weird fuZ

I don’t wanna the internet for you

I’m going to print out a map of downtown bismarck and highlight all the places i’ve walked recently to see where I haven't been  im so bored of this town

Octo Octa is good as frick. Tony tiny school bus. Oh crap my old school is getting ripped up by a shovel machine!! Just kidding that’s not highscool

Optimism sux

Woah that chord change was ethereal I’m scared of being in this world. You are my driver on the way to the clinic all these cars this is shit cars are bad people in cars kill people I’m gonna get killed from just doing normal stuff and listening to techno

I’m for sale

I’m on the north side of the water tower today. Cute old man gardening outside his rich house has a nice tricolor sweater on. This is bismarck where everything is boring and I walk around writing about it so no one can read it

Finally I have spotted a sweet sweet bunny

By the plastic swans battery at 42%

Woman outside her house with an Everytown sign is gardening with large shears welcome sign on the front door has a large bunny I’ve been in that attic

I get it dude I mean sometimes you just have to pave over your entire lawn These houses remind me of the Sims in a bad way. With the right sequencer I could control every synthesizer I own time to rock and roll

Is that weird fuZ all over your bushes for spoopy effect or? Hey do i know you from that band or? I hate this town. Yes I see you looking at me

Creamy synth samples. This whole block smells like onions Spending money sux. License plate that says COBLER (sic) midco pulling the shoes down from the cable Two pairs have been hanging there since February

Bye now