thunderous mess in the windows

don’t forget: mouth denoise & deplosive

shuffle to front

Master Reverb Unit
Tempo map

Main 4 — trash filters

Automate down Delay volume at end

Center Bass Resonant Frequency 

when I close my eyes
& rub my eyes
I see caverns
of tunnels
        of pixels

call me, who
                even cares


I would rather go to hell
than let my consciousness
simply flicker out

being sad sux
why does my body hurt so much

I wanna come to Minneapolis with you
so I can get my beard zapped off

I don’t remember. I’m trying to not
use my wrists too much right now,
I really fucked them up somehow

They’ve been bad the last few months
and today they’re a total shit show

I have learned that it is very hard for me
to do anything for myself, so sometimes
I have to trick my brain. I don't care
that much one way or the other
if I have a baby ever, especially
a baby of my own. So I told myself
that this whole process is for the person
who might someday want to be
pregnant with a baby with me, and I am
remembering these moments
with that person and that child in mind.
I'm doing it for them.