordaxn:            00:48:12       Yeah, but I mean I, when we, when I did the one time, I keep it out. That's totally. I'm comfortable with it. 

Nora:               00:48:21       Does your number change though? That's a weird in my system 

jordaxn:            00:48:31       who didn't have your phone number until just right now. 

Nora:               00:48:33       That's strange. OK, well I'm gonna I'm gonna. Enter you now. What was I going to say about, about the phone voice? Gosh, I don't know. There's something there, but that was good. Really good. 

jordaxn:            00:48:51       Thanks. I do my best to be just like everybody else in certain ways on accident because it was imprinted in my brain that I had to be this way. Had no idea. It's a skill. 

Nora:               00:49:04       Vice is a skill 

jordaxn:            00:49:07       I learned was from my mom, but her phone voice is incredible. 

Nora:               00:49:12       Yeah, I can believe it. Oh, here's what I was going to say. This is what I was expecting you to. Instead of doing your phone voice to just hop into your impression of Ryan, Ryan Schweitzer 

jordaxn:            00:49:29       and uh, no, go ahead. You're moving around this apartment and that is my favorite fucking sake because they needed the kitchen just congregating with all this shit and it's like if I didn't hear it through a wall 

Nora:               00:49:50       to pass onto you. OK. Do you know johnny and Johnny Unicorn? 

jordaxn:            00:49:56       I do. 

Nora:               00:49:58       Have you met him personally? 

jordaxn:            00:50:00       Uh, no, but I've heard many a story. 

Nora:               00:50:05       Do you, do you listen to this podcast by chance? There was, there was an episode that he did. We were sending letters back to each other and he complimented you. Yeah. Uh, he said that, um, 

Speaker 8:          00:50:29       yeah, 

Nora:               00:50:31       it was something to the effect of uh, uh, he, he was, he was, he, he heard your episode and he heard on your impression of Schweitzer and he was just like, yeah, their, their impression is a is like so spot on. It's like uncanny or something. So I just thought, I thought it was great, you know, so it's like just, just like you have you, like you do this, this excellent impression of somebody who is like a, just like famous for being like a local legend, you know? 

jordaxn:            00:51:09       Yeah. Famous for being well known. 

Nora:               00:51:12       Yeah. Yeah. 

jordaxn:            00:51:16       I'm sure there was recently in a documentary and he has a documentary voice. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, I thought that the film festival, there's a matinee they were doing and I went over there and yeah, it was about, is called Bob's people, about employees that are long time employees have a photo. 

Nora:               00:51:34       Oh my gosh, I going to see that. 

jordaxn:            00:51:36       It's very good. I don't know exactly where to even find it other than at the film festival seeing it on accident, but it was very good. Um, but anyway, he wasn't using his regular schweitzer voice. He was using his radio voice. Yeah, very good stuff. I can't do an impression of that because it's an, it's deeper in it's, but it's good. I like it. 

Nora:               00:51:59       Yeah. 

Speaker 8:          00:52:01       Yes. 

jordaxn:            00:52:03       Uh, I love hearing the weather. Weather, weather bumpers. Yeah. So hard to tell it to him, but there's just like little like, yeah. 

Nora:               00:52:11       Yeah, it's amazing. It's the best. 

Speaker 8:          00:52:16       Yeah. 

jordaxn:            00:52:18       Right. If you could hear my voice, I love you buddy. 

Nora:               00:52:20       Well, Hey Ryan. I could really go for a run. Do some poetry live again. 

jordaxn:            00:52:29       I made a book around to show soon here. Open up or close it or something. 

Nora:               00:52:34       Have them open up because then maybe I'll come. Maybe I'll be awake. You do an afternoon, afternoon, Saturday afternoon shows. 

jordaxn:            00:52:46       Whoa. 

Nora:               00:52:50       They would be there. So that's pretty good. 

jordaxn:            00:52:58       Interesting. I can try it. Like a matinee. 

Nora:               00:53:01       Yeah. Do do a Saturday matinee, Saturday, Sunday, whatever. Matinee. Know it can be low key, can be like a can be just like a nice, a nice, cute thing. 

Speaker 8:          00:53:11       Yeah. 

Nora:               00:53:14       If you do, if you do that in the fall. 

jordaxn:            00:53:18       Yeah, 

Nora:               00:53:21       there you go. That sounds good. 

jordaxn:            00:53:24       What is, what is your fault? 

Speaker 8:          00:53:26       Uh, what do you consider fall? Does that September for you? Or is that October? 

Nora:               00:53:37       I think I'm going to do some stuff that, why not fast? I think after that I'm going to do some, some new stuff, some new kind of a new, a new approach to doing live things I think. And uh, yeah. 

Speaker 9:          00:53:56       So 

Nora:               00:54:00       I don't really know what's going on. 

Speaker 9:          00:54:01       So 

Nora:               00:54:03       that's exam anyway. So yeah, 

jordaxn:            00:54:07       I'm excited and curious constantly about your, your elusive shows. So I, uh, whenever I get to see that I'm very excited. Whatever, whatever you're doing, whether it's poetry or uh, your, uh, you did a tape loop set a couple of years ago. Very good stuff. I'm, I'm a big fan. 

Nora:               00:54:29       Thank you. 

jordaxn:            00:54:36       I, uh, I'm working on some new stuff like I. before we were talking on the phone here, I was finishing up the song that I've been writing and I'm very excited. I'm very, I'm very excited to be able to write songs again. I don't know what's changed, but it's something, I think it's the sunshine honestly, like in getting actual nice weather because it was like in the sixties today. But yes, new new material is coming and I'm very excited. 

Nora:               00:55:09       Yeah. 

jordaxn:            00:55:10       Can I do some shameless self promotion? 

Nora:               00:55:13       Yeah, yeah, yeah. I was going to say, I think I probably only have five or 10 minutes left and I realized I was, you know, I don't know if you heard last week that I was like, I'm going to do a three hour thing every week and I realized that's impossible because like, I don't have enough data storage through my, like, podcast provider and like I don't want to spend more money but uh, so anyway, so I'm going to try and do something every week but not three hours. Um, so I'm running out of data is my point. But um, but yes, uh, I go through, um, you know, do I want to plug them? I don't know if I want to play madden, 

jordaxn:            00:55:57       you can text it to me. 

Nora:               00:55:58       Yeah, I can, I can tell you some time. Um, but I don't really wanna I don't wanna I don't wanna switch it. I don't want to have to go through, you know, I just, and I don't have to pay more so it's, you know, it's fine if I'm, if I'm doing, if I'm doing an hour and a half every week, that's enough. You know what, that's on north. Uh, but uh, yeah, but yeah, I guess so. My point there is just a. yeah, what, what do we, what do we need to, what do we need to know? 

jordaxn:            00:56:26       So in the band and vendor and bed-bound Eggo, we're putting out a record probably sometime in the fall. We don't have a release date yet, but it's called h e double hockey sticks. It's a bunch of rock songs. Uh, were ben has a baritone voice to play the Ukulele. Very fun stuff. 

Nora:               00:56:43       Um, 

jordaxn:            00:56:44       yeah, I'm very excited for that. Where we're recording a large chunk of it in a, in a church, 

Nora:               00:56:55       churches are a fun place to record. 

jordaxn:            00:56:58       Yeah. Um, this specific church, like a lot of good. Um, there's a lot of good audience and like good genuine feelings around the whole thing because it was converted into a hunting lodge. 

Nora:               00:57:12       Yeah. 

jordaxn:            00:57:14       Um, but it, it, we use it to make rock record so they're like, it's basically made to be like slept in and stuff like that. They're like a shower bed everywhere. So yeah, it's very good. There's not an AC unit in it, so it gets real fucking hot. A, we recorded a chunk of the rambler record there this last summer. 

Nora:               00:57:33       Um, 

jordaxn:            00:57:34       I checked out a record out. It's on spotify and everywhere. Um, uh, another thing, uh, recently. Uh, the breakup, haircuts record, some sort of lesson, just got put on a title, I guess it's been on. It's been on everything else forever, but now it's a totally. If you're listening, you already, you already know. 

Nora:               00:57:56       Yeah. 

jordaxn:            00:57:59       Um, and then I'm working on a record for break America. That's called A. Sorry, I was sleeping. That's a, a neck next year. In the beginning of it, 

Nora:               00:58:14       I could've sworn I saw a thing that says that you're awkward. Prom date is playing a show 

jordaxn:            00:58:20       we're doing. We're doing one last big old show. Uh, my friend grady is on tour from Texas. Um, and I decided to just book people that either have never played before or haven't played in a long time. You're awkward. Prom date. Um, and that was the spur of the moment decision, but a connor was on board for it. I got actually genuinely excited for it and it'll be fun. We're doing a, uh, tapes for that show too. 

Nora:               00:58:51       OK. 

jordaxn:            00:58:53       Yeah, it'll be, it'll be fun. Like however it ends up, it'll be a fun time. 

Nora:               00:58:58       Nice. Nice stuff. That sounds good. 

jordaxn:            00:59:06       Uh, yeah. I'm just trying to keep my brain from shutting down because it can very easily. 

Nora:               00:59:13       Yep, Yep, Yep. Totally. A breakup. A record going to be like, well, can you give me any, any, uh, any details? 

jordaxn:            00:59:29       Yes. Recently. 

Nora:               00:59:33       OK, no, that was somebody else I was talking about somebody who was about, about them. Well Pedro, the lion recently, but anyway, 

jordaxn:            00:59:45       it's not going to sound like pages the lion, but the vibe is there. So I mean I guess like, I don't know, the songs feel legitimately full of substance instead of just like call it being called street credit baby. 

Nora:               01:00:01       It's a fun song to play. 

jordaxn:            01:00:03       Yeah, I mean it's. OK. So it's the mountain goats meets power pop. 

Nora:               01:00:14       Yeah. 

jordaxn:            01:00:17       Every sat mountain goat song with a banger chorus. 

Nora:               01:00:22       That's awesome. I can get behind that. 

jordaxn:            01:00:25       All right. So I think that's about all the details. I think I can. 

Nora:               01:00:29       Um, what's your, what's your up, their coats? 

jordaxn:            01:00:34       Uh, uh, an ipod and myself. 

Nora:               01:00:39       Yeah. Nice. And then I thought that works. 

jordaxn:            01:00:44       Yeah. Uh, it's an ipod touch, touch screen one. The first, the first one that came out of the touchscreen variety. 

Nora:               01:00:53       I'm older ipods, the founder, the Ipod Nanos. I can't remember what the ones that are like kind of not the smaller ones, but like the long rectangle or [inaudible]. Those are my favorite. I'd one of those for a long time. 

jordaxn:            01:01:14       The most stressful idea for an ipod. The ipod shuffle. You can never just play a record, just keep shuffling all of your music. 

Nora:               01:01:20       Why wouldn't they make. That was a failure as far as I'm concerned was a big mistake. I hope that the person. I hope they didn't really make money on that. So 

jordaxn:            01:01:33       I love listening to records in order. 

Nora:               01:01:39       Horrible. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh my gosh. Having just no control. I mean, I guess, I don't know. 

jordaxn:            01:01:50       I have no control anyway. So if I can, if I can make myself just, let's to a whole record as far as I'm concerned, I'm, I'm being productive. 

Nora:               01:01:59       Yeah, absolutely. Totally. Um, ha. Ah, here's a random thing. How do you feel about how you feel about how you feel about Zuckerberg lately? 

jordaxn:            01:02:14       OK. So have you. Have you watched some of the fields where they're asking him questions and they. 

Nora:               01:02:19       A lot of 

jordaxn:            01:02:20       it. I didn't really. I don't really watch things, but I heard a lot of it on various podcasts in Congress and Congress relate to mark Zuckerberg in this way. Old People asking the questions where they have no idea what the hell they're talking 

Nora:               01:02:38       new belts and then he's forced to answer. I mean, my take is like, I really, uh, I don't like him and I thought like most of the Congress people that are really bad job. That's my take. 

jordaxn:            01:02:59       I agree with that. Yeah. I've never been a fan of her favorite movie. 

Nora:               01:03:06       Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, here's the thing, I don't like him, uh, that basically hot or not thing that he built was a predecessor to facebook. Do you know about that? I think that was. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like when he was at Harvard, like it was called lake was called something like face swap or something and it would just, it like took all of the like went online and like he just like was able to pull all of the student photos from like some sort of student directory and then he rerouted them into his, his thing website that he built and it would like just pair two photographs of students from Harvard or whatever it was. Harvard, he went to Harvard. Right. And then you would just like, apparently you would just say which one of the two people that was hotter, which is garbage on a million levels. And like, that's, that's who's running the world. Like, like facebook, facebook, like it's huge. Like it's like a, uh. Yeah. Look, I think it's terrible. So. OK. Anyway, that was my random question, but you got band. OK. Um, uh, well, uh, you got any, any party in any other party notes? 

jordaxn:            01:04:44       Parting notes. Let's see. A rock and roll night. Didn't drink lots of water. 

Nora:               01:04:52       Yeah. Very important. Rock and roll night. Drink lots of water also. Here's a, here's an illusion that I think we can both, both get behind. Fuck you. I love plants. Thanks. Thanks Steve Rosenberg. A. OK, well cool. Um, I'm going to go have breakfast now. I'm gonna. Go for a run. Anything. Cool. Cool. Good luck, Dona. 

Nora:               01:05:31       I wish you. I wish you a happy. Happy breathing. 

Nora:               01:05:36       OK, love you too. Bye Bye. Bye Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye now. 

Nora:               01:05:49       All right. That was good. Good call. I guess I'm. Am I going to play the synthesizer? 

Nora:               01:05:58       I'm going to open up. I'm not gonna play it that long, but I'm going to open up and see if I can just see what happens. I'm going to, we're going to just see what happens real quick. OK. Before they called, I was going to say, I'm just going to talk about grandma because I have some good childhood memories of Rama. Rama. One half the. Remember what I remember watching it on tv a little bit and having, having feelings about it. I remember watching that and being like, I have a feeling here when I was a child was pretty little, pretty, pretty little little bump. And so the other last month I got the uh, you can, you can buy the first and second ron my book the Manga together about it. Read it because I was like, you know, what's going on here is this, um, is this like goodbye gender Kinda kind of thing. And uh, you know, I liked the book. OK. I thought, I thought it was fun. It kind of still gives me a. gives me feelings. But uh, no, Mike, that's me. I want to change like that. Can somebody just pour water on me and I change? Um, 

Nora:               01:07:21       yeah. Great. I wish I had expressed that feeling then just like, yeah, that's me. I'm grandma grandma when she has red hair. 

Speaker 10:         01:07:40       Um, if PSA. 

Nora:               01:07:44       Um, but yeah, I read it, uh, just out of curiosity of like, is there, is there something kind kind of good going on here? And I think my answer's just no, I think there's definitely not a, like a definitely not, not uh, 

Nora:               01:08:06       a socially progressive thing going on there. I think it's just, I think it is what it is and I don't know what to make of it. What do you think? Have you read Rona? Is it good? Is it bad? [inaudible] contact me, let me know. Or call, call, call. Uh, I think next week, next week is going to be a little bit weird. I'm either going to do a, I'm gonna do some kind of call. It's either going to be early on Friday or maybe late afternoon on Sunday. I'm not sure, but I'll be here and we can talk and now I'm going to go play the synthesizer or at least opened up. OK.