#25 Cera Pignet

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Everything that could go wrong does & will and you just do it anyways because you can’t help yourself.
— Cera

Cera Pignet always knew she wanted to be an artist. Born in California but raised in Minot, ND, Cera has studied at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design and Minot State University, focusing on mixed media. You can find her online on Facebook and Instagram.

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We talk about a bunch of stuff on this episode, like tinnitus, zombies, pandemics, anxiety, sensitivity, millennials, political correctness, memes, racism, bad jokes, Minneapolis, Why Not Fest, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Everything Is Illuminated, Chuck Palahniuk, the North Dakota Governor's Schools, the Minot flood, judicial ethics, bioethics, custom embroidered pop filters that we'll patent & sell on Etsy, graphic novels, the Minot music scene, the Liberty, the Red Carpet, Pangea House, zines, music history, 62 Doors, journalism; I, Apparatus' Ebola and the Botanist; micron pens, Jhonen Vasquez, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, furniture design, beading, weaving, batik, enameling, bookbinding, printmaking, silk-screening, woodcut, vacuum tables, light sensitive emulsion, transparencies, cyanotypes, computers suck, Daniel Heyman, Abu Ghraib, Fort Berthold, storytelling through artwork, Brian Eno, mixed media/multimedia, Glacier National Park, climate change, ice, charcoal, story-boarding, illustration, being a control freak, perfectionism, working in groups, leadership, collaboration, business, entrepreneurship, sewing, pleasant imperfections, the internet, museums, Tumblr, exquisite corpses, video editing, working with your hands, death & mortality, 420, 666, farting monkeys, peanut butter in the VCR, Obama, gross cars, and cat pee.

I don’t want to be sad or upset or afraid of death. I’m going to appreciate what I have now and appreciate all of the things that are in my life and I’m just going to live for that.

This episode was recorded on August 21st, 2016.

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