my first juicer for sludgy lemon

A dog manifests for God today. It was so like last moment, sweetheart. No, I don't know how the heck he got the name. Was it bad? It was peanuts. Thank you for heaven. I love having strangers shut up in my life so he can wham bam a couple at a time. It looked like mummified cash.

People were poisonous. They were barely touching it with the tip of their tongue. I'm like, oh man, guys are so, like, covered in 30-year-old, like, dust. That's about it. It's so disgusting. I like to just push the boundaries, I like to just go for it. Usually I just like to watch. 

Yeah, it's run by Paul Squad. He's in a Trump party. Chairs are hard, rain bros are highly eclectic sounding. It was a total drag. They contacted us out of the blue and they're like, Hey, we heard your intimate settings. Come out, people drop everything to watch you. People right here in your face watching you not doing anything else but just watching you totally. It's getting pretty incestuous. I mean, it's wonderful. 

This total Drake boom — are you kind of part of that? I started that with a buddy and like he kinda just like disappeared, and I include tea and bits of Brandon. It’s loads of fun and there was a trough. They set up a trough in front of us. He was just jacked but most young people want to get bunny tattoos.

I think they do. I guess I would.

Brogan was a crusty. Common sense was a rat hole top hat. So full of radiation. He handpicks a lot of goo. I got an original surrealistic pillow from Jefferson Airplane and like, wow, he funnels a lot of his grab eggs back in a very monotone shit ton. I feel like my first juicer for sludgy lemon. Yup. Mead. This is bizarre. 

How many safety pins can I put on my fucking cold can of shit? It was four months of trying not to kill each other.

Hockey squash. Harsh happened after me. Harsh actually was around then too because it's harsh. I have eight arms. I don't fucking care. No, no, fuck you, okay, okay. Like it doesn't matter. Like who cares? We're all going to fucking die.

The whole basement level is like our master suite with like a laundry room and junk and an office in the closet.

45,000 lumens.

My — my — my other, the lubricant I have, I have a — like the red, the red that Dad — oh dang, electrodes oil her day and different social wines, mostly to — to like create harmony.

I'm not trying to be a jerk, but mostly they never really gave a shit about anybody. They would whip out chaos. You don't have any real skill. Fuck you. I've always wanted to do it the hard way. I grew up on acid. You can fuck with your frequencies. Psychological manipulation is powerful. I have control of the world.

Damn dogs, sled dogs. That's what we call them. These are sled dogs.

Good to hear good things about my neck and Cedar Geeks too. I'm going to go out to the middle of nowhere and do a bunch of drugs. Fresh fresh moles and blue memes. I dig for my gene. She thinks about that. That's the point of everything. My blood. Awesome.

Well, guys like you, you can share our souls. Mars future. You're trying to make some sun. And then Prince died. It sucks doing strategy guides in the wintertime.

So Paul.
I can't think of anything else.
Well thank you Gorgonzola.
Thanks for coming, Kevin Doula.

This poem's raw material was a computer-generated transcript of episode #46 of Prairie Goth.