i had a nap & it rained & everything is perfect

It was fine except for the helicopter
So I’ll leave it open again
It’s too heavy to deal with
and it’s way too hot up here
already to keep it closed
         I took
                        a nap

o look it’s raining!


          a pleasant      morning

having a cup of coffee
with my friends Frodo
and Bunny

the buds on the tree across the way
happy lungs
     Gently tickling the wind
dance dance trees are perfect
I would like to flop down   On those
          Live the rest
              Of my life
                in suspense

the best part of this view
is that I can also look to the south
because of the reflections
in the windows

Water from the sky
Is the most precious thing
I could ever imagine
What a blessing.    I weep
At the amazing grace
Chance has become

For no reason at all
the world keeps on going,

the rain makes the plants all smile

the sky keeps the wind blowing

the clouds continue moving

This is so beautiful

why am i crying

What is wrong with me :)

I am greatly pleased by this spring 

are naps……………….good
              or ,,,,,,,,,......
                              ......bad ??
ifeel amazing

                   love me
toss me    up
               into the puffs above
        i    shaved my          belly
 for     the    first time in       years
  & it’s kinda          a revelation
          (except of course
                   my skin is
                    so it hurts a

i am so tired i don’t even understand

playing drums & napping & there’s rain (ultimate combo_)

ha, dogs, cats, love em, even, though, they, make, me, sneeze, sneeze, sneeze

ah yes.


my face.



again into the pillow,
           second nap of the day

Oh my gosh what a treat

                              have    not

done two naps  in one day

probably   in my whole life

             i am


going through Prepuberty 2