So let's just print copies

I'm just going to go to the club, just like picking my back's nice effects. Definitely get all the flavor. Were you at Second Joseph's house? Totally. I'm eric. You just see like the nuclear navy, we've run into each other, um, I was a military brat growing up, so I picked up Boston not too long ago. I think she got a complete box spring. Sounds like it’s mixed up too, like billions. But billions like, you know, drive fest, we billions. That's, that's right. Oh, nice. I love that.

Were you with airline, being fucking wicked like you were getting all the carnivals? Lies can be pretty fun stuff. Well, I love lying to people's faces. I don't want to be known as an ally or I don't want to be proven to be alive. You know what I mean? I don't want to be like that guy. I know him.

We dry fast and then we're also able to get on to the mind, not one, and we happened to have felt like barfing for the last day and a half. Yeah, that's the life. Exactly. It gets old. Oh my God. People hate us. Screw this. It's cherry. We're the worst. Worst. The end. That's beautiful. 

I sank into this marijuana and that is where my chest area was a governor. A gym bay and ortho, and I called her to thank her for that. Probably like condos, but it's impossible. Stoney. You went towards the midwest email route and you got higher. They were doing the gym-based stuff when I was like, no, like you can't fire base camp there. 

So let's just print copies. You just have to be there on the right device. I'll just RSS subscribe so I can get it in my Google Reader. This is kind of a free for all for the champagne. I'm trying to do stuff. Not a horror story. We were able to siphon it. It's pretty treacherous, the history of the area. I'm just saying it's kind of vaguely like a Beatles iPad, but Brittany was a huge jumble. One buzzy killer, and then they're like super anarchist. That's my guilty pleasure. 

When was the point that you realized you wanted to like, play music and be abandoned? Shit never happened. You just always ended up getting that over with. And so now we kind of have this law were we're little free tiny little like Walmart Guitar. I hope they find that battery. 

It's like, ah, I don't want to just stick a cape on sometimes, you know, sometimes I want to just totally change it up. Living in rural North Dakota is like that. Oh yeah. Big Fear for sure. Super fucked up, um, um, and uh, and uh, uh, and, and uh, um, um, and then um, so, um, and I'm absolutely fucking terrifying. That is so scary. I'm like, and uh, um, and it was like really, really full of really good energy.

Nice girl. Nice. Definitely a cool. Okay. I'm a bit of both. Yeah.

Carla went to school and data gathered. But yeah, love a tape. I'd love to stop through nice or maybe even make it a dry fest. Why not?

This poem's raw material was a computer-generated transcript of episode #45 of Prairie Goth.