tiny hell forest

a storm is brewing
I have limited options

saw a thing that said basically “your worth as a human being is not based on being productive” and it kinda ruined my day. Like yes of course, that kind of new age-y loosely anti-capitalist inspirational poster meme sentiment is correct, but like all of my self-worth is wrapped up in my productivity/artistic identity. So if that’s meaningless then I guess my means of attaining self-worth and self-esteem are like somehow “bad” or something. It’s seriously all I have. And like yeah for sure I believe that all people and creatures and plants and places are inherently “worthy” but idk wtf that even really means, and society definitely doesn’t agree with that sentiment — neither the capitalists nor the anti-capitalists are actively viewing all things as being of equal worth — so what is it that makes the difference? People just like certain people more than others, for whatever variety of reasons. And me, less. They like me less. My self-worth is wrapped up in my “productivity,” which is a mindset that is apparently another one of my faults, and my “produce” itself is also not worth much to almost anyone. What’s the point? Tying my artistic expression and productivity to my self-worth has created a reason for me to get out of bed in the morning. It is my boulder. It’s my addiction, and it’s lonely.

btw this is a common problem for artists and is intertwined with our higher rate of mental illness and stuff

anyway also this is why I hate “inspirational” “feel good” stuff; it just makes me feel like trash, and lost

I don’t know I can’t get over this. Why should my most important coping mechanism be considered somehow “wrong”

ive done so much work over the last like 15 years and i already feel worthless about it,

i didn’t need this to add to it

I hate the internet. I mean it’s great that I can share my writing and stuff here but like almost literally no one cares, and looking at the internet makes me feel like absolute garbage on a consistent, regular basis.

I just want to hit delete on everything and walk away forever

I just wish I could fucking sing in tune

why do I like crunchy foods so much? It makes actually no sense

hi! im Nora. im small. im tired. when i grow up i want to be a(n):

Yes! Did you knock on my door? I heard someone but was on the phone and wasn’t sure if it was my door or the neighbor’s

Hey maybe I shouldn’t give this compliment but dude

Are converse vegan?

Fun is over time for bed
I'm so tired

What are potoato oles

Oh the round things?
Right yeah tater tots
Yeah those are good I haven't had them since maybe 2016

I’m gonna quit music and just read lesbian manga all the time