Spreadsheet of the Sea

You play in floods.

$2,000 angsty Mariner.

Correlate two nights.

Give you a cool long drive boiler

Metallica node Taylor Taylor

codeship vapor eclipse

floating alone in the universe. 

I like can't move.

spreadsheet of the sea, you know?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Um, you're, you're doing this thing now

like this sort of incantation

of mordor.

I remember, I remember

Flood Insurance

dogma, Dogma. Name on earth.

He didn't eat pea. Yup.

the ladder. Gregorian chant

made people flip the fuck out.

Yeah, fight to the death.

tonight we're going to play it cool.

This wind, the wind


directions that I didn't think it was going to

This poem's raw material was a computer-generated transcript of episode #48 of Prairie Goth.