#31 Vanity Plate & Robert Kramer


Last August, Vanity Plate and the Juniper Drive came on the podcast after their summer tour. This year, we're doing it again: Jazmine, Zach, Blake, Connor and Robert give me the rundown on their tour to the east coast. We talk about stopping to piss in Indiana, playing to like ten people in Brooklyn, and how no one pays attention to acoustic musicians. Also, food. We talk a bunch about food.

You can hear Vanity Plate's new record, Not Cool, on their Bandcamp. Robert Kramer's debut solo album is up on his Bandcamp — but at the time of publishing this, his new tour tape isn't available on his website.

We talk about a boatload of junk on this episode, including previous travels to the east coast, the solo Jaz tour, playing shows for no one, Free Truman, Tigernite, the Moog factory, fanny packs, Reverb, a group apology to Indiana, tractors, Popeye's, Outdoor Velour, Brooklyn, the Statue of Liberty, Dani Raccoon and Anna, driving in New York, passive aggressive midwest motorists, NYC apartments, guarantors, Idaho Green, free jazz, Ocarina of Time, Donny Jensen, Gold Sounds, Red Raven Coffeehouse, Blue Rider bar, the Aquarium, audience sizes, Kenny the cab driver, Kevin Lopez, Grampfather, Hilip the sound guy, what's the point?, no one cares, tour theory, local food, pizza, bagels, water taxis, Brooklyn Bridge, Broadway, Book of Mormon, Ample Hills Creamery, unsolicited advice, Thai food, the Liberty Bell, John Barry (Father of the Navy, Son of a Bitch), Niagara Falls, Good Shade, Puberty Wounds, Pleasure Wounds, hand pans, Saraz, Echo's Answer, Josh and Marie Rivera, synth face, tour crud, modular synths, Fairlight CMI, Tears for Fears, Gizmo Genius, Chris Brown, tour health, acetominophen, Roy aka the Very Nice Interesting Singer Man, existential crises, migraines, fiber, Steve Roggenbuck [Edit: In 2018, Steve was outed as an abuser, including transphobic behavior towards his long-term romantic partner, and sexual predation of numerous teenagers. Fuck Steve Roggenbuck], the vegan train, slamming the 'banzos, bug salads, baby grill, mansions, lakes, waterfalls, Gold Beach, Taste of Galesburg, the Apple store, Dunkirk, woof, Morris, Minnesota, the Platform playing acoustic shows, Bop It, why doesn't anbody listen to me?, furniture music, Nameless Cave, the Darning Hearts, Rapid City, Evan, puppets, bad actors, Bismarck, Rhythm Records, Side B, Al Gore, Algorillathym, Why Not Fest, the future, Blake's moving and quitting bands, Josh Thornton sold his drums and is going to school, Parlor Voice, fuck Trump, fuck Confederate flags, Mountain Goats, Rory Donovan, Witch Watch, the Terror Pigeon Surround Sound Lay Down, Many Months Left, Mineral Rights, Mr. Dad.

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so he comes up to me after the show he's like you gotta open your eyes man when you're singing you gotta open your eyes all the girls in the room they're swinging back and forth and she had a man you just gotta make that eye contact and then he started doing sort of like his lewd motion with his hand [Music] Wow well you ready for that I I was not I was not ready for that welcome to fairy goth this is my podcast I'm Nora the janitor literally throw me off a bridge I'm 20 horrible and I do not care about it there will never be a June that doesn't disappear tuck me into Everclear plushies and pigeons underwater visions waking on a sleeping mat in Canyonlands can't undo that life he never had test the price of ocean - the whole thing's dozer Dover bleach my coral asshole be a man I'm ready I'm so ray morning Beach and final blessings future islands when I'm feeling ugly gary oldman my gender dysphoria healthcare jesse eisenberg i make music because I want something more out of life when it could slip away at any second none of these accomplishments mean anything more than what they mean while I'm in this vocal booth I could stay in this vocal booth until my skin fell off my only comfort is a room alone with my stone and muscles carry me up into the empty creation I wrecked your carpet with paint this data will disappear I never was here okay so today vanity plate is back from tour again with Robert Kramer what do I need to tell you what do I need to tell you about today's episode yeah well we'll get we'll get right to it but I guess I should say last summer vanity plate and the Juniper Drive stopped in and did a did a Prairie gothis ode after they're there too or last summer last year they went west they went to the west coast and this year they East and I thought you know why not do a reprieve of last year and have him in again and give me give me the rundown what what Turin was like and I was fascinating learned a lot learned learned a lot about what what you know the experiences they went through and how they how they felt about it and you know I I love talking to musicians and stuff because I feel like in at this point right now where I'm kind of I'm kind of static in my life you know I'm not traveling in a whole bunch I'm not going out and doing that much I'm kind of hunkered down and trying to like get better at all the things I suck at really bad and so for me for me it's selfish like the selfish interest in all this is like okay well I'm gonna go to her again what do I want to do what can i what can I learn from other people's experiences and learn a lot there are a lot today also learned I guess remembered how much food matters when you're on to her yeah yeah good shit so we talked about we talked about office hours and stuff during this episode but I wanted to wanted to give you a little bit of rundown on on who's here so vanity plate for this tour was Zack and jasmine the wonderful Minot North Dakota husband and wife duo along with Blake on guitar again and I guess I should say Zack Zack plays guitar jasmine plays bass and sings and Josh played drums for vanity plate last year this year they have Connor and I guess I should say Connor so Connor kind of actually everybody on the show today has been on the show in some fashion in the past Connor was on the show and another band that he plays in called many months left and I guess for the uninitiated I played in vanity play I played drums in vanity plate and like 2015 and then and then quit in 2016 and also played in bands with Blake and Robert since I was a little we'll just a little teenager and then so vanity plate went on tour with Robert Kramer Robert Kramer is the principal songwriter for the Juniper drive and he went on on tour with them solo acoustic this year there's gonna be all sorts of links on the on the blog and in the show notes so if you want to hear vanity plate or you want to hear Roberts music do it check it out it got banned camps and all the good shit and what else I think that's it I think that's all I really need to tell you right off the bat so here we go vanity plate Robert Kramer [Music] okay house headphones on everybody okay sounds good well I guess we're here now this is sweet it's like yeah for sure who's last summer here over a year yeah that's weird it feels like forever ago but not really at the same time I know Tori it feels like it feels like you just left to like fur yeah New York but like right how's that like okay I don't even know how long you guys were gone I tried to like stay as out of the loop okay so like so you're not coming in with any I've looked at your Instagram a little bit I've looked at your Facebook page jasmine but very briefly like I saw some cool shit but I tried to like like I don't know I don't know where I don't know where the fuck you want I know you went to New York right that's it I mean yeah destination well so yeah we went for two and a half weeks pretty much can I can I ask first like how long did you plan it to her like when did you start planning it that took a long time actually we started I think I started five months ago yeah visually and you expect that but like five months you would have it pretty solid but for whatever reason booking this thing was harder than we expected it to be this time around do you know less people gasp well yeah here I was thinking that like because I've gone that way before that it would be better um but then they what I realized was when did you when did you go wait honest when I was 19 it was my first tour five of us packed in a Cavalier solo jazz tour it was uh crazy you know Edna and I was 19 and it was like was that you in a band no it was me and like a bunch of boys to fill the car to make it like but it was just using it was a road trip that's pretty gutsy you know yeah my parents and my like that was at a time when my parents hadn't really traveled anywhere and so they were certain I was going to die and they they called my grandma and they had my grandma call me and tell me not to go like use the grandma card yeah because they thought like it was gonna be bad um it really wasn't that dangerous I mean we did crazy things but it wasn't you know any more dangerous than a normal road trip would be but anyway so I thought that I had some people that we could concert um but what I realized is a lot of them have moved and a lot of them have just like stopped booking shows that was ten years ago you know I didn't realize in my head that was ten years ago like yeah so yeah yeah okay so Jasmine you've been out east yes Zack have you been out east there's my first time to the like the northern East part of the country okay someone called the Northeast I've been you know North and South Carolina before but that's as far up on the eastern coast nice so okay I was really excited to finally be in New York City and check that out which was really great I loved it yeah yeah and Robert yes you've never been to you straight know the furthest East I had been up to this point was Nashville so yeah Sue's exciting uh and you lived there for six months yeah but Connor hmm I've been to like DC in New York for a school trip nice yeah like Florida cool okay so that's it how many dates do you think you made us yeah I figured I lost count we're a character Connor but let's just say ten I think it was three or so for me at least or four I think I was closer to ten as well okay yeah I mean cuz like Ohio New Jersey Delaware Philadelphia New York North Carolina Virginia yeah there's a lot of Delaware did you play in all these things no no no we just a lot of like getting to places where we knew people so we ended up driving through tickets like ash fell for instance we drove through all of us like a little bit sure sure I don't know how actually counts as being in a place we probably went to we probably went to like a gas station there or something what it means here boy Here I am hi Malik we were we were talking about all the places you went and like unplug that we are we're yeah Jasmine you ask Asians here's the question have you ever been out east before no I haven't this is my first time I think the farthest East I had been was like Ohio and Tennessee so anything like beyond that was uncharted so I got to see New York Pennsylvania well I I lied I had been to Washington DC everything I said is invalid so why why'd you pick East the same I mean you've gone you get you guys have gone west a bunch yeah or at least playin like in Robert you have you guys went that I mean all event any plate went west last year kind of the same thing I guess for me was I've done that route once or twice you know well I mean I've been out there a lot touring when they like twice but so it was just kind of see what's going on the other way yeah exactly lots of fun things to see to you know yeah so if you can add some fun vacationy things on the ways he really that suck and seeing people that's all kind of a good way to do it too so yeah I feel like the Appalachian Mountains or yeah they said it differently yep election right an Appalachian yeah I think those really rival the Rocky Mountains in beauty I really did yeah I want to walk through those you are you're gonna do it maybe you should it's a pity the through hike do you know okay so and then the last detail that is how many how many actually days were you out and like how many how many gigs Oh 1666 what I counted eight okay so it was sixteen and then we ended up playing thirteen oh we booked oh yeah so II like rebook sixteen yeah yeah we played 13 so there are P that fell through and stuff happens we planned on having three or four days off originally sure just to oh cool well maybe not even like three days off I think great to just you know do stuff New York places Asheville and then yeah we had what do we say yesterday four or five drop yeah maybe it was six actually I think maybe at the end of the day and then yeah rebooked two days yes pretty rough it was huh yeah was a drag so first video last year yeah last year three weeks we didn't have one show drop which is crazy I guess now when you think about it I mean that I was like really fortunate but this seems like if something is in the water and that was like one day off or something yeah yeah we weren't cozy that's kind of why I was like this year we need to do something like sure occasioning kind of things like thank you well yeah too much actually feel that the only trade off last year was like playing shows where no one would show up and get paid like four bucks I don't know what's worse having them cancel or are fighting to no one I don't know I think having them cancel I feel like even Lerner planted no on it like at least you get you have a little bit of that sense of like oh I know I'm here well yeah yeah well then you get the practice into because then we would go like three days true you know without we're playing okay and like some of these you just wrote and so really three days is a little long Homer yeah in 40 you just come on further to her yeah yeah I think we had I know it's not nice to do that it sounds like a struggle playing yeah killed it though yeah out a really good okay everyone I talk to you would always be like your drum oh my gosh I'm like yeah Lots so VP drummer 3 this is weird I don't know it cuz you were there and fun did you look at him and say these are my drums now because you could that would be fair these beats where did you go first dude were stayin yeah we're like first what was the first like highlight mmm like did you did you go did you go through Minnesota first sir like South first we went yeah we went straight East ok Grand Forks and Florida round so my first highlight I think after well the kickoff show was fun yep but was watching so much horrible reality TV from MTV oh yeah like next and date my mom awful ever existed probably shit's rough yeah yeah and but that's I guess why it's fun to watch it so it's catch-22 I guess I don't know satisfies those evil instinct here's a quote for you I'd like to take a dip in that gene pool heard from Dave my long or I'd like to stick my hands in that dough dough we had so much fun with them so that was great yeah with free Truman twice nice you know Grand Forks and Fargo oh cool it's really great yeah fan indie play it always seems to like randomly go on like mini tours with free Truman we should and we like our tours were started like just a day off they did like a mini tour yeah for four days and we were like a day off from them everywhere we went high end of our tour yeah yeah yeah nice I remember saying that they were on mini to her okay yeah so hanging with them was cool that was great and then Illinois I gotta say I also gotta say my eastern United States geography is shit so I I don't know what it's like droves right and I still don't know fine Minnesota we just stayed and then we'll walkie is there everywhere I ended up not playing Minneapolis the first time around yep and then Milwaukee yeah walkie was so fun was I didn't know I loved it but I won a my know highlights for me I guess I really liked the band we played with called Tiger night they are they right up my alley so good female fronted what are you Rick rack and roll I've said this a bunch but to me they sound like meatloaf with a female vocalist that's fucking cool I don't know that's perfect like theatric kind of yeah such a fantastic performer oh yeah she was amazed nice yes I adored it you should push bedazzled jean jacket which wicked okay I'm stealing that look yeah um yeah super fun and they were just super sweet to your owners um after the fact gave us all the door money and no cool you know and they're from from Milwaukee yeah yeah speaking of fashion house how's the fanny pack game oh that life-changing yes you got you got a game got a winner - oh yeah - new fanny packs is like you were wearing two fanny packs no no it's because I I had brought these shorts that were like half swim trunks and have like running shorts you know just because they'd fill my suitcase better and then yeah they were comfortable and I realized that I needed my wallet and like my phone and and stuff when I was walking around and it was just not yeah it was just not working because everything was falling out and I had my hands in my pockets and I'd walk down this yeah yeah nice especially in New York since awkward I got a fanny pack that says bon voyage Brooklyn you're lucky no it was awesome that's that's a real fun one of the best purchases in me real plus the picture the picture that we took after we pay team penny back yes very good cool so Milwaukee was sweet yeah did you do Chicago or no no we the next day after Milwaukee our show dropped in Ohio because the sound guy bailed so they should do you have a PA anybody can be a sound guy i well that's what we said so then you're like well do you have a PA because like there are engineers yeah and sound people in this band we could make this happen and they're like no PA just don't work out I'm some I don't know that was fake they realize we were loud or something I don't know so we stopped in Chicago at the Chicago Music exchange and that was like fun I love that oh cool yeah I think I saw photos of that you're playing some mugs I think playing some mugs factory legit they're welcome where was that that commercial I was in Nashville okay Nashville okay yeah yes nice but yeah I like going there a lot my buddy Phil works in the repair shop and the Chicago mayor you know coolest year okay and it's just a cool obviously music store I don't know if you've ever been I think I've purchased stuff from them on the internet and and they they run reverb I think it's like they're okay it's like their website I'm pretty sure that makes so much yeah I'm sorry we don't yeah because I bought something from there and something else and one thing came from reverb the other thing came from Chicago needs to get you know that make sense yeah if you think about the aesthetic to feels like yeah it is really hmm okay well we don't know the demo videos man I should just be like looking this up right now no sure no no okay phones will fuck up the whole vibe okay okay we don't know figure it out yeah and then they say my buddy Phil works in the repair shop down there so I like to see that too and see how that's going because like I work in Minot by myself yeah yeah oh formerly with Justin Satterfield totally but he moved so it's very solitary but to see there's like six or seven benches you know and just all these guys working on different things that's reach Ellis it's really cool I don't know if I'd like that or not I probably would yeah it's different definitely do not just have my own thing totally in the whole time space and no one judging me yeah anyway judgment zone yeah so we stopped there no we went to Ohio still stay cuz one of my childhood friends lives there and it's not a new baby and got to hang out well not very much no excuse dog should go do some Ferris Bueller's Day Off shit in Chicago or we didn't get in a parade or anything ran through some backyards is that where that movie takes place yeah Wow yeah isn't it cool it's been a while yeah then Buffalo drop the next day after the other show drop yeah that was Oh Buffalo New York yeah we had to show there too but you went from Chicago to Buffalo we went to Ohio and stayed in Ohio oh okay went over the best part oh it's ass through Indiana okay Connor please speak on that I don't I don't want to talk trash this this podcast is all about trash okay I'm Nora the janitor I just care drive him through and I was I was the one driving through and it was just I just got sad everything was just sad like it was all rusty oh it was like rusty it was there's a shit a lot Kenneth can I curse there's like hit along the side of the road that people just left like tractors and everything just drafters it was just it was those factories everything I don't know it was just gross and then was that where we went to that Popeyes hopper we stopped at this gas station we all had to go to the bathroom and there's Popeyes and think the guys didn't ever bathroom right and I Blake went in first and I like like went in after him in the second he opened the door I just burst out laughing like really hard because he opened it and I just got hit with this like overwhelming sound of like it was extremely loud basically there was a speaker in the bathroom and it was just blaring this like what kind of music circus music it was just so loud and we none of us talked about a spooky bath it was none of us talked about it and then we got back to the very one was laughing and then like someone was just like you guys laughing about the bathroom it was like it was like you know old tunes that were like countrified you know like inside like those like CDs that you listen to it like hobby love your and whatever you know like the elevator music CDs like um like like like an old-school chase scene from so loud and we're musicians so I mean like I mean listen to loud it was the most rockin bathroom I have ever been made Wow when I was in there there was like a there was a real jazzy tune but it had like a four on the floor you know beat going and it was just his nuts man and here's another thing about that I so that was the first time that I went into the bathroom and someone had just turned the water on and like left it off and so I don't know if this is a thing that you do and you just like when you hate a place or something but you just like turn the water on so their water bill is insane but I saw that again like I saw that two other times on this tour I went in you know and well I once a Popeye's that was the first time then I went into a rest stop where the same thing was happening and then one other time where the water was just running well it was probably someone like ahead of you on your route that was I don't know you know just to make you paranoid great yes probably someone washes their hands they don't want to touch the handle again maybe yeah but and it's not like it's the ones that are like automatic ones you know like like sometimes those just like malfunction and they don't work but this was like straight up people just being mean I don't know yeah I was like okay man is a dark place where they leave the water running let's get back to it rune our resources you know it's on tour it's like the things that can just set you off and just like make everything horrible like it changes manic honored like I had like must have slept through Indiana or something because he but it's already lucky right I know but he had such strong feelings about Indiana and we were only there for moments I did where it was first was it Chicago was very left yeah because Chicago is like super like super cool Illinois was like awesome and then like you must have went to sleep because I drove through Indiana into Ohio and then I was just pissed off after that yeah how long did you stay at this a good three minutes but I think maybe a few days so if anyone I guess has a place to play in Indiana so we can change our minds really should try to hit a Bloomington but okay maybe we'll try to change our perspective Indiana from Bloomington yeah okay I think and I think they're still there I'm not sure but I think I think so so we have to be fair we just drove through the highway so if anyone from Indiana you know I'd I haven't seen it all just from what's on the highway is sad it's a sad place so we just have a group apology to Indiana sorry probably wrong I didn't say anything probably neither I don't I've never been to the shit-talking yeah and then Buffalo dropped as well that was legit though because one of the bands that was the show was booked around they got in an accident so they had to cancel their whole tour so yeah so instead of playing there and the venue was nice because it was a house show and they said that yeah yeah and they said we can still stay there if we want to tell that's awesome which would have been nice but we and decided to do the the fun thing and drive six or seven hours to Niagara Falls okay okay do that just spontaneously well yeah just instead of stopping or whatever we just go all the way and then drive six or seven hours to Buffalo or to Brooklyn to Brooklyn wait and so yeah oh then the day after that no one day you drove like 14 inches working hours yeah why actually became one of the smarter things we do in this tool really because that means we got into Brooklyn at 3:00 in the morning beautiful no one out but I see yes you know the splinters of the of the New York City scene and that's wicked we literally like pulled into town and saw a rat on the street I was like then we saw some turtles yeah but no so you get there 3:00 in the morning there's like no one on the road yeah pretty much even though it's New York still there's people but sweetly afferent experience Busan it was beautiful we pulled into our parking garage where we kept the van all those two days and and just Danny Danny raccoon came and picked us up Wow 4:00 in the morning and took us back to his place and that is perfect you got any wise no-hassle it was beautiful so I mean of all of the like experiences of it going to New York for the first time showing up at like 3:00 a.m. sounds like it was pretty fucking wicked it was cool so like first impressions it was like we were coming in through New Jersey and like all the sudden Blake was like hey it's the Statue of Liberty oh my god you know it's all that night and so like and then you see the island of Manhattan and all the big buildings knew like oh shit I recognize these buildings yeah a thousand movies yeah it's nuts I was quite there kind of surreal yeah there's New York there's great yeah scene scene New York seems to me seems like a fake eye or a big deal like almost like you know seeing the ocean for the first time or something yeah oh you just see it all the time and stuff I think well it was definitely different than my first time the first time I ended up there during rush hour traffic trying to drive that would make me want to die it was awful it was literally the worst thing in the entire world and that okay at that moment my mom was justified in telling me never to go anywhere because I literally what you have to do is you watch the the lights of the other person's lights and when they turn red whether they are green then you go so it's like it's like you watch they're persons lights not your leis yeah the other way and then you go and if you don't they honk it you're like crazy and yeah so I think three in the morning was it sounds efficient a much they are very efficient if anything yes New Yorkers Danny kind of described it perfectly where it was like you know being from the Midwest drivers here so polite that it's like infuriating like ya go you go I would say drivers here are the same way that people are here which is like extremely passive aggressive yeah as a pedestrian I I get almost killed unlike a semi weekly basis yeah but like New Yorkers will do just the most illegal driving shit if I get shit nice yeah you know but it's so fluid like driving a brine is the way to go so fucking Brooklyn Glen mm-hmm and Danny is living in Malcolm X Boulevard yeah right off there Costa Utica I feel like in - oh okay I think that's the same Street turns into nobody lives it above actually in a really nice apartment just above a couple shops I'm in there it's a nice apartment and there's how many of them in there three or four four four people living there yes yeah but it's like it's not like all the horror stories you know Lake sure it is small but it's not like a closet and for people living in it you know that's pretty thin yeah that is real that is it's like a long a bigger hallway oh I know and then there's rooms on the end put kitchen and the living room very thin yeah yeah it was cool nice wood floors and it's kind of a different thing because they need Garin tours to Lake to buy and apartments like you have to guarantee that you could buy yourself pay for all of the rent of this place for a year so it's a different kind of model of living than like North Dakotans are accustomed to that's for sure you know so they all have to like call their parents and tell you know like get them to say like yes we would pay all this money for this apartment if you were yeah so it kind of area to kind of dictates where you live too because you know if you come from like a middle-class income you know like that's like that's all you can really afford it's sad so it's kind of an interesting thought shit's crazy it was weird yeah so what did you do in Brooklyn how long were you re there a couple days yeah we got there three in the morning and then were there you know went to sleep in them were there that and the whole day didn't do anything I don't mean didn't have a show that day and then the next day we were there and had a show that night did you play with Idaho green or something yeah yeah really great that was the first time I ever saw them and I was like I was blown away just cuz it was like well I don't know you said they're from Montana yeah no okay I was just you know whatever and then I saw these like three kids walk out and like like they look the same age as me you know what I mean that was like okay well you know whatever and then that was just like I don't know it was weird it was really cool what what you saw was was something interesting because they don't have their bass player with them yeah so they kind of covered the bass like Austin and and Caleb covered like playing bass back and forth and they they just kept saying free jazz doin cut they did a Zelda theme cover from what was it Ocarina of Time the forest or whatever yeah and that was really and they just kind of played their songs but then also just kicked around it's pretty awesome and are they like living out there just being a band I mean are they yeah I guess so Jordan is subbing okay so he's got like a semi-professional job well what was his name Austin Austin he works at the Empire State building's right and his address but no it was really great to see them they yeah us out a lot with you know show obviously and then Austin printed a bunch of shirts for us because we ran out of larges and loans by that super lucky yeah really yeah he did that's fucking great Donnie did our shirts and then we just had to get some more because we would oh like ideally because you know we love going with Donnie and Jensen creative but he was in Europe oh sure the whole extent of our tour so we gotta get him to do any and send him out to us so guys had to improvise and worked out really well it did yeah what was that venue like it's a bar Gold sounds cool I mean on the front and I'm like a stage in the back yeah yeah yeah sure it separated it's kind of like a blue rider in the front and then like I don't know what do you think in the back it's just like big black room with the stage classic you know it was kind of aquarium maybe smaller Wilson got a smaller scale the stage was about the same size yeah but it was it was a really cool place to play super nice people audience really yeah well that's cool yeah it was super cool not not he was from my dad's side and my dad hasn't even met him apparently oh wow yeah it's my dad's second cousin he was born and raised in New York nice lived in Boston for a while now he's a cab driver whoa that's right yeah that's real shit yeah yeah you walk yeah shoutout to Kenny hey hi Kenny yes it was really cool meeting someone yeah Emily I'd never met but then also Kevin Lopez was Kevin Lopez went the video school with and we had we hadn't seen him since it was such a sweet reunion yeah you know when you talk about people who make you feel good I mean like he gave me a small audience but then there's like you know the one person who's really just about it yeah that person yes you made me feel really good about an over there tonight it was really great to have them hang out what day the week was a show that was Saturday Sunday no sense a Sunday yeah so how many people were there and then the band I know Green so eight okay there was that other band to Gram father oh yeah grandfather at nine ten eleven okay twelve maybe okay so this is a brutal question but this is something I think about to arraign you know when when I'm on tour and feeling bad and feeling like mm-hmm what's what's the point when you're playing in Brooklyn where there's like millions oh oh there's 12 in this very very tiny space and like twelve people show up to your show yes what what is it what does that feel like yeah or does that not register no I mean I think it registers but for me it makes me very thankful for the Midwest is that I mean thing to say it might be a Munich thing to say but just like because I have more connections there and so like I feel like I can like pull more you know to the like I don't blame people for not knowing who I am and not caring to try to get in a subway all the way over to Brooklyn or you know like true so I guess yeah I guess I don't know I guess my my question is more along the lines of like not that like oh shit people don't know who I am and they're not coming out to see me but just like this feeling of like alright why are there the city has so many people why are more people just like fitting into this like why isn't there vibrant scene of like of just random curious people meeting random bands I mean well oh no well the part of Brooklyn we were in I mean it's it's weird because Brooklyn's a little smaller feeling than mm like than Manhattan so you don't have like crowds of people in the street it's kind of just a slower pace and so you know it's just a neighborhood bar and like what-what night of the week was it there is a Sunday Sunday who cares yeah they'd never sleep there all they do is go to shows well you know and you got to realize there's like probably a hundred different venues like that - totally so I don't know why would you go to this one on this day sure I see what you're saying but like also there's just so much other stuff to do I think that's also it makes me thankful for the Midwest though is that like you know here there's just there's not as much going on and so like if you have the One Show it's kind of like a big deal you know and that's like where is it in bigger places and actually Zach and I talked about this a bunch when were you trying to book it but like bigger places there's just so many options all the time that like really I think that people become kind of disillusioned like you know like they just don't care yeah whereas in our towns I feel like maybe like that's like the thing to do so like the kids who come to shows in the smaller places are there for a show they aren't necessarily there for metal or like something specific they're there because it's like an event so I don't know I I've grown to really just appreciate where I'm at but I will say that it wasn't a bummer of the show for me because Danny and Anna like genuinely loved it yeah I got to see my friend Kevin now he loved it Blake's cousin loved it just like super supportive small crowd to where it was like for sure yeah we played in Brooklyn for no one I'm sure there's I'm sure there's a lot of bad I mean I'm sure there's a lot of bands from Brooklyn that play for no one in the same yeah yeah so is like to have anybody there that like actually cared about it and to have that be genuine was it could have been a show for for actually no yeah one more thing along this line of like does it or like should it should experiences like that changed the way people to her I mean does that affect like after after that kind of experience are you like well fuck it let's just keep doing regional things in the Midwest fuck like going far does that change your feelings about that at all yeah I mean a little bit it makes sense to like okay well you know instead of like branching out to like the farthest reaches yeah why not like stay regional for a while and like yeah you're like name I guess no yeah it's it can be discouraging or it can light a fire under you you know what can be discouraging like those kind of Brooklyn shows yeah okay you know if you want to take it that way what would be the fire that's okay you know either you keep going back there or or you just stay regional for a while like there's just there's two gift crying yeah yeah you know building yeah I'm gonna pick the small town every frickin television and that's just because of who I am though to and my appreciation for like small DIY spaces I mean like that lifts me at my spirits and makes me happy so there could be like five people at the show wherever but if they're really excited and I feel like what they're doing is cool work then I guess I would pick that every time nice what I mean we weren't there to have a crazy crowd either though I mean part of part of the tour part of the reason I go to the coasts and stuff is like this yet see it there there was different like motivation this time for driving I mean we did a lot of long drives which would not make sense if you're trying to do this in a fiscally responsible way so I don't know yeah the the like balancing like the all of the things that come with a band with like this is also just like a wicked summer vacation that's like really hard great fucking Brooklyn but your today off there too yeah yeah yeah so we got some some so Ana Danny's girlfriend suggested we do this certain pizza please she's a local yeah yeah she's from Brooklyn and so she kind of took us around a little bit and and told us what to do and what to check out and eat and and that was I love that kind of thing like you know finding the other people you know think is the best and whatnot and what to do and took a water taxi for a little bit that was cool what does that mean it's just like a you know like a little fairy essentially takes you to Manhattan so we did we had pizza under the Brooklyn Bridge nice then took a water taxi across the bay or whatever that is that's actually a river to Manhattan to 42nd Street where we got Broadway tickets so we went to fuck a Mormon and that was lovely nice yeah and we got New York bagels at the end of the night oh yes an ample Hill ice cream all of it was very good Wow and I got a sandwich at a New York Deli that was fucking phenomenal so yea Book of Mormon it's probably wow oh yeah man that was great I mean I'm you know I've never been to New York so I'd like to see a Broadway show it was just like really cool yeah yeah it was who's impressive and the bagels kiss that should be paid to please person it was like the best thing ever because we played at the show and cold sounds and then we were gonna leave town and someone was like oh I think we're gonna go get bagels first before we head out on the road I was like that's the best thing I've ever heard and I got a bagel sandwich it was delicious pastrami bagel sandwich changed my life and then we hit the road for Philadelphia that night so again so we left there night I get one or two in the morning oh nice and hope it's also nice I got some good advice I should share this I got some good advice from Blake's cousin after our show though no we're going there so he comes up to me after the show and he's like I'm gonna do a terrible New York accent now it's like you gotta open your eyes man when you're singing you gotta open your eyes all the girls in the room they were swinging back and forth and shit you had a man you just gotta make that eye contact and then he started doing sort of like his lewd motion with his hand which point at which point our friend Kevin starts laughing and he comes over and starts doing this gesture and and they sort of formed a friendship over that like they left together at the end of the night and he gave Kevin a ride in his taxi I think so that so they bonded that was cool to see a friendship bloom okay hold up because we have you you were doing the gesture and yes I'll see it but can you just describe a finger gesture that might you know a sexual finger gesture like petting like petting a sex organ yeah and it came out of nowhere to use like talking about eye contact and then all the sudden you start like started doing that and I was like okay thanks for the advice but he gave us some actual good advice now the side of the show later on you know he just told us like you guys just got it like keep doing the music and don't listen to your parents he said we'll have you in a suit so fast yeah he said the same thing to me he's like you know everyone always says you know like that it's you know you should hunker down you should get a real job and he goes I haven't had a real job yet and he and he is like I did some restaurant I went to a restaurant and I did some other stuff you know now I Drive a taxi he was but it's all that's all overrated yeah I haven't done it yet and I'm completely happy so he said and then he gave me $50 to use her food so yeah Philly cheese things would be specific yes request that we get we used it to get some horrible we were supposed to use it on Philly cheesesteaks but we did it even when he handed it to me he said I know you're not gonna use this some stupid shit like gas or so it was specifically for Philly cheesesteaks but we used it on horrible Thai food yeah but we hate but and they even like shortchange just one meal which is super depressing God that was just a sad experience should I spend it on cheesesteaks I know I was trying to tell you guys that exactly yeah we had good intentions we just like left Philadelphia too fast you know we went and saw Soph and then my eye strikes out twice with Connor for for Thai food we didn't do a good job New York was really good I thought you didn't like it okay what's that we were bad Stuart really good yeah it was really good at just you know there were complications [Music] well you just kept taking in there though it was good though that was a Thai food was a priority for your own absolutely made it so for culinary we said okay we because we liked it so much and Connor is is younger than us and so we were like okay Connor kid let's do this and so yeah but unfortunately I don't know that we really wowed him at all that's unfortunate yeah next time not the second time let's get the address the name of that place don't go there is on the note of people giving you like ridiculous or bad like unsolicited advice was there more that can I I have this is last year was so fresh change frustrating to me on a variety of levels that had to do with like people just like understanding estimating me because I was a girl well this time I was like I'm gonna make like you know those terrible tweets that people read at the end of the night like Jimmy Kimmel or something like that and there's just me funny he's like mean tweets that's what I'm looking for you know never heard of that okay fuckin shitty where the people who they're written about read them like celebrities like the celebrities read them and it's funny that you like take it back and it's funny okay that's this is my version but it only happened it only happened literally at home which is the laziest right but these things are all said to me you know Dakota yeah in North Dakota um I'm not surprised but yeah one guy can I buy you drinks I said no thanks I don't drink yeah he said plus I'm twice your age and I said yeah and my husband is the guitar player he says man you were walking around before and I had no idea that you'd be able to play or be in the band but you got up there and killed it Wow so something that's a compliment in his eyes that's that's the worst part of that he thought he was being good yeah yeah and then and then that was the craziest thing about that whole entire experience at night is everyone thought they were being good and so the next person says to me I don't usually like your music but tonight I liked it no and they're just like crazy and I I mean that I mean wasn't so bad I guess I can kind of understand I'll just end on this one that but there there were more but at the same guy I call them shorts because you just wear shorts but he says if you just tweaked a few things you could be really good we should also bring me to the Connor's mom reposted one of our videos no yeah and someone just person we don't even know like one of her friends or something like that took the opportunity to to write on there the following unsolicited comment where they they were like they just took the opportunity to just tell this random person oh why can't I find it uh well okay I'm gonna have to paraphrase but you can find it on our Facebook because it is so worth it and the best part about it was that they just use like a bunch of commas to like oh like like three or four and it the extent of it was in a row was like I can't hear her she's singing out of tune they're off the beat no thanks you can have it you can keep it no thing that you can keep it and Connor's mom was so sweet she just responded like that's my son's band you know camera iPhones don't do it justice you know and and and I said my mom the text says she said she would tell that lady to jump off a bridge and she got real real aggressive so we're happy that Connors mom the one who reposted that and not my mom because my mom was ready to kill her yeah so so those are the mean things that people said her haters yeah that's good taking it back though good mm-hmm-hmm geographically where are we Philadelphia yes we drove through the night it's only like two hours or so mm-hmm Philadelphia I stayed with my cousin Bob I've never been to his address yeah no I've never been to his house before so I was really cool his dog oh yeah the mo greatest dog ever French meal of my life really cute oh you were rolling t-shirts there and whoa got ahold of one I've never seen anyone want one of our t-shirts that bad he's so cute Blake was chasing him around man I was trying to get her back I don't know just having fun and then we went to it's a Liberty Bell which why you know when in Philadelphia I think that's a question yeah I I actually found it oddly inspiring to be honest um I know sometimes like those the we've glorified some things sometimes you know and so they're not as awesome always as you you want them to be I guess but I found this one to be very inspiring just because it has been used as a symbol of resistance for a long time um and slaves use it as a way of like trying to be like hello people you sigh do you want Liberty for everyone where everyone um and and women use it during the Tsarist movement and so cool um it is yeah it's very interesting to me and it's also dedicated to the slaves really yeah I didn't know the connotations like that I didn't either until I went on and so and I found a lot of the like the stuff at the State Park that it's it's like it's a state park yeah yeah that they've chosen to use is like signage and things are on there and the quotes to be very interesting and I think very powerful against people who who think that you know America is supposed to be built a certain way you know like use their words against them yeah kind of style and so I found it to be incredibly inspiring that's honest so that's good Liberty Bell thought it was good cool then we tried to go see where the Constitution and those things were were signed and made yeah but yeah so you need tickets to go in yeah okay we settle billing so we went out the back way and there's a statue there John Barry father of the Navy Robert Kramer at 2017 as one of my favorite quotes from this whole tour [Music] picture with this statue just goofing around and yeah guy stands up his old must've been Philadelphia born and raised kind of guy you know he just stands up and because he knew everything you know and he was like he's just like no no that's not what you got to do he's like listen you stand there you stand there you stand there you take the picture such as takes this picture of us all mimicking the guy in the in the statue cuz he was like pointing and so we we took this picture we humored in like okay yeah that's fun and then he's like okay listen this is what you gotta do any points to these people he's like they didn't listen watching him do this they didn't listen you guys you go to that building you look at the doorway okay look at the the intricate you know that whatever on the doorway and then you go in come around you go out you go in that building you come around you go in that building okay go ahead get out of here okay and we did it and it was awesome like the architecture we thought weird about it but we did it's just like you know these law offices and like it's like a big building yeah and there was like very intricate like I would even call that it was like slack on the door yeah Brad don't ya just like murals of like yeah statues of like you know people doing last mosaic and like granite floors with like a big huge fountain and beautiful marble work yeah my stones there's definitely more interesting so I was listen to that guy in the park yeah who has random things to tell you and talk to the random guy he's giving out advice bobster you straight follow it to tea oh and then well no and then we played a show we have a space called lava space and we got hooked up through so Sam Stallman yeah Minneapolis a good friend she pretty still pretty still with Iowan between Kingston wolf I am in contact with Alyssa Melissa does girls rock and roll reduce there's like a system of people throughout the country who do these wreck and roll retreats and so then I emailed her and and then she hooked us up with this great show a lava space and there were all sorts of people there who had played my not before was this was this space like yeah it was very similar to like Pangaea house proper like and actually nice the first and iteration I would say because it had like a library and community community for internet access for anyone that need and open hours and nice it was a venue nice so like real legit like community space yeah yeah and they've been running for over ten years I'm pretty sure and they they like are the police the meeting place of a lot of like action groups too so like you know well kid meet and try to make change and things so yeah and so we played there and yeah that was a fun show it was hot he but it was it was really fun and well attended cool so for every city nice yeah spaces like that are always really fun just because they have good vibes usually yeah yeah some people that yeah so we played with this band from columbus i called good shade and they're really good the the main songwriter shane i think anyway they it's their music but he has people just fill in for tour i believe oh cool okay cool so the bass player was dude pat and who i think initially played in my not with it's confusing me because there's a minneapolis band with a similar name and so i can't remember which one was his yes puberty wounds i think was his from columbus and then pleasure wounds is another one yeah initially that's a good to group right grouping those together like wow but then stench consultants stench consult yeah recently is what he played with and like that was an interesting also because it was like out in the woods in Minot with like an did they did a battle set with Oh with super crimes yeah really cool and so he was playing bass Austin from the band delay who played Minot years ago time ago he was playing drums for them for good shade and so those two were randomly and there I mean what I mean obviously not randomly they're in the same band but you know they both had played Minot with different bands that was really cool and then Jenna from hers his hers are hears I think years but I never I've never heard anyone say it out loud before yeah I feel like she said here's but anyway I've always said it hers I might be wrong but H AI R yeah yeah yeah and so like trans hardcore punk yeah yeah they played this last last year or this winter or something so they were there and then Dylan from the taxpayers which I don't know if you guys ever checked them out before but they played mine out a few times and I just they put out a record this year that just blew me away so really really and those four people were randomly there and it kind of was just it was just crazy to me that they were they were all and the same at the same show you know that we were playing yeah totally and so we took a picture and it was cool nice all four of them made me happy made Zach very happy his little things I do you know it's like yeah yeah and four great bands - oh that night was like show like part of what's really fun about two areas like meeting new music like I know musicians or like and being super excited about them and that night music was super good good should kicked ass I really enjoyed them I mean everybody playing the show kicked ass but they were the band that I was like yeah that spoke to you yeah like tour though they're one of the top from yen for sure I know mhm yeah they're great that feeling of like knowing a whole bunch of people in like a random place so like ah small world yeah is in the DIY why we're all do I'd say it's a smaller world than you'd think yeah yeah yeah and then going wants to further Austin from delay who was playing drums and go shade I had been emailing with his twin brother trying to get a show at a record store in Columbus that yeah so that was random too so I'd like hey how you doing I really gotta pee you go pee okay that's fine after Maria Rivera moved down there Wow how many years ago a couple now like - yeah moved there from my note from my nap Josh was the drummer in my band whose answer our band I was in rather he just one day he was like I'm gonna start because he got really into hand pans which is if you don't know it's a it's a steel drum that's been turned upside down put a bottom on it and it looks like a little UFO and then they tuned it just because steel drums you know they tuned them obviously but like they like it when it's kind of dissonant sounding apparently okay like come on get these weird overtones from different notes it's like yeah it's fine with with hand pans they really obsessively tuned every hole frequently interesting okay huh and so and Josh is one of like that I mean I guess I I'm thinking that it's not just you know that I know him and that he you know shirks for them but like one of the top makers right now called surahs' and they go insane with tuning like every show our tone and every like one hostile frequency um the the opening there's an opening on the bottom you know that gets tuned to a frequency hit and did you go see his like his yeah and it's that it says house nice he Tunes these for this company oh yeah so so going back he started building the steel drums yeah because he got really into playing hand pans yeah like way back in the day and he's like I'm gonna build I'm gonna build these I really want to get in his to making these and so he started making steel drums for like a year in his garage yeah and then started going because he would always go to these festivals where they would meet up the makers and the players of these cool hand pans it's a cool culture yak and it's a very new instrument it's only like ten ten years old I think yeah I think maybe mm yeah yeah so it's very new instrument and there's a lot very interesting kind of already kind of an interesting history with like the individual builder and lawsuits and craziness and so it's it's kind of interesting but anyway long story short now he makes them he Tunes them for this company in Nashville and he works from home you know he just he just Tunes these all day and just lives in a really cool place and we got to stay there with their dogs and them and and there's also some friends of theirs from Australia staying there so we got to kind of hang out and nice had dinner and and it's like the epitome of like do what you love and the money will follow kind of you know I kidding it was so impressive to kind of like watch that from the start because it's like it was just a true and sincere interest and then like the ability to just hunker down and like learn all he could off the internet it's just like so inspiring to me that particular story because it's like it was hard hard earned and and now he gets to do what he loves all day long you know it's more fun you know that's great great to see and he lives you know five minute walk from mug factory oh shit oh shit and indeed it was awesome is really cool did you ever gig in in Nashville I know that was one of those kind of tried but then I was like yeah these are kind of either yeah too big of places or like I can't find anything smaller really is what came down to yeah yeah and it sounds like a good place to chill over yeah okay so fucking mug here we go well you you walk into the they have a shop in the front and they just have all these synthesizers out that you can mess with so we did that for a few minutes waiting for the tour to start my first time playing a theremin oh that was cool a mogul factory tour oh yes oh yeah it's free hell yeah so we took the tour and they talked about Leon theremin and I don't know the whole the whole history of Mowgli's I actually chairman is a last name yeah yeah the guy who invented the therapy was like a Soviet engineer or something yeah I think your stick forced to work Ruud going on that's good yeah oh well you know they just sort of went over the story of you know bug's life and and stuff like that and I was pretty familiar with that story because I've watched documentaries and stuff yeah yeah it was still cool to be there and then we went into the factory which is surprisingly small and there was only like what like less than 20 people in the place just hand building synthesizers and tests and stuff and it was amazing cool there was more people upstairs that where they don't let you go in the R&D department the engineering engineering they don't show you that they just tell you about it and it's like oh the secret new stuff yes I know you don't go up there yeah but it was cool they had like some old modular systems on display like Oh classic old mogh modular systems they had a Fairlight CMS or CMI which is not a mug system but it's like one of those early samplers where you could use the stylus to edit waveforms it was like big and like the Tears for Fears records like they used it a lot yeah just and it was so expensive back in the day so it was hard to see one in person yeah because there was only if I feel like they only made it like a handful of them and they were only afforded by like tears for bigger people yeah and then we got to see that room at the end of the tour have you ever seen those like Moog sessions where they have like the walls of synthesizers and sequencing equipment and stuff I'm not sure I know what you're talking about okay well it's like videos I don't know in 82 yeah they have like artists come in and mess with their new stuff and oh nice it's like yeah it's like a studio oh it's session you know I mean like I don't know you don't talk about like an audio yeah yeah something like that but like most stuff and it's cool so you got to see that room oh yeah nice I always I mean like I really had no interest to be honest like I wish you know I should about synthesis I didn't know I didn't um but after that's but I was sort of like I think I need a mini milk but yeah I know like just like the math II sort of component of music has never really liked the waveforms and like that kind of stuff it's just not like how I approach this but then being able to touch it and then like being able to move the the dials I was like actually I maybe could get interested in this like you know I just didn't appeal to me before because it wasn't really a tangible way but then once it became too Hannibal I was like this is super interesting to me you know I was like one of those so no wolf gateway drug I don't know it is yeah don't get into it I know yeah so between the handpan and the the minimo girls we have a lot of money to come up with it yeah Zak and I we were both sort of like we need one I really want a hand pen from from just guys that'd be good really excited for this next vanity play record mini mugs and a theremin you know because I know that women were like the premiere you know like theremin players and I was like okay I didn't realize the theremin like that there was like a rhyme or reason like really I just said it was like a noise making you know like I didn't realize that you can actually like play notes and stuff but that seems very dumb but I yeah I just didn't realize there was like a real art wait I mean they knew there was an art to it but not that kind of so little of the amount of people that play it know how really great sorry I'd always just seen it if you will yep What did he say there's only like five or six official titles yeah I'm a Thurman mask seriously though they like fly people around the world to play Thurman the people who play it well which is amazing you have to imagine that being your job I've always wanted to go to like sort of like any synthesizer place and like watch Robert because I've heard it's really good and whenever I've seen pictures of Robert just like testing it out touching the dials I'm just like yeah that looks like Robert in his element since mode that he gets in and it's really cool I think I may have had pictures there might be pictures in the Facebook of in synth mode I didn't know it was a thing but I think it's a thing there's a long time I don't know that about yeah yeah I yeah I got into it like late middle school and like I know stuff about synthesis but isn't I didn't know yeah he didn't ya tell us I've been even more about like the pictures of you in heaven yeah his his second name is actually gives mo genius oh that's wonderful it also just remind me of Chris Brown because he's always tried to explain to me how like sound works and I was just like okay I kind of understand this now yeah so hmm I have a headache classic so I'm gonna make noise and get more medicine good all right getting the drugs out this is a pretty classic tour thing right now - do you do a lot of yeah I had had drugs had drugs it's true I seen him in ofin ibuprofen and I've heard that acetaminophen helps with existential crises Oh does it I should be really cured of research on that I got a friend who's addicted to it joking my answer his name's Roy I'm sorry I mean I guess what we're talking about hell if anybody have any fucked up health things unto her I got sick I got sick immediately like exactly what happened like cold sick or the shitty and sick from the Thai food just cold cold sick okay I'm still sick oh really I had it for the first half of her and then I gave it to him for the second death and I remember I remember the moment when it happened it was in Milwaukee and I was like Robbie wanna try this oh I'm just getting over a cold yeah about a week and my body just went insane oh yeah I won't go into details but it was it just classic my body and it just goes insane and then it's just really hard to handle and I had to star in my eye at the same time whole four and and I formed like a Meryl Munro's it besides of Texas also like right above my lip that man that was a good look thank you yeah I really I thought I thought about just putting some eyeliner on it and just like really going to town but yeah so yeah Zach somehow managed to say pretty healthy yeah it really is was it like stress-related and yeah when I do anything to my sleep schedule then I just my body goes insane and so I had like a lot of headaches - you sure I'm which is pretty typical for me I do yeah um and so yeah I just yeah gross so I took a lot of lot of medicine gross what's in your cabinet oh I have this really awesome prescription right now it's part Utah part caffeine part acetaminophen that oh you should all look into that if you get migraines my mom is a physician's assistant and I started getting headaches and I was like the best thing ever we're kind of in a terrible kind of way because then she started looking really hard for some some fixes drugs yeah yeah so that's that and then some also some BC powder which looks like cocaine but it's not nope you just put it under your tongue Rob I talked about that experience yeah it tastes bad what BC powder what is it it's aspirin and caffeine I think yeah just crushed oh looks like cocaine in little wax papers oh my god no it's real yeah little envelopes which I also swear by so if that's the thing an aspir cream on your neck those are my that's a good one yeah it's like old like arthritis medication like to like rub in it's like lotion yeah it's like icy hot except without that crazy smell and like and yeah so it's not smelly no it's just like it's like the same thing it just relaxes your muscles without the smell or the stuff yeah I highly recommend all those cool yeah I think one of the hardest things with tour health is that I had like this this past year or so gotten on a pretty high vegetable high-fiber diet yep and like going on tour it's like where do you find a fucking vegetable in this town you know like you're stopping at gas stations and it's just it was it was difficult which you know affected my regularity there's there's this vegan poet that I love Steve Rogan book okay after and he when he tours he does this thing called slamming the Bonzo's where he was just like buy cans of beans like our Bonzo beans he'll just open them up and eat them like the whole can bonds and you know I mean it's I you know I don't know that it's necessarily the tastiest thing that makes you feel good yeah so you've slammed some Bonzo's not my favorite thing but I would do I would do it on tour now I think you know yeah we because you're you're on the vegan train yeah yeah yeah cool but like a lot of like raw food it's like makes me die I'm like allergic to like raw food huh yeah like a lot of raw vegetables so Wow so I could like slam Bonzo's and like eat lettuce lettuce yeah which is really fucking good I will say just like okay fucking lettuce me and Blake had some amazing salads in Brooklyn not to backtrack on nice stories my first one had a bug in it really big but they brought me a second one and it was just as good I ate most of the first one and then I found the bug and I was like give you another one then they gave me another one is that whole one yeah I will say like this tour we went out with Ian tension of like cooking more so like there's a baby grill and like it's got like Bunsen burner kind of thing like one yeah I mean we had intentions of doing better I mean we cooked some meals but really not as many I think as we had intended no that's just the problem and it's elites that's why you got to just eat straight out of the can yeah um Amy's soups really yeah see what I'm talking about I super straight out of the can last I think it was like the most cushy tour that I've ever been on and somehow yeah I mean we always had places to say they were nice is like couches to sleep on or beds or you know and so it but even then even then it's still such like an erotic thing like in your shows are at different times every every night you know so like we tried to cover about as much ground as we did last year with three or fourth fewer days so the drives had to lengthen a little bit oh sure you know what I mean because last year we went way west coast corner and turned around this time it was kind of the opposite east coast owner totally and like but we had just a few fewer days so I had to lengthen those up a little bit and that's why we just I just didn't ever have time for anything they're always rolling right before and then like if you want to eat before the show then you should probably get some food somewhere and then go you know yeah we got to stay at at least three mansions though who they were but or there was at least three mansions no it was like it was insane they were yeah yeah there's nuts bunk beds Connor got the top bunk highlights after Asheville well low light I walked into the lake with my phone in my pocket and so at Asheville I lost my phone to the world and it was it's been kind of nice yeah from whence it came are you so phoneless thank you guys yes but it's Jazz's phone Jeff do whatever I need to do which it's almost why not fest so I'm like emailing a lot of total working stuff totally so it's been cool o22 that we swim near a waterfall sexy lake it was like it looked like some Gold Beach shit frankly on a larger scale kind of nice yes like a couple mile hike like opposed to this waterfall nice yeah he's always like this super secret spot kid but it's like a landmark yes oh cool should dip under that fall oh yeah Linville farm well we weren't supposed to like go next to it cuz it could like really you know take you on it's really fun Connor and I did a lot of jumping yeah nice jumping nice that was really fun I just enjoy being around nature in the water so I just like floated in the middle a little bit would be cool if like the hands could like go on to her and like like when we play acoustic but like oh when we play outside nicely pretty places I would be so in and and that was kind of like what I wanted to happen this year a little bit more it was just a little bit more time to just like stop and be in the outdoors a little bit more yeah cuz that road like if you're just in the van the entire time you're not really seeing anything you know you're just seeing the van which is good in its own way yeah yeah what was it what was your route coming back in terms of so Asheville is pretty much a New York it kinda was like that almost a turnaround so go Philadelphia and Nashville were kind of swing back okay and then we had another day off we were trying to get something in Nashville but just there it was just a dead end and Nashville everything sucked dang to get and so we just said whatever and we and most of the day Nashville again that's when we went to the movie Factory and then drove and the Falls and then drove to Galesburg no no wait sorry no no we stayed that night after Asheville we stayed in Ohio again with the my childhood friend aargh a nice we ended up and they cooked for us both times I was amazing some really good breakfasts and and then we went to Galesburg Illinois which another one of the highlights of the trip was Galesburg okay cool it was put on by the Galesburg DIY collectors they're just awesome people so it was weird because it was like a collective that books so DIY that's great very similar to what we have going on with sure Pangea house stuff and Minot and then it was the show was put on in an art gallery that's like collectively run seemingly yeah and that's a good new thing brick it had it just like I don't know if like a month in existence or whatever so then we started talking some shop and that reminds me of like that was really fun memorizing of like Pangaea Space 3 with like you know the white walls and like a little bit nicer looking and you know the one that was yeah yeah so but we just had a chance to just kind of like chat it out and they were asking me questions about like nonprofit and how we you know how we structure ourselves and so there's an opportunity for a little bit of we cut there and jump right into business I know on accident but he and I uh I just like giving that information because we spent a long time like to learn it it's just they were super happy to hear all that we were shop talking so that was of course naturally one of my favorite places to vote because no it's like I can it's my thing yeah yeah and it was right next to the there's like a street fair it was like a food no this thing it's a taste of Galesburg and so you got some good food again we ate some food made some some good food I had a I had a bad soggy euro that was bad and then I had a good bowl of beans very vibrant descriptions upset me hoping for a good piece I had some really good spaghetti everything we tried wasn't up to the spaghetti stuff homemade noodles sauce big ass meatball food becomes a thing on to you yeah [Music] and we went to the show and it was it was just really cool it was like I said it was very reminiscent of Pangea house 5 and everything the show was attended I I mean what I was 90% women it was really great it's really great there's a cool scene it's just a really awesome atmosphere everyone was super nice and and just like again the excited people you know like the people who like are excited when you're done and like you know talked to you and they're just like so happy that you came and like that can really make a difference doesn't matter how many people are there but like totally you're like if they're into it and those kids are into it so that was really nice yeah that's wicked the DIY spots basically honest or just the best finagle the show they jumped on a show that was already going on at the Eagles I mean ice mat made me feel good too yeah that was like one of those like where your friends come through and make things happen for you you know so we didn't have anything going on for a significant amount of time and like I just threw some like help me emails out into the ether Oakland like girl really wanted yeah I didn't get to play though yeah has there were already four bands on my bill so well I mean you live there I just know I'm helpless right now are you really mean yeah uh plus I'm Maddie no no it was disappointing though I was like cuz I wanted to play a show there and because I got friends there who see me yeah was too bad no that was a really fun show because I can't sorry yeah it was a great show for you we had yeah cuz you know like you said you know Rob lives there his address so it would have been nice to have you there but we had a good show with a lot of our friends came out and family members of mine oh three we counted like 15 that's a lot fifteen family oh no friends and family members so that's a show that you're away from home from it was a last minute show that we you know heart why names really a needed boost nice and uh moved to some interesting bands and had a good time in Minneapolis I tried to get my phone to work the guy I went to the Apple Store oh yeah and the guy was like dropped in a lake and the guy was like okay he turns there was like oh yeah you need a new phone it took one look at it nope this is done yeah so Dunkirk oh yeah yeah it's for Nolan's i world war 2 over 2 which yeah like that to the bathroom you missed like one of the more crucial it was like so the scene was so quiet I'm missing for like one minute and I came back and I was like what is happening oh wow I don't think we could talk about it without like me just trust us that was like a pivotal moment yeah and uh so anyway and then somehow you get to South Dakota in the midst of all this yeah after Minneapolis we play we got another last-minute showing Morris I love me which we love that place this place called the platform worth it's by its Minnesota Morris Minnesota Sauk center oh maybe I know Minnesota Fergus Falls area maybe anyway I don't know I could be wrong but there's a branch of the University of right right and it's a little college town yeah there's a DIY collective there or well cool a venue rather I don't know if they call themselves collective I don't know either but it's called the platform and - two or three days we got the show we booked it he's like yeah we'll do is this guy Andrew who he hooked as he helped us out on mini tour last year with nice plate so that was cool and we had a good time and he's like yeah let's do it and then two days later like or rather two days before we're supposed to play he's like dude the venue flooded oh yeah so I don't know what's gonna happen and we're like crap well that shows cancelled that sucks and then like the day before the show he was like oh we just moved it to another place it's gonna be fine we're like oh my god that's amazing so we played like a house show kind of thing oh cool huh which is a really cool interesting place because it was like a house there's like an apartment underneath a dance studio and yeah and it's like a it's like one of those places that gets handed off to the punk scene kind of goes like that I guess like people have been living there consistently for like 10 or so years nice rotating out see they just hand it off to the next like like Chum sure your house and that's pretty cool you know I actually give the chilton somebody go there and find out who's living there now yeah exactly had a fun time there and South Cobb played I play and then South Dakota swoops in to save the day so we have a bunch of like shows that we're not a thing and so and we drove a fair amount of miles I mean we're not a thing they went like well like the shows that fell through okay so I'm getting to the point here that we are in the hole we are in the hole by $300 okay and then South Dakota swoops in and the shows that we have booked their save the day relatively speaking our friend Dillon from the darning Hart's book decision oh cool in Spearfish nice because they were already booking us in Rapid City and then we were like hey we don't have anything the day before do you have any ideas cool so he they came up and played with us in Spearfish at this bar and at first it was kind of sad looking because we didn't think anyone would care or anything you know and seemingly they didn't at first sure there's not very many people around you know and it was kind of there's a lot of talking and everything the thing is they still want to talk during our set Rob but they just can't yeah because it's too loud yeah we do need to go D like that part of the conversation about how playing is an acoustic performer how does that feel Rob just nobody gives a shit you know it's like when when Connor was talking about the movie he's like that's a quiet part I'm not gonna miss anything no it's like that's basically like look playing as an acoustic act is on the road you know people see an acoustic guitar and the brain just shuts down it's uh so yeah we tried to talk about what that was - you know it's like it's the same song is this seeming like you know like if I was playing with the bands I think it would be a totally different thing well I was cuz I couldn't you know for drive last year it was like super like everyone was so excited afterwards so many CDs are sold they know I'm like I don't know what it is it's like what does the music vibrate people's like serotonin levels I don't know what I don't know what has it but truly it's the same song as it's just acoustic and like everyone could care less I don't know couldn't realize that sucks yeah it was like I didn't expect it to be like people like talking over you a lot when you're playing for sure I mean definitely in the bar environments more so because people aren't there to listen to an acoustic guy play what about what about like DIY DIY spaces were super respectful and the most receptive okay and the most well attendance so like overall just better but yeah I I had no idea that it would be that way Wow it was a good learning experience yeah that's super interesting now I know - never - never do that that's my first DIYs and I was like I'm never doing that again and and why it's just nobody cares like it or like and sometimes I think it's just acoustic music it's more relaxed you know and so like when you relax you do things like look at your phone but I can't see you you know what I'm saying so it looks like disinterest and it feels very much like I mean it is dysentry well yeah yeah and but I've been experiencing that lately too because if it's like played just a couple of aces like spicy pie and things like that acoustic again cuz I was like oh maybe like it was like oh I'm gonna do this acoustic solo thing again after this I watching that I don't think I'm going to really huh that sucks it was like I I love hearing you acoustic because I can actually hear you sing you know I can hear the words it's wonderful I I don't know yeah it's disheartening I mean I think you know if you're the kind of person that will watch an acoustic act then you are and it was like at at every show there'd be one person who will really appreciate ya you know and is that like what I was gonna say is that the thing where it's like honestly not everyone has to be [Music] necessarily into music or into the style of music or interested to like be like this band is loud and fun you know I mean I can just kind of bop along and like yeah you know Amanda's more pay attention exactly and so like you have to kind of be I don't know this is hard more artist oriented to appreciate acoustic for what it is and like you know and just maybe you know have that ear to like really like I like what's happening here you know I mean I can focus on it and appreciate it in the moment I don't know do you have to have like a certain ear for music I don't know I don't know not music rob is so good like guitar like and I cannot like do that so like watching that happened him and just like I don't know if you get better and you guys are just like not paying attention like wait to play in a Christmas show is like if you're playing a show and you know people are showing up to see you you can play acoustic yeah because people are listening but you don't want to just like hit people cold with an acoustic set is it it's just not gonna it's not gonna work I don't think yeah it's so weird cuz I remember talking to you about this yeah all right like playing and punk rock bands like yeah sometimes you feel like no one wants to hear a loud band and solo acoustic would be better like right they don't it feels like almost 90% of the time yeah she'd almost be that but then like seeing this it was like well what do you have to do it's true and it was like that that was actually that shows you where they were talking during Rob's at and then then we started setting up and like just like dinking around or whatever and then they left because it was too loud by the end of the site a lot of people had come back but truly there is no happy medium like it was just the weirdest thing I don't and like in don't get us wrong like that show was actually really fun once it got going but and into it but it was like the way that it was set up though it was like we're over here playing for the tables and there's like no one sitting at the table as everyone's at the bar which is like no I'm on the left side it's behind me over to the left so like everyone is a corner from us yeah and so we're playing - like seemingly no one you know my aunt Rhonda yeah and Rob and you know we're just we just play it and it was like we'll just do this whatever but like by the end of it people were like really into it and like just super nice and and an appreciative of us appreciative of us coming there you know yeah and like just like so thankful and so yeah it was really good and then you know got us out of the hole a little bit too and stuff but it's just an interesting conversation on what do you need to do as an acoustic performer to get respect I don't know yeah totally not sure it's fine though I didn't mean to make this podcast into it a pity party for it's not a pity party though it's a real conversation yeah all of us totally experience because you don't always get to play with a band you know what I'm saying or like or my thing right now what do I do like I want to write new stuff but like sure I do I I don't know that I want to do solo I don't know because I played a spicy pie the other day and it was the loudest loudest thing ever and I'm like what the flip is the point of me dance you know like there's the really paying attention to me and why that Frick did you book music in here you know it's like it's a very interesting thing it's like people think they want music sometimes but they don't really want music literally every other week because of Pangea stuff we get asked to book music for certain things in my not like this like whatever like your your Art Walks your you it's like yes you want music but you want music that can be easily forgotten on the background and turned down you want and not loud you want a live iPod you know right I mean just like you can you'll be like oh there's a band here that's cool whatever though you only want it live because it looks cool you don't actually want to like you know cuz you want to say there's live music but then you want us to turn down so we can barely be audible and and everyone can talk over the top of us it's like just get an iPod holiday yeah I don't know I'm going back here what I mean honestly just getting real it was like Rob was not treated very well on this tour like at all I really excluded from flyers and stuff really it was for a lot of for varying reasons varying reasons you know it happens sometimes you know things get lost in translation when you're meeting your message we were very good about saying that it was happening yeah that's the other thing like we were like we're traveling with someone there was a lot of random just that's I didn't put it on the flyer etc for Rob yeah he got there but it's a good experience though like I don't know getting shit on for a couple of weeks like it could I don't know it was a good it was good practice and like I still you know I still feel ready to put that suit on yet that is yeah but I mean I think another thing about it is like I think a lot of people don't necessarily make the distinction between like a song and like the sound of a song you know so when you strip something down and you don't have a band on it because I feel like the the material I brought on the road for this tour was like distilled you know it was like just songs yeah yeah and I think sometimes people need more flash than that yeah you got to look them in the eyes yeah look em in the eyes make lewd motion it's hard for me too because when when your songs are like the best shit I've heard in like a long time it's like and no one seemingly cares you know it's just like what am i doing you know what's my music then see but Edna is that commentary on our culture then like does it need to be like absolute stimulation all the time in order for you to understand and to like appreciate something like just because I have my loud flippin bass like now you're gonna pay attention to me I mean let's be clear though you guys have an amazing round of songs as well thank you yeah I don't even know that that's it you know because their songs but they're just played loudly right there really people are appreciating the songs even with you guys yeah yes lutely it's just a little more going on to stimulate people that are just constantly over stimulated yeah well so South Dakota South Dakota saved the day and then we got deep but truly like well like this conversation deep in the cave yeah we take over the nameless Cape we didn't play the cave but you chilled in the cave we chilled on the case so Natasha Owens a cave and it is glorious and definitely made my trip last time and they were just like super they really I mean truly saved the day like I don't know that we would have been able to book those shows without their street cred you know and like and like really and they played with us so that it was a longer sight so that we could play the bar and like you know that whole thing and so they really just like came through and they're awesome people yeah so that that's another thing that just makes you feel good as like when when people you know and do everything they can for you you know that's like a nice heartwarming thing you know and so we felt that way with South Dakota this time and now then we played Bismarck no I went last night yeah he showed up it was really surprising and awesome and Lindsay travelled to Morris Minnesota yeah Cody and nice and Jordan drove to Minneapolis to pick up Lindsay to meet us in our show in Moline Moline I Illinois which is the Quad Cities but it dropped oh and so they they made it to Minneapolis and we're gonna come hauled away to Illinois and surprise us but they found out that show drops so that was cool and then Lindsay showed up in Morris and then Evan showed up in Rapid City Rapid City was one of my favorite shows because Evan showed up yeah I was playing I was just playing forever it's great yeah we played in an improv theatre like a new n which cool oh my gosh that's what I was like every time I've gone there in the last few years I've been liked this is I like this I did too and make the like the Black Hills around it and like it has a cool vibe and the downtown is like actually pretty hoppin and like and it was I've a theatre degree so it was really awesome to me to like see like a theatre venue being able to exist they move from seemingly another place that wasn't downtown to a downtown location I mean they must be doing well enough to move there and so like I don't know I thought it was just it was inspiring to me in that way to to see that and there were two little kids running around I think they're Natasha's kids and they decided they were security for the night so they were running around with like a nerf gun and at one moment they said the little boy said to the girl like you go look for any bad actors which made me laugh so hard I don't know what happens when you find a bad actor do you shoot them with your nerf gun I don't know so I was really trying hard to just pretend like I was just a musician be directors or like bad actor is a phrase I don't know so it was that was really cute it was super sweet gave him some patches and some button they the little boy came up to me and asked like can I get some patches some stickers buttons and I was like oh yeah totally and then later he came back and he was like can I get some for my sister too and I was like oh yeah you know just like super fun any time anytime like a venue has children like it's a really good sign I love it yeah yeah I don't know and to grow up in that I just like I can't can't imagine what my life would have been like if if I would have grown up doing that you know I think in like traveling strangers and stuff and just yeah and I'm watching all the things that like that those kinds of things bring you know like that night there was like a puppet like on stage with the person who was singing you know like I mean you're creative and artistic avenues like you could just watch how anything is okay you know like I think it would be kind of interesting yeah they're called insomniac folklore and they were it was like a it was like a whole show they kind of do you know it was like very theatrical it was she had a little lamb puppet thing that was fun stompbox yeah yeah that's cool so Bismarck yep it was awesome yeah great crowd thunderous applause after every song is great okay and now his people are so happy to hear your songs awesome yeah vindication right there and that's I was like watching that made my heart swell because I was like holy crap finally thank goodness Wow it just it was nice yeah it was great to come back to that do you think that literally there were as many people there as like legitimately I do it was close no it may be a little less but like there was a lot of people there and then there was a lot of not people there yeah I guess Philadelphia and and yeah that makes it hard Milwaukee even actually oh yeah there were a lot of people in Milwaukee if that's an interesting thing too it's like why do you ever leave when you come home and you to see like this room packed full of people yeah there is an interesting thing you gotta go on to play the homecoming show I know yeah yeah great night really great night it was awesome nice to be home I even at the merch table there was a tape that disappeared that was not yeah but that's pretty cool wanted one which is nice awesome are your tapes secret I looked online and I didn't see not secret I just did I did a run of a hundred yeah basically I'm planning on redoing most of these songs with a band later in the year and so I wanted to do a limited release that sort of was like what I would be touring so just acoustic tres nice oh yeah it's kind of it was kind of a demo thing I wanted to limit the the blast radius of the release okay which worked perfectly because no one can get out of the hole this is for no one but like are you gonna yeah maybe I'll just put the remaining copies to be purchased online every copy comes with a download code like on your yeah okay cuz it's on Bandcamp has a private release because of the download it's okay they're available through Bandcamp so okay all I need to do is make it unprofitable for sale or whatever nice so yeah the remainder of them I can ship out to whoever would like loan robert crain VanCamp documents nice it's a really really good yeah okay well and then you're headed back to Minot yep you ever gig there tonight or no you okay yeah it's awesome then yeah some of that yeah gory yet guerrilla time yeah and those are some of the last shows we'll play I don't know and fast is the very last and then right we make decisions I don't know what happened to happen from there yeah because Blake you're moving to what's your address in Minneapolis hello Mac Doric oh man no yeah I had just moved to st. Paul at the a of July got to spend two weeks there and then immediately want to immediately for to immediately leave for tour I don't know if I said that right the piste anyway yeah so these last they everyone's making a big deal that josh is leaving sorry his last few shows no one talks about me you know yeah buddy you're not done yet so let me announce no yeah no this has been extremely weird yeah yeah just you know I don't know what the future holds and I guess I shouldn't like actually say anything that think but I do I do want to take some time away from music I think oh really yeah away from playing in bands for a while it was cool just to cuz I don't know like I felt really bad on this too or a night I guess I don't want to take the spotlight but just like you got this moment well and you have it and you know like you get a moment yeah this is your moment it's like just one no this is what Eminem was talking about no just you know I I kind of felt bad this tour just like you know I don't I don't know that Touring's really for me I'm sure that playing bands or is for me anymore and so what made you feel that way ah it's been a long time coming it's just like I don't know that I feel the same way that everybody else does sure you know and like and this isn't saying that I feel one way or the other is right because you know music and art is completely subjective yeah you know everybody has their own opinions about things like you know you guys love playing to people and and I do too I just it's it takes a lot out of me then it does other people yeah I hear ya and especially touring like I just I get I'm very a very private person so like being in a van and you mix with people constantly is hard for me and I know a lot of people don't understand that but it's very hard for me so you know I just need to take always take some time sure but I'm gonna you know make music by myself yeah I mean you love you have plain I love playing so music I love making music nice gonna do some arm agonal records I am are you real yeah before tour I started working on some stuff nice so I'm ready to go back to that and the last Megan old record was just like I mean you were there for a lot of it yeah you know long nights of just like improvising and it was just a lot of stuff that I just kind of duct tape together and made a record and it kind of made it was a good duct tape yeah yeah I mean you know like I into it yesterday for the first time since I released it nice and I was just like you know this is it I'm actually pretty proud of this and um but you know I actually want to be focused on something and actually instead of you know just kind of throwing it together make a make another record that cool cool that's awesome I mean yeah taurine just it's not for some people like recording like there are different art forms completely I mean absolutely even just like it's like it's just a whole other illusion you know yeah and craft and maybe that'll suit you better yeah you know if you were coming in here saying like fuck it I'm selling my guitars I was like are you okay yeah no definitely definitely not that you know like Josh and I had talked a lot about it past you because josh the last vanity plate drummer and algorithm drummer you know he's I don't know that he's giving up on music but he's going to school and yeah not solve his drum yet it sold everything and you know that's just not for me you know my my relationship with life is very deeply embedded in music yeah and playing yeah for sure does eating art for sure it is you know that's that's how I celebrate life yeah and purpose in it yeah I mean it's it's fun watching you play live because I see that yeah you know and you know like last night watching Robert play I like teared up a lot and like kind of playing it was just like gosh I wish I would have just enjoyed this a lot more you know not been so like in my head and sure Matt agree with myself you know cuz these these guys I love them so much yes and they've done so much for me in my life and I couldn't be more grateful but I think I'm gonna take a little time that's good who's to say like that's the only way to do it you know like I think people get really like caught up in like why would you do this if you're not gonna to her you know like I don't know that that's necessarily like the reason we play music you know which is maybe another thing to like bring it back to what we were saying before is like do you play your songs or write your songs you know for you and there's that you know right you know maybe it's it's hard though when the audience seemingly doesn't care I don't know but but maybe it's just for you yeah I think I I think I don't want to go on a far reaching tour like this anyway and I think a Midwest tour is it's kind of wherever you are all feeling you think really quiet no Texas a nope I'm just keeping that circle or something it was a discouraging tour though like I I feel a little bit like not touring for a while I don't know yeah I feel you we're doing like little small shots here and there shows seems so much more I don't know that and just like any time we go on a big tour it's like always for a band that's probably not gonna complain much long right sure you know Juniper Drive last year yes touring a dying band I like to think the herd you did both view the acoustic and the Juniper Drive just for me well Robert was playing I was like honestly is the best well and like what are you supposed to do we made this record it's like never take it out you know like I mean that was like it made sense to do but yeah I don't know mm-hmm yeah yeah I think well it's all pretty fresh for us right now like there was a lot of ups and downs but there it was just the beginning of especially was very disheartening in a lot of ways like for sure for like the shows dropping and like sort of okay turnouts and some of them and it was just you know Fargo kind of glossed over Fargo that was a really good show yeah at the Red Raven Scott hooked us up oh cool if the girl shall we play with free Truman dang drawn a blank whilst we played with Oh a band phone parlor voice yep in Michigan nice and it was a great time and there's some videos I think on our Facebook or Instagram of of our friends daughter Annie dancing it's like on stage that's funny holy cow and they're like the dance moves are so thank you so cute oh man yeah so cuz she was kind of getting tired of being there she'd been there for a while and I was like sure you're gonna come dance Miami which turned into right dancing on the stage which way oh yeah I'm wonderful didn't she like come up to you Robert and give you a high five and say good set yes and congratulating me on my said she's the cutest so smart I can't even she was listing off the planets in order and then and then she missed went up or something like that or called the Sun a planet and her dad was like no no not a planet and she was like sure but anyway there were lots of ups and downs and it was right it just got kind of long because and grueling because of the the shows that were just dropping in order and so we're driving for like two days with nothing and it just wears on you oddly enough I think for me it was better for that reason so cuz like we had places like we took time to stop and we like like it was a little less grueling and so for me it felt better I mean obviously I don't want like the show's to not be well attended and like you know whatever but I I liked that we stopped and took time I'd like to go to Niagara Falls and we stopped in took Title II you know what I'm saying so like so if you are playing shows that aren't really like they'll have a lot of people at them or something like that like there's other there's relationships being you know and like experiences and so we thought and so for me it was it was better in that way I don't know each to their own yeah yeah so I guess two things the first half being if there are any like highlights that we missed and then the other half being I'd like to know like a little bit more future stuff what you guys are up to in the future but first like are there any other any other really like heavy either positive or negative no you know this was like kind of the most uneventful tour yeah like I always talked about like a comfort level to I mean like it really just was very like medium and we week we made good decisions we like didn't drive through the desert or like you know like you know like we I didn't get drunk very much you know yeah we were I feel like we may be cooled the mood I don't know as a kanigher boring so it's that's smart I remember will garrison talking about if you're gonna go into her the one thing you gotta learn is to not drink yeah well for vocals to I mean yeah yeah yeah yeah I think a highlight for me just to restrike New York like being in being in such a mythical place like how do that come to life was a real highlight for me yeah I don't know if I'm using this right but it was like kind of a pilgrimage I mean it seems like yeah like going to like the cultural yeah yeah and like kind of where America started in a way yeah yeah totally like it was really cool to see all that fine I mean there's there's got to be something to be said about going to the east coast you know with all this history like during the Trump administration you know just like I mean I think about the Liberty Bell and like just you know seeing all of this historical like United States yeah stuff or even just being in the midst of it as like it's crumbling yeah I want and I think that was like something for me as like right so I do these like Facebook updates and then post and just to also so US side note on that I mean did were people talking about that kind of thing you know but sorry yeah no and so living in North Dakota can be kind of isolating sometimes as far as that totally cooler thing is concerned and so for me I just kept reflecting the whole tour and every time I do it at or update I didn't mean to like hammer my friends over the head sure like but for me like traveling through the country seeing places with people of color and you know people who don't ascribe to the gender norms that we've created you know like it's just it was awesome and it was awesome to be surrounded by people who were not Trump supporters yeah yeah and I didn't realize how grating that gets on me sometimes you know until I went out and sort of like experienced that you know and was like in that for two and a half weeks and so I just couldn't help but just like my tour updates got a little preachy I think sometimes I'm just like come on football yeah please would you just like consider that what you're thinking for a second is just like so archaic like you know and then the Liberty Bell really hit me I was just like all of this stuff says like that it would be completely against everything that is happening in this moment you know like and it it just and you would agree with this because you're all about the founders and you're all about you know like just look at these words for a second like I don't know for me that like a lot of that was no I'm getting signs that they had up in Brooklyn so I can fight my Confederate Nations oh yeah I it's just your neighbor with a confederate flag oh I do yeah more than one they're flying it they're flying it was flying it it came up on the 4th of July I mean and I've been like really tempted yeah I've been really tempted to just do some vandalizing but but like really seriously it makes me that angry and I am not a person who likes to be in trouble but like seriously freaking makes me angry and so I'm like how do I cut like fight that and now you know I'm gonna just stick a sign in my yard I guess I don't know you're like at least so people around me can know that that they have a safe place to be and that all their freakin neighbors think that you're like it just frustrates me because there are people of color in our neighborhood like yeah yeah yeah yeah it's fucked kidding me yeah yeah yeah totally put up some signs put up some gay flags that's next we saw a truck the other day that they had there was just covered in stickers in the back and they had it on the tailgate of the truck it is three Trump pence stickers going like in one in the middle and two in the side and the one in the middle had a different Trump sticker over oh my god you didn't want fans somewhere else covered up another Trump sticker with the Trump sticker I was like what I feel like to just circle back a little bit to New York it was fascinating being in Manhattan because we walked by two Trump bill is disgusting and uh there was Lily yeah we by two different buildings that had Trump on them oh no miss Trump Tower and then he was from tower yeah there was a Secret Service you know vehicles outside are presumably Secret Service vehicles and it was fascinating being in that city because it's such a cultural you know center of of America and sort of getting this feeling like yeah this guy's got his name on a couple buildings here so what like the thing that has been built in the city you know like immigrants coming into Ellis Island and creating you know through living together like the whole cultural identity of America I mean obviously there's like Wall Street there's the gross like financial side of things that's like not as attractive but overall the vibe I got from the place was like at our best we you know come together and we build these amazing totally places where amazing things are created you know it felt like a very III had very fucked Trump feelings in New York mmm the general attitude was it just didn't feel like he belonged in New York you know yeah okay so just like quick slight future plans so Blake you're moving to st. Paul are you are you working you give plans Saturday Wow were you working or what you don't have to go anywhere but like no I'm I'm working at this place called the finish Bistro that sounds like it'd yeah it's cooking cooking yep they they just got rid of somebody and needed someone immediately it's like nice full-time gig nice so I'm gonna do that and then I got leads on this like program for computer programming software engineering nice so I think I might pursue that cool and then just make music and enjoy my time in the cities fuck yeah yeah cool yeah Connor what are you doing cuz so you're you're playing and what are all the man is your plan right now uh many months left and then spite net and you're you're drumming in spite nap yeah and the entire me yes okay and then you know this one or whatever is going on with this one but you guys and then I uh yeah at work you know full-time at my landscaping job and nice I'm still doing it oh yeah oh I'll probably be going to school again in the fall a PSA just yeah it's quite some generals under my belt and figure out what I really want to do nice to know I mean then just keep doing I'm doing nicely yeah that sounds good yeah and Robert you're are you Minneapolis or st. Paul I'm in Minneapolis yeah yeah I was how's the city treating you it's good you sticking around yeah I think so okay as far as I know yes I'm I'm working in mental health now and that's my interesting experience and it's you know good work it doesn't pay well but but I like it and it's flexible and you were doing essentially like eldercare it was before that I was doing like food work in nursing homes and stuff do you do you like this more less I think it's I think it's a better job I mean uh certainly better than the company I was with before I just was getting worked to death for the first six months there okay um so now I have a lot more time and I like my job I feel like it matters so I'm training to be a supervisor of a building under that company and we just help people with mental illness so a function more successfully in the community nicely the whole goal of the people I work with that's um that's some real John darn howdy says it's named Danielle yeah Mountain Goats did he do that kind of thing he did that kind of thing yeah oh man and I mean I'm kind of making an acoustic you know poet comparison here but sure you know you'll learn a lot man I mean I've learned a lot about a lot about mental illness and a lot about addiction a lot about the connections between mental illness and addiction and the justice system yeah yeah yeah I mean it's just like it's it's pretty deep once you get into it yeah so that's been a really cool experience and then I'm playing guitar in a band now really Rory Donovan holy fucking shit it's like pumps me up a lot yeah the band is called witch watch and it's like I guess you could call it gothy indie hell yes so they had put an album together and the witch watch yeah and they had put an album together I was telling Rory how like you know things are kind of slow with band stuff and he's like hey you know come play guitar in this band I was like well I'll try it and it's it's been great I really love all the people in the band and we're playing her first show at the Turf Club on the 16th so that's just been super killer that is so good yeah and then I'm trying to put together my own band nice which is just it it's a work in progress right yeah it's not all the way right yet but I'm gonna keep working on getting that put together and writing songs and doing my shits nice and Jasmine you're wondering if you're gonna play acoustic guitar or a mug synthesizer I am in like a state of wow who knows what will come out of me yeah I mean I've been kind of like half dreaming for quite some time about an electronic project but and then yell came through tarah pigeon a Terrigen and then like did so part of me kind of wants to like merge the theater world and like the singing world you know and like do some sort of like community thing while you do your thing and he did Ricky you laid on pillows and you like listen to his thing and surround sound you know the terrace family down yeah it is I heard like a little bit of this like through the grapevine but and then there's a there's projectors that project a movie on the ceiling hey lay down listen to his stuff watch a movie on the ceiling and everyone's laying on the floor together like super cute around the room he's got it all set up and it's like it's like different sounds are coming from different speakers and like okay and so like it's right between that and like medulla oblongata over the years like and their theatre troupe like DIYs that Chavez and and they like have the the audience like participate and one time they had like like umbrellas with lights through it and then you you it like the audience holds them up and it literally looks like the night sky and you're part of the play and they go so I mean really I don't know where I'm headed it's hopefully somewhere crazy and adventurous um and then I have other projects that are seemingly more normal like one with Travis and potentially that's like maybe folky and then whatever this turns into and potentially we have some plans on some big other things that Zach will probably talk about you but yeah so who knows it's always an adventure and then I got a new job so I'm hoping that that new job will allow me to actually spend some more time I'm doing these artistic things that I know you know passionately about so yeah you're not you're not working for the school system anymore mm-hmm no I found it all-consuming yeah and really I guess it should be it's people's lives and it's important and I applaud anyone who can who can do it for a very long time um but yeah so I've just I decided ultimately that I needed to do something else just so I could see some of these other things that make me happy so you know and you know kids I'm gonna miss the kids they're fun yeah and they're smart yep and they're underestimated that's true all of it yes hello um I don't know what I'm gonna be doing gotta go back to work I've been pretty much off of work for like a month with like one week there cuz I was at the International Music camp oh cool for a week and the ice and then back for about five days and then on tour so I've got some work to catch up on I don't know you know the only band really that's gonna be playing that I'm in is like mineral rights after sure after September I think because vanity plate and algo are all kind of who knows what's gonna happen yeah we're on hiatus if you will missed your dad I don't know we're kind of deciding what we want to do it's it's it's looking like we might be playing our last couple shows in September oh sure and calling it good on that band it's been a good five years but I think we kind of we're just kind of working our way in different directions musically I guess so that sucks but it'll be you know it's time probably for that band and then after that you know musically like I said we're gonna Christian and jazz and I have wanted to start a project nice we're starting to get off the ground here finally after why not fast we're actually doing it with a lot of other people too so it'll be kind of a big endeavor hopefully that works out then we get music music music stuff yeah like essentially an orchestra but like playing folk music and like try and get as many people as we can in one room to play to play like all the instruments you don't play anymore like your jaw bone yeah all right you know accordion trumpet whoever's got a mandolin that they can bring you know so we're gonna start organizing that icing that we've got some other things and after that honestly I have no idea what I'm gonna be doing musically in the next few months so I have to figure something out but he never has less than six bands so never seen this and we recorded the the algo record oh you did yeah except for vocals they have to be done but we we went out to a Chris Roshan's family farm is such a weird fucking band I just love it commitment the Caleb house to this Deborah LMSs vocal sound and just like let's just run with it yeah it's good stuff and I could it's a band started on a joke that was carried for five years and then morphed into something different and here we are it's perfect yeah that's pretty fun so that that will probably come out I don't know next year yeah it's gonna be an endeavor yeah it was like we got all the like bass tracks down like meaning like drums guitar yeah bass some other little fun things but I think mixing is gonna be another like yeah because Zach and I have been like you know well this would be cool and this would be cool and totally so and there's it's it's I don't want to say over produce but there's just a lot of stuff going exactly and it's gonna be an endeavor that I'm taking on it and I am very happy about it because I love doing that that stuff and it's gonna be fun to like take time to do it like I feel bad about the vanity play record because it was kind of like time crunch to like mix it sure but it turned out perfect so it is perfect in the moment the time that we had and for what it was you know what I'm saying like you have to like you have to think about that another cool thing as we stayed at Josh Rivera's house and he mastered the album before us nice yeah yeah I saw that and so he goes to talk shop with with they can rob come there that's pretty cool oh that's fun I fell asleep but I like watching it happen for a while nice so yeah all right well I suppose that's all the time we have for daxing people's addresses today we get on uh yeah well we get on the deep web version of hairy guy Wow okay well thank you all for coming you got to keep going on tour though so you can keep coming back and finds about it yes yeah yeah see how are you feeling mr. yogi well we're like that yeah oh thanks same thing those are nothing thank you [Music] well hell yeah alright so before before we wrap this up today I got one more address to two Doc's for you and it's it's my address for for this weekend if you're if you're listening when this comes out you might hear it before this actually happens but I'm playing a show the only show that I'm gonna play at all in what years at 2017 how the fuck is it August 2017 already I don't know but yeah so if you're in North Dakota come - why not best I'm playing Friday August 11th at 11:30 p.m. I'm gonna play a drum machine synthesizer set built for the dancing and here's the address 62 doors gallery and Studios 11b South Main Street Minot North Dakota five eight seven zero one so that's where I'm gonna be now you can find me yeah okay so I think that's it thank you for listening I really appreciate you hanging out in the digital world with me and vanity pipe and Robert if you want to do me a favor if you want to do the show a favor make sure you're subscribed and you know iTunes or wherever the fuck you listen to this if you are doing the iTunes stuff podcast go go rate it go give me a big ol five-star spankin and that'll help I guess I don't understand algorithms because I don't know how to do now but also if you want to be nice to me check the checkout goat Jesus can I talk anymore I'm so fucking bad at this oh do Spotify and follow my band's Nora and the janitors and citizen scientists yeah that's something shitty self plug for myself okay I love you thank you for listening stay tuned get stoked because there's a lot of new stuff coming soon and all right kisses and hugs and I I'll ask you up into the air and then I catch you and I swing you around and everything is wonderful [Music] oh-ho yeah nice and you know it was Ronald McDonald getting all up on the dog woof-woof thank you daya

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