i water my plabts

elon musk
i can’t do this shit
i just can’t do this

that shit she said about sophie
is the same shit someone
could have said about
me c. 2015

ugghhhh i hate rich people & their
AI shit
their outer space shit

how bout
u take
all yr
cis asses
to mars
and leave
the earth
for us

today is an exhaust pipe 

today is an exhaust pipe

I gotta
             take a walk
and buy some food
and I hope the rain
Falls on me

I am exhausted

Silverfish on my floor
Silverfish under my bed
I hate to say it but I
went ahead and killed them

Now I gotta water
Now I gotta water
Now I gotta water
Water my plants          (it’s tuesday)

singing my heart out: “November 19th”

when life feels bad,
I remember

Maybe everything I do
             c an  be a song
and before I die I can drive
around like Harry Nilsson
     and listen to my life
Come out of the speakers

I found a picture of myself today
 Buried in my old gmail account
                   I was 13, hanging out
with all my girlfriends
   I was in lipstick and eyeliner
Bra and a black lace blouse
           I was a little girl,
Even if I couldn’t handle it then
I was    doing what I could
  to be me, and I’ll never stop
being grateful for all
        the makeup you put on me,
all the times you let me wear
   your clothes, and I’m sorry
  for all the times
                           I was a jackass
I wish I had been a better friend.
  I wish I would have known
 way back when
   that there was love for me,
                         and healing

I was 13
  and I looked 13
I looked like shit and it’s fine
I was not a joke
 I am not a joke
Even if I used humor to survive

It was around this same time
I started
a band
at local shows
that in the next decade
would write a song
with the same
that get women like me

Hate seems to be everywhere
It’s taken me so long to shake it
It’s in the crowded light rail
It’s in my shower when I’m naked

They’re laughing at her

                 Why won’t you give her a hand?

She’s just thirteen. She needs your help

people either have my back or they don’t
and I’ll carry on, 
                              playing rock n roll


i love bed,
                        night time’s
            a nice nap

hey Bunny

it’s all good