Road Closed

It’s overwhelming how we live in words how tied we are to language

I want to live outside

Outside the way you see me isn’t the way I see me

Outside in the light and the songs

Office rental reserved parking a crow flies overhead

Professional Building Providence Building Burleigh County Detention Center

banks hospitals and churches

Road Closed

I have my life savings somehow parked inside this financial institution 

The parade is already over

Whatever, all I know is that I need to buy chia seeds again, and fill my body with leaves

It’s 6 am on a Saturday morning and all the birds are why I like life

Gosh what must life be like when one has a porch

Watching his lungs expand and contract his whole body into song

Sweet creature I hear you sing from many blocks away, your song reverberating off the concrete

Well for whatever reason my foot hurts pretty bad and also “No Fun” by Iggy and the Stooges and also the lavender of the sky is arriving

I’m about to drive ttyl

I love listening

Also buying groceries at 6:30 am

Also singing harmonies, which is something I’m trying to learn

Sure I’ll try this coffee ok

miscellaneous moments, having a lot of trouble getting going this morning. Gummy bears and bandcamp albums. Neighbors smoking their wake up

It’s a dance party, a car ride, a way to lend a hand. I know I can’t sing. I’m trying not to mind.

Wouldn’t you think I’d be at least halfway decent at this by now? I’ve been trying so hard for a decade and I’ve gotten basically nowhere. If there’s anything that actually makes me want to quit, it’s that. Like I’ve been on this trashy plateau for years and it’ll probably never get any better. Whatever I guess. Like I said I’m trying not to mind.

I will wait

& hope for changes

& take whatever I can get

(I’m patient)

Thank you for complimenting my hair 

Today is: new toothbrush amp

I’m so proud of you for being such a good friend and I love you so much I wanna see you in the front of my beautiful beautiful day of the world and the world of my beautiful world and you know that you’re so beautiful I gotta you like my beautiful world I wanna see y’all this weekend so I’m gonna puke is your day for the next couple of months you can probably do it sometime in this town or whatever

Actually I love brushing my teeth and it’s almost noon and I wish I could go to sleep right now and have a full night’s sleep and wake up and stay awake for 24 hours