#19 Saxophone City

I take a call with multi-instrumentalist and mad scientist, Johnny Unicorn, of Seattle, Washington.

I met Johnny in August of 2013 at the first Why Not Fest that I attended in Minot, ND. He was touring with his Jam Unit at that time, which was made up of four (three?) musicians, including Naomi Adele Smith. Johnny & Naomi are the best, and we talked about them a little in the previous episode of Prairie Goth with ND bands Vanity Plate and the Juniper Drive.

Check out Johnny Unicorn's website and his Bandcamp!

Music composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Johnny Unicorn Video shot, animated (using Blender 3d), and edited by Johnny Unicorn Star time-lapse by Trisha Smith Mastering by Jesse Mercury at Monolith Sounds


Zornijor has three albums on the INTERNET right now & they're great!! : Tales From Saxophone City. Hoser Instrumental Archive (1991-2004). Days of the Year: June, July & August.

Check out this dank/relevant #spotifyplaylist i put together of Unicornopoulos Artistical Services/Motern Media/various other related or semi-related things. yeah!! I don't think there's a single playlist that's more perfect for this day* of the year! 

*see track 1 if yr  reading this the day i post it

Farley on Fallon

We also talk about Matt Farley of Motern Media on this episode. (& omg he was on jimmY FALLON last night !!) Check out his Motern Media Informercial Podcast! The episode that got me started on Motern Media & blew my mind was episode #83 entitled "Motivation!"

~~ the video of Matt on Jimmy Fallon disappeared! Here's the song though: ~~


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