#27 Call Me Yeah Yeah You Know What to Do

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On this episode, we listen to the rest of those phone calls I recorded last summer.

I was recently a guest on the Johnny Unicorn Show! Check it out: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3


Ryan Schweitzer

Ryan is a poet from Bismarck. "y-beam corners down to the end of the horizon / where futurists & zeitgest of fires meet / while waiting for the next monorail / to a land of energy". You might recognize Ryan's voice as the sound of the weather on late-night radio.


Lindsey Bertsch

Lindsey is a poet & musician from Minot, ND. She plays in the bands Femulinity and Florence Sparrow. Her bandmate, Cody Ault, was on episode #8 of Prairie Goth. Lindsey works at Main Street Books in Minot. We talk about the street construction that was underway in downtown Minot in the summer of 2016. I ask Lindsey about local authors she's into; we talk about Rick Watson and Lindsey mentions Debra Marquart's The Horizontal World: Growing up Wild in the Middle of Nowhere. Other books brought up: Insurgent Democracy: The Nonpartisan League in North American Politics and Fracture: Essays, Poems, and Stories on Fracking in America. Lastly, Lindsey gives some updates on her own writings & bands.


Rod Hadland

Rod is a photographer from Fargo/Moorhead. Rod has an upcoming zine of photography from concerts titled Live and Noisy. His photo of Free Truman was the artwork for episode #6 of Prairie Goth.


Jessy Hegland

Jessy is a filmmaker — a writer, director & animator — and queer activist from Bismarck. Check out Jessy's film demo below or subscribe to their YouTube channel. On this episode, we talk about conspiracy theories and aliens — mostly, theories about conspiracy theories: what groups of people believe in and why.


Chris Brown

Chris is a musician from Minot. He does vocals for Mineral Rights and also makes music solo as Clutterpiles. Chris runs Midwest Modulation, "a DIY electronics operation focusing on the construction, restoration, and modification of audio electronics." While Chris is carrying an amplifier cabinet, we talk about the terrible user experience of the Internet, the desire for social media detox, offensiveness vs. politeness in North Dakota and the urge to be more politically outspoken. 


Anthony Howe

Anthony is a musician and vegan athlete from Moorhead, MN. Anthony plays drums in GALS. We talk about fruits & vegetables, music & being local artists, and athletic endeavors. Anthony:

Now it's just part of my daily thing where I swim or bike or run or do something. It's just fun and there's something holistic about it; like if I do that at any part of my day it makes my whole day better. Even if it's really rough, like a really rough day, and I bike straight into the wind for forty-five minutes or an hour, and I'm just miserable — like, that hour is a pretty small chunk of my day and the feeling that I get for the rest of the day is totally worth one hour of misery.


Matt Farley

With approximately 18,000 songs to his name, Matt Farley is the most prolific songwriter of all time. Matt is from Danvers, MA, where he runs Motern Media. Check out the Official Motern Media Playlist on Spotify and subscribe to the Motern Media Infomercial Podcast. Matt also makes movies, so follow Motern Media on YouTube. Last but not least, Matt will write a custom song for you!

You can contact Matt Farley at (603) 644-0048.

Matt and I talk about their new baby, the mysterious head wound of Roy's (aka The Very Nice Interesting Singer Man), TV tag, Zorznijor's Tales From Saxophone City, and the origins of my moniker. 

The calls on today's episode were recorded June 12th, 2016. The soundtrack is by Nora Nygard as Citizen Scientist.