woah woah woah

I document my pain !!!! :D :D

hi babies. it okay it okay it okay. fluff. Soaring.

goal: softly singing always

“generous tit for tat” 

my apartment smells so good!!!!!! vegetables and coffee!!!!!

sorry I gotta stop reading so I can go read

here’s a real thing: the Sealed Air Corporation

i’ll probably pull a propeller, except, for me there will be no propel

I’m off at five, immediately walk upstairs to my bed, and try to conk out

woah woah woah hang on to those babies the market is gonna correct in the coming decades, it’s THE time to invest you gotta #BTFD !!! hodl those beanie babes!! I spend several hundred $$ on eBay a WEEK for those THINGS!! I’m allllll in!!! #INVEST !! #INVEST !!! trust me on this one pal

delete music from my life

it’s day 9620. caterpillars on the complex door