"june is finally here"

my experience with the american music scene has been traumatic. I don’t see what the point of continuing would be. I’m playing Why Not Fest this year with Nora and the Janitors — I love Minot and have a lot of friends there — but there’s a really good chance it will be the last time I perform live, maybe for the next five years, maybe forever. I’ve struggled for years to keep myself afloat regarding any sense of community, and it just feels like an impossible goal at this point. I’m not that good of an artist, so I’m pretty irrelevant, and it’s too difficult to create an environment where I feel comfortable.

seriously almost every time I’ve gone to something scene-related in the last couple years, I end up like shaking with nervousness

(the economic scarcity of the resource known as time)


an artist

is not

a path

to living

a good


Grackle attacking a little brown bird,
its mouth clamped around its neck

I’ve been listening to this album every June 1st for years

to celebrate the summer

to celebrate Don Cab

now I celebrate

something extra

(Used to be the car test, now it’s the iPhone test)