That’s right. Solitude

You know, it’s been ten years. We haven’t seen each other for ten years

Why not? Where have you been? I’ve been right here

At the computer desk

Can I ask you a pronunciation question? Is it manga or manga?

:) this the mega shave however

Does the Moon look different from different parts of the Earth?

what is required. I am not a fan of domesticity, but your garden is cute. The dirt path called an alley — a little hill up off into nowhere — is a dreamy sight

The full moon hovers over this morning; I walk to the train parked south

It starts to move; A rabbit sneaks up on me ; I tuck in my shirt ; many people in this neighborhood have small gardens, separated into regions by thin slices of wood, lawn signs out, prepared for the vote 

Sometimes I think: I would like to stop voting. Not that I will (stop), but it makes me remember the feeling that helps me understand how there’s so many people who never vote. This elementary school is where I voted for Hillary. I was hoping to see all of the flowers I’ve been running past but many of them are already gone

It’s been a while since I’ve walked over here. May fell swiftly, blew right by, disappeared

A teardrop camper, a round puff of clustered white flowers, kitschy bells over the threshold. I was aiming to witness the tower at a distance, and now here I am

It’s quiet . The mourning doves wash away my bad dream. First mosquito of the year. Livid the chemical fade of the beat up bleachers

Hi. Hi baby. Vines on the hill, woods, valley shrouded in sunrise. Woodpecker. Evergreen sniffs. 

The falsetto pop of your birdsong. Your tail hides under the car in the driveway 

That’s right. Solitude. The small sounds.

Bunny pauses the forklift right in its tracks. Did someone buy that pretty old house? Yellow bouquet in the window 

Hey didn’t I go see Girls or someone at First Ave wearing your dress? Cutting through parking lots. Playing a round of Global Thermonuclear War

drinking coffee
enjoying the shit
giving all
my attention to it

Remember the baseball fireworks? They woke me up again. I had the strangest dream. I was hanging out with him, like his ghost or something, but he was just the way he was when he was 22. He didn't know he was dead. I have recurring dreams that he never died, that he just left for some reason, and then he's back. And I'm usually angry but grateful to see him again.

This was different. I told him, It's been ten years since I've seen you. He couldn't understand why I had taken so long to come see him, and he was upset with me. He was younger than me. It was so weird. Like it was reversed. I had abandoned him.

Wow scary. I'm alone and just got the chills in a really weird way