cows are hugging me

24 hours
Call me babygirl
Didn’t sleep great feelin pretty pukey

One thing I will say is that I feel like I’m never good enough for anyone

i don’t even know what time is my life
faders & peace “ the dream you had
is dead”. unlearning
toxic ---

--- you know what.


i kno, sorry
it’s just that i
rake leaves

big dissapointtment………

I know, I’m sorry. Can I plug this in?

zip, zip, cable
loud, fuzz, pedal
bass gtr, drum machine,
ha, ha, got o sleep,
in the laundry


are hugging me

from afar

(i’m about to swingset, so high, up, and jump over your head)

huh. well, hmm, I
never thought awbout that. I guess
maybe that’s possible,
subconsciously, the real
reason I want the internet to be
is that
no one
can see
quite how weird
teeth are