#33 Seth Babbitt of Tuesday X

The way I see it, the only way to really improve as a band is to work with people who want to improve & want to throw their ideas out there, and I think that’s beautiful.
— Seth

Seth Babbitt is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Williston, ND. He currently fronts the band Tuesday X with bassist Anthony Flores and drummer Bastian Doney. Seth is also a member of Missoula Subaru, Squid Face and the Amberlamps.

Tuesday X: Bandcamp, Facebook

Stuff we talk about on this episode includes: Why Not Fest, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat’s “Gas Station Attendant,” insomnia, the Red Barn, midwest emo, Victor Shores, local shows, Vanity Plate, Zach Schultz, David Soiseth, Jazmine Wolff-Schultz, Icarus the Owl & Kill Your Ex, misogyny, breakup haircuts, Your Awkward Prom Date, Sarah aka Bartholomew Goop, Cody Ault, Jordaxn Kidwell, Vicious Fishes, lo-fi phonecore, high school talent shows, kakistocracy, culinary school, 4-track cassette recording, white privilege, the Beatles, Please Please Me, DIY & home recording, queer & transgender stuff, Granddad, religion, Christianity & homophobia, Risk!

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i want to eat cookies until i throw up
i can’t handle my emotions
i’m a bad person yeah
Babies in prison
Testosterone Made a Nightmare of My life
I've Seen Things in the Sky that I Can't Explain

Shoutout to George Martin
who's dead now but once played piano
on a tape running at half speed so
it sounded like a harpsichord
Shoutout to Kevin, who
sampled guitar feedback into
his new AKAI sampler
It sounded like a fucked up flute

the long peace has blessed us
with moments like these
your house is on fire
your stalker’s in police
custody but he'll be out soon
daddy's taking pictures of the sun behind the moon
I don't wanna wake up
so I just lay in bed, listen to Zorznijor
I consumed all the media
and now I'm making more
is this what the lord
intended me for