The Blog Page Pukes True North

a zealous email will be the American urine
a sublime Internet points to the plants
fade into privacy practices as we install waste
vent and mainstream Republicans of the frequent flu
colonizers look tired nausea or vomiting
every year is a complex comments-section
a new window culminating in the money
archived files approach the USB cable industry
into the Dreamweaver roleplay
Windows 7 is absolutely elated
I'm downloading a supervisor's responsibility
the system will misprint your waves
thank the classical music using pre-existing stock footage
no apologies this weekend to maximize media
the project idea was born to browse
stereo group the driving behavior
tallgrass safety illustrates my mental health
mineral rights max out your smartphone app
the spirit of this country is totally gnarly
the blog page pukes true north

PoetryNora NygardDada