Missiles Missiles & Aunts

Most of us can relate to that, but I really sustained. Like, let me go explore the wall. I play at night. They were missiles, missiles, and aunts. Who's a beautiful guitar right now? I feel like this is the only thing I hate and I'm trying not to. What things depends on the fake? I should have taken a solid cherry because now I'm doing the rotating on this officer. I had a very clunky man. I had like 160 kids. I would just land it all down. Let's never air like somebody really drilled a massage. I'm forcing myself to not cry yesterday. FaceTime was way too hard. Tell me some of the people you've installed. Dwayne. Katie. Logan. Are you still Wu emphatic? You know, the lights turn out, you don't even know your dad. I don't know any real pee. That was a cute guy that I was like, wow, you tried. You've never been better. Nice. Really. Family.

This poem's raw material was a computer-generated transcript of episode #49 of Prairie Goth.