Real Truth & Free Truman

On today's radio show, we're celebrating the release of Real Truth's new album, Starseed.

Real Truth (Fargo/Moorhead) is a member of the North Dakota hip-hop collective, Zen People, which includes Jantzonia from Grand Forks and Cold Sweat from Minot. All three of those guys are releasing albums over the course of the next month. The albums are all unique works - they're very different from each other. Each one of the Zen People has his own style of rapping, his own vibe and taste for certain types of beats. Jantzonia and Cold Sweat are a little more geared towards old-school boom-bap kinds of beats, although Jantzonia is on the darker end of things whereas Cold Sweat is a little more ... bright and almost pop-oriented.

But Real Truth is something else altogether. He produces all of his own beats; he primarily works in FL Studio & Maschine and Starseed is very synth-heavy. It's also conceptual, it's not just a bunch of songs thrown together, it's a cohesive story. Real Truth has a point he's trying to get across. You can tell that the whole thing is the vision of one individual and it shines. It flows. It has a story arc with dark moments that contrast with uplifting moments. The synths on it are a highlight, sometimes it's almost Blade-Runner-esque at those dark moments, but other moments (especially w/r/t some of the vocal samples) there's a little bit of a Dan Deacon vibe - but all of this is being funneled through Real Truth's perspective on modern hip-hop, with elements of trap, boom bap, etc. It's a fluid and musically dynamic hip-hop album.

I was lucky enough to see Real Truth perform a few songs at his release show in Minot and talk to him a bit about how the process has been going. He's been getting a lot of support from the music community around here, people have been hyped on Starseed. Real Truth's dropped two music videos now and I think he's sold out of his first run of CDs. I'm proud of him, stoked for him, so I wanted to celebrate today by playing Starseed in full on KDAK FM 102.5 in Bismarck/Mandan.

Real Truth on: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - @realtruth701

After Starseed, I'm playing Free Truman's 2015 demo recordings. I got a chance to hangout with them last weekend and do a short interview, which will be featured next week (12 March) on the podcast. I think I'm gonna get to play a show with them in the next month or so ... super stoked!

Free Truman on Facebook

Also, this. One of my favorite weekend anthems :)