Mars Is Cute

All my graves under flame & rhyolite

Yeah I kno you think mars is cute and I know what you want him to do to you and honestly I think I’d like that too but I never thought it’d get this hot

You can’t take what’s mine O my babe I am a sneaky pilot


Vulcan come in here. Pan fried toast
He knows the windy.
It's absolute
I flew in the night
Install incense and dad bathroom grand lighthouse and salts blackout

All these wasted years. No. No, I won’t be doing any of that. I’ll be wandering around this country, living in a car, trying to find a dignified way to

Shave my butt
Laser my ass

Why Are We Here?????

responsibility makes me hate my life I don’t want to be here

That’s what capital does
Makes cadavers out of all of us

7:53 in front of my house between our house and their garage
Where the backpack was
He stared at me,
wearing a red sweater

Album covers as propaganda

Develop new interests Typewriter and orange hats Pedalboards begat Modular synth apps

A place where minds run free

A sanctuary

I need to learn how my mind works Knowing smiles Maybe I’m reaching. Probably reaching “What is it that poets want to do? It can become incomprehensible to me” We know nothing together

I don’t even like to see ten o’clock anymore. Coca-Cola is poison.

I like eating food.

I’m sitting at Keys eating hash browns

I let it stain the bed I let it get infected

You stressed out? Goat jello in your vomit?
I’ll cure ur ails, scoot over, I’m on it

i wanna harness the power of the sun
i wanna apologize for everything i’ve done
i wasted my life, i hurt you
i’ve been really dumb

“be my murderer” (a lecture)

He looked at the car analogy forum volts were winter things start

This will be fun remote ones send them to the car integrator I got a waterfall your eyes precedent

Devo Pegasus. Esme


I’ve seen things in the sky I can’t explain
We went walking in the woods

“Grateful that you ever were at All”

I was trying to swim across the
River with you I’ll never forgive you for faking your own death

Girlfriends at the tidewater

My “life” as a “musician” has been an endless battle of fruitless labor wildlife road years credit couture

Stretch marks are pretty

That’s all I gotta say

Stretch marks are cute as hell

(Google sucks)

popular forum of jasmine
i’m emma
i’m a bowl
called freshmen
what am i
i’m sorry

user hear the honey by the bees senator echo laws has ruined us what’s your I held off until I was twenty six

i am tormented by my memories

Blast me in a rocket

Sure I’ll take my vitamins
Sure I sleep enough
Every day another day
My body will be dust

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