first week of sending
poems as email
newsletters, number of
subscribers dropped
only by 8%
not too bad ; )

i enecourage u
to delete me

; )

by the way, this is a poem:

truly actually a poem:

Subject: Seeking Longterm Sperm Storage

Hello ___ Labs,

I live in Bismarck, ND and I'm hoping to go through the sperm storage process this month. I'm a transgender woman and I'll be starting hormone therapy in late June/early July. I'm 26, and my plan is to store the sperm for ten years, in case a partner and I ever choose to have a child.

Do you do "Overnight Male" at ___ Labs? If so, can you give me any info on whether there's a difference in efficacy, or anything like that, by using "Overnight Male" rather than coming to your lab? Also, could you tell me the cost difference when sending it by mail? I was a little confused by the prices page on your site. I guess I'm just wondering if there's any downside, and if it's better if I make a trip out there.

Any info you can give me is appreciated.



P. S. Nora is my preferred name, ___ is my 'legal' name :)

post email: can u frickin believe it that they call it “Overnight Male”? ugh yuck