Alright okay drums


Alright okay drums

Long hair is useful for hiding my lil boobs honestly

I abandoned it, I still think about it

I’m growing out my facial hair to keep me safe from you

Just until next Monday

We don’t know the details of each other’s lives

You and I

So much to do today I just want to be a drumb

I don’t know, it just doesn’t make sense

I want so little but so much

Oversized fork sticking out of the shoebox of the hips I’ll never have

Eight months into my hormones I start to really look at people’s faces

This whole joint

Smells like root beer up in here

I’ve become obsessed with fruit

Moisturize that face

Play the fucking synthesizer

phlegm on the sidewalk


So jealous of your curls

the wind blows my hair

back Away

from my chest

It’s ok

Idont care

Love escapes me

So much living

So much life

So much life to do