What will happen in my mind today?

I put on my orange hat I run around I listen to the birds will I need my inhaler

I counted four bunnies. I miss the sanctuary. I dreamed of the puppy forest. What a mistake to leave. I asked them to let me back in, and they wouldn’t take me

I was gifted with the peace of the morning. My feet propelled me to the water tower. The flowers blooming all around town. The smell of dawn. Lavender. Sulfur. The sand tossed beneath my shoes

the buds are opening, the leaves are becoming

i don’t want to die. i don’t want to die.

that weird little walk out of the north side of the dorm, up the hill — ahhhhh with a muffin — has come to the surface now for some reason. why

What do you think will happen in the future?

(this phone call………………….is not going to kill me)

i don’t remember what happened in the past

a gofundme haiku for Free Truman

car smashed: merch. stand. amp.
Free Truman done got ripped off
go give em your cash

oh my god…..but what if…… EVERYTHING is conscious??????????????????????

into a cassette

I’d say,
as far as artist names
Oneohtrix Point Never
is as good as
it gets

when I was little I saw
an alien corpse in the closet
its head lolled down onto its chest